ABC Qs Survey

This survey has been floating around lately. Since I never really do these things I’m gonna break up the pattern today. Survey time!


A. Age – 22. Only for one month though!


B. Bed size – Twin. I’ve had the same bed since I was like 3. It’s rockin’.

C. Chore you hate – Emptying the dish drying rack. Because it’s always full. Always. This household uses a lot of dishes. Majority of them may or may not be mine.

D. Dogs – I’ve never actually had a pet dog. I feel like I’m seriously deprived here. I want one. A big cuddly golden retriever. Someday it’s happening.

ohmygoodness can I have this one?


E. Essential start to your day – Breakfast. I always hope I’m going to wake up good and hungry but that rarely happens. Breakfast tastes a lot better when you’re starving. But even though I’m rarely that hungry when I first wake up, I also can rarely wait either. So breakfast it is!

Today’s was oat bran cooked in chocolate almond milk, cocoa and cinnamon. Cooled overnight. Banana chunks, SF maple syrup and some coconut maple frosting added in the morn.


F. Favorite color – I love ‘em all but I’m drawn to red a lot these days.

When I was younger I wanted to dye my hair this shade of red. It’s probably a good thing I never followed through with that. I don’t think I could have quite pulled it off…


G. Gold or silver – Silver. 95% of my jewellery is silver. It’s a beaut.

H. Height – 5’4.

I. Instruments you play – I’ve learned the very basics of piano and violin. Oh and the recorder when I was in kindergarten. I was pro at playing Hakuna Matata on that thing. I’ve always wished I could play the drums and acoustic guitar though. I meant to teach myself the acoustic guitar this summer but it didn’t happen. Future hobby here I come! The only instrument I really rock right now is the vocal chords. My car has never experienced greater symphonies.

J. Job title – #1 = student. In a few months I won’t be able to say that anymore… at least for now. Umm yikes?!


K. Kids – I like the little munchkins.

L. Live – Ontario, Canada eh?

M. Mom’s name – Bev. And since there are apparently a few more people around these parts now who know this lady pretty well, I’ll have to make sure to bump up the fun details about what she’s getting up to lately to drive me up the wall. Just joking Ma. Sort of ;)


N. Nicknames – Kris, Kiki, K2

O. Overnight hospital stays – never overnight thank goodness.

P. Pet peeve – Slow drivers. And dumb drivers. And bad drivers. I’m an impatient driver, what can I say.

Q. Quote from a movie – “Slappa da bass.” Because I just watched it (I Love You, Man)


R. Right or left handed – Righter

S. Siblings – My bro Roberto. See picture above.

T. Time you wake up – around 8:30 every morning, no matter what time I go to bed. And if not… then 7:30. My internal alarm clock is pretty darn consistent.


U. Underwear – Make it pretty. And 7 for $25. Who doesn’t want to hit up that deal?

V. Vegetables you dislike – Hmm. Celery is kinda boring and sometimes bitter. I’ll eat it though… with some kind of dipper!


W. What makes you run late – spending too much time picking out what to wear. Or drying my hair. Ugh.

X. X-Rays you’ve had – Teeth for sure. I had them for something else once too but it was a while ago and I have no idea what it was for.

Y. Yummy food you make – I seem to be pretty skilled at the kitchen sink salads. They’re neverending.



Z. Zoo- favorite animal – Monkeys!


filler pics from weheartit, and google


There you have it. You now know my innermost intimate details. I never thought I’d reveal my favourite zoo animal. I feel so exposed!

So what do you think about surveys, good call or cop out?!
I like them! To read and write. Everything in moderation though of course. I doubt you’d want to know the contents of my sock drawer or how many hours I sleep a night in every post.


15 thoughts on “ABC Qs Survey

  1. I hate filling out surveys. But it’s fun to read others’! Your info is awesome. Those monkeys!! Super cute. As well as the puppy.
    I heart Canada. I ran a marathon in Victoria- ooooh my gosh so pretty!

    I secretly LOVE red hair. WISH I could pull it off.

  2. surveys are so fun! i like learning fun new things about my bloggie friends anyways so anything like this is always greaaaaaaat!

    plus we share equal love for kitchen sink salidas!

  3. haha i love this survey!
    i totally pictured you to be like 5’8 though! idk why.. weird
    and YUCK celery and me dont get along too well either!

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