What is Swell Right Now

It’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow.


Meaning I plan on taking the day off of classes (and this dreaded research project thingamajig that’s due next week that I’ve been doing a wonderful job at putting off. Oh woe is me), wearing green clothes, drinking green beer and spending the afternoon/night hitting the town.


My teeth are clean.


I went to the dentist today and got them polished right up. This is likely to be my last visit for a while since I won’t be considered a student as of graduation in June. Bye bye dental coverage…only temporarily I hope!
(Disclaimer: They were clean before too. Now they’re just cleaner. I DO brush and floss on the regular. Good dental hygiene is key my friends!)
(Disclaimer 2: This picture was much too scary in colour. I think you get the idea)



Pretty self-explanatory



This also includes dessert hummus. Naturally.


Pancakes (here).


Also pretty self-explanatory. With Greek yogurt? Even better.


My new FROG bowl


He is full – of oats, wheat bran, banana and peanut butter.


He (and Me) is content.





Which I just ate for dinner.
Whole wheat tortilla stuffed with salsa, light sour cream, spinach and cooked chicken pieces, topped with enchilada sauce. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes.
Messy. Ugly. Tasty.


Et maintenant c’est le temps pour le travail (time to do work, son!). I had planned on getting all kinds of work done on my research proposal project all day today so that I could have guilt-free freedom tomorrow. It’s now 7 in the evening and I haven’t yet done a thing.
Sigh sigh sigh.


Any big St. Paddy’s Day Plans tomorrow?


23 thoughts on “What is Swell Right Now

  1. enchiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!! love it. i should make one or two haha i have like a whole jar of enchi sauce in the fridge and haven’t used it in forever. hmph!

    i have no dessert hummus lefftttt wahhhhh and i’m too lazy to make more! send me yours. now please. great thank you.

    • I was definitely thinking about a green smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. And then I realized I’m all out of spinach. Boo. Though there’s always green food colouring…

  2. Love the bowl! I recently found one of my “baby” plates in my kitchen. I also love that clean feeling when you leave the dentist-very refreshing :)

  3. Lovely teeth and lovely food!
    WHERE is that froggy bowl from? I am dead serious when I say I need it.
    I was lame and stayed in for St Patricks day. I think that is the night that I watched 4 episodes of House? Im going out tonight though, if thats worth anything!

    • My mom picked the frog bowl up at some household goods store around here called Home Sense. I think it’s a Canadian thing though! It’s one of those stores that kind of has a random bit of everything but only a few of any one thing. So I don’t think the frog bowl will be very easy to find :( Otherwise I’d buy a whole set! haha

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