Winter Insulation

You know that thing that happens sometimes where you start poking and pinching at your middle area, pulling out the flouncy tops and tucking the skinny jeans away into the very bottom of your drawers? I like to call it winter insulation but you might know it better as weight gain.

Straight up, I got it. I know many of you can relate. A year ago this would have made me pretty miserable (wait, it did), but this year I kind of appreciate the extra warmth. Instead of being downright freezing 24/7, now it’s down to only about 15/7, which is making winter much less undesirable. That’s not to say I don’t complain about the muffin top (they taste good but I prefer them on my baked good rather than my core), but I’ve only cried maybe once about it this winter (hey, hormone dips make jiggly thighs extra unattractive). My mind is finally rational enough to (usually) know it’s a temporary blip rather than an infinite fate.

Schmexy marshmallow bod (weheartit)

Bodies like to fluctuate through the seasons and the times. As long as I don’t have to buy a new wardrobe then I can suck it up. That being said, it’s about time to trim down the insulation and bring back the muscles (It was good grades or toned arms for fall term. I chose the grades).

Maybe not these muscles (

All this talk about not waiting until Monday to start off on the right foot? You bet I’m not waiting until Monday… I’m waiting until Tuesday. February 1st = crunch time!

I really want to clean up my eating habits and bring back the strength training. I’ve become a VIP member of the BLT (Bites, Licks, Tastes) Club and the Clean your Plate Club to the point where I always feel unnecessarily over full, which is not a very nice feeling. That and I did a whole lot of stress-release running and very little strength stuff last term. I’m about ready to actually enjoy my meals and workouts again.


Why wait?

Because first I had to try the Deceptively Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies (with chickpeas!).




Pretty sure I ate at least ten of these yesterday. And picked chickpeas (and a few chocolate chips…)out of another 5. I also managed to get 50 good-sized cookies out of the recipe that is supposed to make 24 though…so technically that was like eating only 7.5 actual cookies. They’re not actual cookies unless you make them the size that the original recipe calls for, okay?

I also had to eat some nougat. I love nougat. Sadly I did not love this that much. It was more like Styrofoam than nougat.


There’s also been some pasta meals going on that I couldn’t refuse. But pasta is always cool if you load it with broccoli and Frank’s.



When I try to clean up my eating a bit, I’ll be eating most of the same things.

Like oats, oat bran or the occasional smoothie for Breakfast.

Oat bran topped with light ricotta, peanut butter and blueberry syrup.


Pack of low sugar apple cinnamon instant oats with pumpkin stirred in + PB.


Oat bran topped with cottage cheese, coconut banana butter and sugar free maple syrup.


Green smoothie made with spinach, cottage cheese and strawberry protein powder following this recipe.



Lots of Veggies always

Spring mix leaves and tuna mixed with a laughing cow wedge, lemon juice and worcestershire sauce.



I’m going to try to bump up the soup (broccoli and parmesan loaded with nutritional yeast in this case) since it’s delicious but I rarely eat it since I rarely crave it. You’d think with winter and all I’d be cramming in the soup. I guess I like to chew and crunch better though.


This is ugly but noteworthy only because there’s some hidden tempeh in there, which I had been deprived of for a while now. Tempeh love!


Mad good veggie (and protein and cracker) snack plates are always a YES.


I want to try to get better at snacking on veggies throughout the day as well when I’m craving a snack but not ready for a meal, as opposed to handfuls of cereal…or leftover freezer chocolate that I’ve been dipping into way too often lately.


My main concern is following my actual HUNGER , not eating to the point of stomach distention, and not snacking 10x a day! It’s gotten pretty out of hand guys, I’m so over it!

But of course there’s always room for the cereals, muffins etc. Moderation station.

Fruits, cottage cheese and pumpkin cornbread muffins all around!



Especially when said muffin is stuffed with light ricotta mixed with sugar free apricot jam. Mmm.


Frozen iced coffee blended with frozen raspberries, loaded with weetabix and granola. I may have some extra insulation but this was still much too cold to eat without being followed quickly by a piping hot beverage.



And one more (unrelated) thing I shall work on: learning to paint my nails like a pro.

Hack job. Anybody know how to paint your nails without painting your cuticles at the same time? I think it’s likely just my impatience, I should probably try slowing down during such intricate work.



What are your go-to tricks for getting back on track?


19 thoughts on “Winter Insulation

  1. wow.. you have got a GREAT plan and some yummy eats for getting back on track!! i totally know what you emean about the winter.. the gloomy weather really does effect my exercise schedule! you seem to be super aware and know how to do it.. so you dont need no tips!!..

  2. I do best when I find ways to get excited about exercise again and when I make dinner all about the protein + veggies and less about the comfort food. Have you tried using Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover to remove any polish in your cuticle?

  3. laughing cow with tuna? why didn’t i think of that!!

    my go-to-tricks?

    i grocery shop for all the necessary goods because when i have the supplies there it’s easy!!

  4. Repeat after me, “I will honor and listen to my body”. You got this girl, don’t psyche yourself out : )

    I love love love how colorful all of your pictures are!

    Oh and drinking lot’s of water always helps me feel my best!

    • :) The water trick is definitely a good one. I’ve been trying to bump it up even more but it makes me chilly. So I’ve been trying to keep the tea kettle going more often too!

  5. I am a loyal reader, although I rarely comment. But I can’t resist today becase that marshmallow face is so creepy! Very amusing!

    Since I’m saying a rare hello, I also wanted to just say that I love your blog. You always have very interesting ideas about how to make things like oatmeal or salad much more fun! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  6. A good workout and lots of veggies and huge salads are good for a back on track routine!

    I really dont have a problem with snacking alot, I never did , I just eat when Im hungry , which is usually 5-6 small meals a day ; )

    the marshmallow face is SO funny, put a laugh in my day, lol!

    Have a great night girl! xoxo

  7. Tip for painting your nails with a dark color – just don’t go even near the cuticle at all with the paint. Leave a space and I know it may look like the polish is a few days old, but it works!! Oh dear. I hope that made sense…

  8. I am going to make that pumpkin cornbread asap YUM… And oat bran is currently my fav hot cereal – SO GOOD!

    Your blog it so cute! I can’t wait to read more… I just started blogging about two month ago – it is SO addicting :) Check out my page if you get a chance:

  9. Kristie! I am so happy about this post. I am glad you bring up the topic of gaining some winter weight, but keeping an easy mind on it. This is the way to do it. We are in control of our weight gain and weight loss and that’s a good feeling! It’s not to say that we should stop caring about our weight and health in winter, but a few pounds should not make us think it’s the end of the world. Great post, Kristie! :-) Best wishes!

  10. Uhh I want those cookies, they look fantastic. Including chickpeas. Definitely need to make those…

    cookies and the amount i bake during the winter are always my downfall in terms of winter weight gain. ah well ;)

    good luck! i think your attitude about not beating yuorself up about it as much is wonderful :)


  11. Ohhh my goodness, can I just say that I am OBSESSED with oat bran?!

    And girl, your attitude about weight gain is so incredibly humbling. You are BEAUTIFUL, and having a positive attitude and not beating yourself up is so important!! I wrote recently about all of our “Black Swans” but it looks like you’ve got yours under control!:)

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