Where’s My Coffee?

I haven’t drank any coffee since last Wednesday. I got sick, during which I definitely wasn’t feeling it for a couple days, and then I just decided to… continue not drinking it.

Why? I don’t really know to be honest. I like my coffee. I drink it every morning with breakfast. Sometimes 2 cups. Sometimes for a pick me up in the afternoon. But definitely every day. This is the first non-coffee stretch in a long time. I suffered through the withdrawal headaches while I was already sick and definitely not planning on drinking it anyway so I figured I’d try sticking it out a little longer and see how it went.

I’m drinking TEA now instead.


I used to drink tea a lot. And then I jumped off the bandwagon and started having tea only once in a blue moon. Hello crazy? Tea is great. And my brother has started up on this kick where he’s chugging green tea like it’s water. Um hello, if my brother is beating me in the smart drink choice department then something is wrong here. So I’ve jumped back on to the tea bandwagon and I’m proud of it. Go tea.

I’ll admit I have felt a bit more perma-tired these past several coffeeless days. But it’s a much more stable state of tired without the highs and lows. And I’ve noticed much less of a midafternoon crash, which is kinda nice.

However, I am NOT giving up coffee. This is rather an attempt to:
– See if I can go a week without it – I’m aiming for the weekend. I may have a cup by Saturday. If I’m feeling it!
– See if I can reduce my coffee consumption in general – It has just become routine and that’s alright but I do drink a fair amount and wouldn’t mind reducing that a bit and relying on it less for overall energy.
– Drink more TEA. I’ve been wanting to bring tea back into my life on the regular for a while. This has been the perfect way to do it. Hot beverages are very necessary in the winter. So tea it it!
– See what kind of effects coffee actually has on my body – I want to see if I can notice any other differences by the end of the week. If I see significant energy level differences I may do my best to keep coffee to a much less often habit.

But I still <3 my coffee. And I don’t want to give it up. Just switch it up a bit, ya know?


And what shall I alongside my tea chugging sessions?

Orange slices and green smoothies?


Mmm I was thinking more along the lines of Averie’s Girl Scout “Samoas” Cookies.


These are crazy tasty! Mine weren’t quite the same since I didn’t dehydrate the base (dehydrator? what?) and I just used plain old peanut butter in the topping. Oh and I made them fake with sugar free maple syrup. Shhh. But still. Decadent.

Or maybe some Fudgy Black Bean Brownie Cake.


I had a small amount of leftover black beans hanging out in the fridge and I remembered seeing past recipes for black bean brownies. So I glanced over a few, browsed through my food supply and came up with this mini cake.


Fudgy Black Bean Brownie Cake
– 4 oz black beans, drained and rinsed
– 2 T egg whites
– 1/4 cup fat free plain yogurt
– 1 T white chocolate sugar free syrup (or whatever sweetener you prefer)
– 1 T cocoa
– 1/2 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp vanilla
– 1/4 cup instant oats

Blend all except the oats in a blender, then stir in the oats. Bake at 350 for ~30 minutes in a small tin cake pan.

– 2 T light cream cheese
– 1/2 T white chocolate sugar free syrup
– 1 tsp lemon juice
– 1 tsp agave


I just found and quickly nabbed this sugar free syrup the other day at Winners (my shopping haven for pretty much everything). It’s White Chocolate, I just couldn’t pass it up. It is what went into my brownies.



Now I am pretty exhausted and about ready for bed. I think this is more due to the fact that it’s getting late and I was up earlier than I had planned (thanks mom for loudly and joyfully humming tunes at 7:15 AM) than because I’m missing my coffee fix. Just saying.


What is your relationship with coffee? Are you a daily drinker? How much do you drink? Do you have to have it before you come into contact with society/do you bite heads off without it? Oh and how do you take your coffee? 90% of the time mine is black.



24 thoughts on “Where’s My Coffee?

  1. I LOVVVVEEE coffee. I know how you feel! I used to be a big tea drinker too. I just try to limit myself and have one big cup of coffee and if I want something coffee-like I have black tea. Surprisingly it works.

  2. i love black bean brownies! i still have one left :D… and i never drink coffee! ijust haven;t really gotten into it, but not sure if i do! it sounds addicting!

  3. Ohhhh our relationship is going STRONG ;D I have it every morning, and sometimes afternoon!? I’m not really ashamed though, i don’t have many (any?) vices aside from that so hopefully i’ll be ok :D Hope u are feeling better love!

  4. I adore coffee. I drink it every single morning while I read blogs… And I buy whole freshly roasted Kona beans, grind them myself in a nice burr grinder, brew the coffee, and add half and half or heavy cream. Perfection.

    I WILL MAKE THAT BLACK BEAN CAKE. It looks amazing and it is so unique. Bravo!!

  5. I have to have one cup. Actually I think I would be okay without it, I just really like the taste. Every blue moon, I’ll have a second cup. I like mine with a splash of skim or almond milk. That’s all.

  6. I have decided after giving up coffee, going back to coffee, repeat, that I enjoy coffee and love the little (ok LOTS) burst of energy I get. So mornings are devoted to coffee, evenings I drink tea. :)

    I LOVE your food here! Those raw cookies are to die for!

  7. I’ve had maybe 2 cups of coffee in the past 7 years. I used to drink it all the time when I was anorexic to get the diuretic effect, but ever since then i kinda swore off it due to negative connotations. I drink two cups of tea per day now!

  8. MAJOR props for giving up the cawfs! i could never haha because i just love the taste and the ritual of it. except i find that on the weekends i just don’t really feel like making it in the morning so i wait until midday when my mom feels like buying me a cup haha

  9. I guess everyone is a little bit sick these days, myself included. And just like you I didn’t drink my coffee ever since. But unlike you, I think I’m going to quit drinking it even if I love coffee. Anyway, getting back to the recipe, these cakes look terrific. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Hope you get well soon.

  10. I tried liking coffee, but never really did. I prefer caffeine in the form of Diet Coke now :) I have recently started drinking tea and I’m loving it!

  11. Just came across your blog and thought I’d tell you that those fudgy brownie cakes look to die for!!!! love your blog =)

    oh and I don’t like coffee…I do, however, LOVE the smell of coffee…I’m such a nerd…whenever I go to the grocery store I have to stop and smell the coffee grinders with the french vanilla, hazelnut, etc b/c it smells so much better than it tastes!=)


    • I’m a little addicted to coffee smells. I do the same thing at any place that has those bags of gourmet coffee, you know the ones with the little ‘scent’ holes on the front? I stand there and smell each one haha

  12. let me just pause to say “mmmmmm black bean brownies” – i love baking with black beans, the consistency really works well (makes things softer, moister and fluffier)!!

    ive been trying to cut down a bit more on my coffee intake. last week was a bad week since i had it daily and in large doses…i just love the aroma and comfort of coffee <3

  13. I usually go through a thermos of coffee at work in the morning and I may have another cup after dinner, but that one is a decaf one. I wouldn’t say I hve to have before I see people, but I def miss it in the morning if I don’t have it.

    All your baking looks really tasty!

  14. That baking looks off the hizzaaaaaaaaay!

    Can I have some icing asap?! On a black bean brownie? Purty pleeeeeeeeeeease.

    I NEEED coffee or caff, but I drink a lot of diet coke (I know! terrible!!) and sometimes energy drinks (I know! way worse!!). They are addictive. My vice. eeek. Tea is amazing tho!! It is definitely my go-to HOT DRINK. So gooooooooood.


    and yay for red nails!! eff chyea!

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