Food: A Poem

Well, well, well, what do we have here?
A mishmash of foods to bring good health and cheer!

A rainbow of veggies arranged in a bunch,
All dressed up and ready to be eaten for lunch!


Drizzled with dressings* or topped with goat cheese,
You may not like veggies but these go down with ease!


Sometimes, however, you may just want sweets.
Don’t forget about all of those healthified treats!



Bittersweet chocolate cake or a peanut butter cup*,
They’re decadent enough to fill you right up!


Chopped up fresh fruits are also quite nice,
In one single day, eat them at least thrice.




Grapefruits may not be the sweetest of fruit,
But they sure do taste good in a green flannel…suit? (or rockin’ set of pjs)

045 065

Green smoothie bowls* are also quite tasty,
But if you don’t want brain freeze, you must not be hasty!


In these cold winter months while you may feel crummy,
Eat egg whites and chili to warm up your tummy.



I know my poetry skills just cannot be beat,
And I hope this poem inspires what you might eat!

But if nothing else, I hope all of this food
Helps to put you in a most happy mood :)



Writing slightly ridiculous and often nonsensical rhyming poems is one of my prime skills. I hope reading it was at least a smidgen as awesome as writing it was. I know I had a good time.

Happy Days!


These starred notes pertain, in order, to the starred parts in the poem.

*Featured dressing = Choosing Raw Zucchini Dressing


*Peanut Butter Cup ingredients = Creamed coconut mixed with cocoa powder, agave and water for the chocolate, Maranatha Peanut Butter for the center.



*Featured Green Smoothie Bowl made simply with light coconut milk, frozen avocado and frozen banana, the leftovers from my series of Angela’s Creamsicle smoothies made here. It was incredible. Who needs ice cream?



26 thoughts on “Food: A Poem

    • Oh! And I just realized the peanut butter cup was my recipe, too! Hahaha…Thanks for making it!!!! What did you think? Some people think the Coconut+peanut butter combo is weird…

  1. Love the creativeness going on here with the poem and the AWESOME pics! Your pics are always amazing, you make food look extra yummy with your photo skills!!!

    Love the puffins in the green monster smoothie bowl, puffins make me happy!

    Have a great day girl! xo

  2. welllll hello gorgeous!!! I’ve misssseddd ya!! So happy to see your beautifully-lit photos and random deeelish meals! :D I’m popping back up to say heyyy and revive my lil bloggy, oxoxoox cant wait to catch up girlie!

  3. Just started following this blog! It’s amazing! Love it and thanks for the inspirations- the green smoothie is on the menu now for tomorrow! Thanks!

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