Midterms No More

As for about 6:00 today, I finally finished all of my midterms. Done, adios, sayonara. I hardly even know what to do with myself now that I don’t have piles of notes to highlight and textbook chapters to read.

Oh wait. I should probably get started on that research proposal paper and visual analysis project that are due in the next few weeks…School sure knows how to keep you on your toes.

But not tonight. Tonight I shall:
Paint my toenails
Catch up on Jersey Shore
Go to bed before midnight
The small luxuries that I haven’t been able to enjoy since reading week ended.

I should probably stretch too, since I’ve been sitting/idle for about 90% of the past two weeks. Bump on a log represent.

Not gonna lie, I don’t have a ton to say or anything exceptionally special to show since I’ve literally just been studying for days.


A sampling of my eating on a midterm day – Today I ate:

Spinach tuna wraps with an orange for BREAKFAST. Why not right…
Tuna was mixed with a little light mayo, a little light sour cream, a little dijon mustard.


This was after a small bowl of Vector cereal.

Yeah lunch definitely came early after that “meal”.
So what was LUNCH?

A small piece of toast topped with hummus and tabbouli


A bowl of unsweetened applesauce, cottage cheese, Multigrain Cheerios, a few soaked cashews and a blob of peanut butter dessert hummus.


And several bites of this rendition of Carrie’s Chocolate Tofu Brownies. Rendition meaning I halved it, arbitrarily measured ingredients, didn’t add quite enough sugar and didn’t cook it quite long enough. I’m pretty sure I could have devoured the whole thing pre-baking though. This dough was basically pudding. Mmm.


I also had a big, crunchy apple at some point.

Oh and a spoonful fingerful of peanut butter probably after every single “meal” and snack throughout the day. I’ve been doing this a lot lately… no wonder I feel cushy, that’s a lot of peanut butter!


After writing my midterm I came home to the smell of chili. I’ve never been a huge chili fan but despite this fact I couldn’t keep the spoon out of the pot. Eventually I scooped it onto some steamed broccoli and spinach and topped it with Frank’s. Ballin.


And then I was back to the peanut butter. After a mini bowl of yogurt, muffin and more dessert hummus. Among other things.

I feel like I need expandable pants. Sweatpants time.

I’m pretty excited not to have to be completely glued to my chair anymore now that midterms are done. I’ve been getting pretty antsy. My legs hate me! So does my body in general. Stress just does a number on the body, doesn’t it. I have the worst cold I’ve had all winter. Hence the extra need to get to bed before midnight (as mentioned atop in my small luxuries list).

But first, I have a date with the Jersey Shore crew.



26 thoughts on “Midterms No More

  1. Ah the life of a student! I always get sick in the last couple weeks of the quarter..! Which is always so convenient for exam taking time because I love coughing and sneezing my way through them..! (joke!) enjoy some relaxation!!

  2. WOOHOO on finishing and catching up on JShore!!!! it is a MUST- yay for making the brownie!!!!! the batter is UBER good too!!!!

  3. Congratulations on being done!

    Peanut butter fingers are nothing to be ashamed of…I do the same thing all the time! I call it a “palate cleanser” haha.

    Thanks for your comment the other day. I know what you mean – it’s such a challenge to completely and totally relax and focus on ONE thing. I don’t know if it’s our culture or what that has us geared to multi-task/acheive for every moment of the day, but we need to give ourselves a break! At least, I’m going to try to. Like I said – not easy!

    • “Palate cleanser”, I love it! Multi-tasking is the name of the game these days. It’s almost insane. I feel like I don’t even know what relaxing means anymore. I think we could all definitely use a little more relaxing in our days. I’m thinking it should start off with a nice long bubble bath :)

  4. peace out midtermzzzzzzzz hahahaha i’m jealous of your spa and relaxation day but you totally deserve it :) i’m off to make black bean peanut butter hummus as i type this ;)

  5. I envy you for being donezo with midterms…ohhh I wish I could say the same. Also, thanks for reminding me how heinous my toesies are and that I need to paint them asap :)

    Enjoy your freedom and Jersey Shore!

  6. congrats on the breakie!! I am excited for you!!

    and those tofu brownies sound super intriguing! I will hafta bookmark that recipe!!

    love how you snack on this and that that!! you get it all, and i love it!


    someone has a bday coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are yo plans mama?!

  7. Woohoo to being done midterms!! Must feel soooo nice :D
    Guess what just came in the mail??? My CSN Stores giveawaaaay!! Can’t wait to show u what I got!! :D :D

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