CSN Giveaway Winner and Recovery Eats

Somebody’s space is getting spruced up tonight.

But who’s might it be?
Let’s wait and see…
Oh em gee
It’s paijery!


Congrats Gal! A CSN Stores shopping spree is coming your way :)


Speaking of spaces being spruced…
Okay wait forget that, I’m not speaking of that at all.
But I AM speaking of my weekend, which involved a late night of long overdue destressor dancing and subsequent recovery from said night, along with recovery from a draining week. Needless to say I was very tired, fairly grumpy, and slightly bummed through a chunk of it.

You know what didn’t help? Excel’s new Citrus Mint gum. Intriguing, right? Yeah no. Only buy this if you’re one of those people who actually enjoy the taste of Halls cough candies. I am not.


You know what did help though…why a little baking of course!

Irish Soda Bread. Minus the tahini, plus some applesauce.


Easy peasy Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins. Minus the stevia, plus sugar free maple syrup. I have none of those sugar baking substitutes so these were very minimally sweet, but still perfect little cornbread-y babies.  033

Miss Chocolate Covered Katie also made a couple appearances in my kitchen this weekend, since she always knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face.

I made her Breakfast Pizzert for the first time a while ago and although my first attempt turned out a little on the gummy side, I still loved it.

This time when I tried it again, I followed the original recipe much more closely and ended up with the a perfectly baked, rave-worthy breakfast pie.

Topped with yogurt, blueberry syrup and strawberries…



…or apricot jam and Quark cheese…or really any way you please, this is one breakfast I will continue to eat with ease! (Geez, my rhymes are cheese)


I also whipped up Katie’s tofu whipped cream” the other day, some of which I ate on top of a protein cake. The protein cake wasn’t so good but the “cream” was amazing. Um… literally. I stirred a scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass into the last bit of it. Chocolate whipped cream anyone? So so good.


Wait, we’re not done yet. There was also some CCK Coconut Banana Butter up in my kitchen today. The banana I used wasn’t too ripe so the mixture was a little gummy, as you can see, but the flavour? Bang on.


Thanks for the kitchen fun, Katie!

As for MY weekend creations… well they’re never recipes. Just plates and bowls loaded with veggies, fruits and whatever other goodies I find in my fridge.

Appearance of the Irish soda bread from above.


Salad with leftover lentils and beans, zucchini dressing.


More greens, more zucchini dressing.


More greens, less no zucchini dressing. I went crazy and used Greek instead. Along with some leftover couscous mixed with salsa and hummus, plus a hunk of pita stuffed with plain tofu, mustard and BBQ sauce.


Is that seriously more greens? Okay so these may include a few days prior to the weekend as well. I don’t eat bowls of veggies 5x a day.


I probably eat fruit 5x a day though. Addict.


And French Toast? Just once. This morning. Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel soaked in a mixture of egg whites, splash of almond milk, splash of POM juice; topped with cafe latte flavoured yogurt and banana slices.


I’ve had this loaf of Ezekiel bread in the freezer for LONG over a year now… slightly freezer burnt maybe but french toast it and you can’t possibly tell ;)



Now I’m off to start up again on studying for my first midterm of winter term on Wednesday. Already, yikes. From this week on out I have a test or assignment due every week until exams start (minus reading week…come on February!) so this is going to be a busy term.

I’m ready for it though!

…please don’t throw that back in my face a couple weeks from now when I’m ripping my hair out.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


22 thoughts on “CSN Giveaway Winner and Recovery Eats

  1. Lentils!! Mm, I have been on such a lentil kick lately. With sauteed vegetables over rice, in soup, by itself, with salsa! Dude…in love. Hahaha

    Good luck with that midterm girl!

  2. Wow, YOU really know how to put a smile on MY face. In fact, I think I need a bigger face because the smile isn’t fitting right now. Kristie, you are so amazing… and you’re a baking machine! Thank you so much for truly being so sweet to me. I’m so blessed to know you through this blogworld (and I’m jealous of the people who get to know you for real!).

  3. I think your pizzert looks awesome! I need to make that ( this is the 100th time I have said that , lol )

    The gum sounds yuck, thanks for letting me know it is no good, I am a gum addict, when I see a new kind I buy it, and glad to not waste money on that !

    Have a great day love! xoxo

  4. Of course you’re ready for it ferocia!
    Is it not a blessing to have all these beautiful recipes available from lovely bloggers ’round the world?!
    I love!

  5. I had my first midterm today. Seriously, Jan 25th is too early to tax the brain like that. And I get to have two quizzes this week, plus a midterm next monday. UGH.

    I need more greens in my life. I’m a lazy green eater.

  6. at first i was mad at you for not picking me to win the csn gift.

    but then i saw that you made my cornbread muffins and my love for you immeeeeediatly went out the roof haha :) how goood are they!! i love crumbling them in salads with goat ccheeeezyness

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