Three Days…I spent sitting on my bum studying this weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. My legs are sore.

Three Midterms…I have this week. Monday (today), Tuesday, Wednesday. My brain is sore.

Three Muffins…left out of this batch I made on Friday…erm make that two now. My taste buds are happy (Recipe here. I used raspberries).


Three Giant Sweet Potatoes…in this scalloped sweet potato dish that we had for dinner last night.


Three Veggie Plates…that I munched on this week.

Snack plate with mustard, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing dippers (+ a dumpling on the side)


Spinach, red peppers, mushrooms, pickles, sundried tomatoes, mustard and a bagel thin with hummus.


Spinach and roasted butternut squash dipped in homemade ketchup (tomato paste, water, apple cider vinegar and a few random spices. First try of the homemade…who needs the bottled stuff?!)


Three Breakfasts…that I woke up to this weekend.

Spinach smoothie – water, almond milk, ice, spinach, chocolate protein powder, frozen raspberries, gums + granola topper


Double Green Smoothie – almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, big bowl of spinach, sprinkling chocolate Amazing Grass powder, sprinkling Barley Grass Powder, sprinkling strawberry protein powder, small chunk leftover roasted butternut squash (I’m trying to kick a cold. Loading up on them greens!)


Toasted whole wheat waffle with blueberry Greek yogurt and strawberries


Three Quotes…I like today (I save a lot of quotes)



Begin Anywhere


What are your Top Threes of Today?


12 thoughts on “Threes

  1. oh dear god, midterms. best of luck! hope your brain doesn’t get too mushy.

    my threes for today:

    3 apples i’m sure i’ll end up eating (brought 2 to work)
    3 hours, at least, of studying for me this afternoon
    3 cookies i want right now bahah or those muffins :P

  2. Mmmmmm… scalloped sweet potato. Yum!
    Fun post! Hope your brain and body are less sore now that it’s Monday (or since it IS monday, maybe they’re more sore…). ;)

    My Three:
    3 blog post ideas will be made today (hopefully!)
    3 smiles to strangers
    3 exercises (I have a personal training interview and I have to come up with some exercises for it! I’ll come up with 3!)

  3. Hi love!!! I love those yummy looking muffins! Look delish!!!

    Good luck on your mid terms girl!!!!!

    Hmmmmmmmmm 3 things, Well I bought 3 things at target, the bikini, mints, and a card! lol!

    Have a great Tuesday!!!!! xoxo <3

  4. hmmm my top threes of today
    driiiiiiiiiippy droopy eggs & sweet potatoes haha
    umm my bed in like 10 minutes
    anddddd bethenny ever after on my dvr haha

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