The Cold Combat

So the classes start up and so do… the COLDs. They kind of go hand in hand, right? Winter classes and winter colds? I dunno but I’ve been fighting!

My How to Fight a Cold How To.
(Ignore the redundancy)



*Eat Fruit-Based Breakfasts

Apples and oranges and bananas and pineapples OH MY. Plus plain yogurt and granola and peanut butter since fruits alone do not stick your ribs.


Sidenote: THIS peanut butter = spectacular. I was all out of normal PB (PB&Co is great but sometimes you just need the plain stuff) and had to get a new jar. This was one sale and I’m pretty sure I had heard good things so I tried it. Two thumbs way up for MaraNatha.


*Drink Fruit-Based Smoothies

Or more specifically, Angela’s Flu-Buster Clementine Creamsicle Smoothie. I’ve had it two mornings in a row now and it is love at first sip.


This one had a handful of spinach added to it for an extra nutrient kick. Hence the extra green hue of clem smoothie #2.



*Eat Your Greens

But make sure to protein pack them with TUNA mixed with fat free sour cream, dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Or however you prefer your tuna.



Or just top with a blob of hummus (after eating a few more blobs by the spoonful). And add lots of salsa to everything. Just because it tastes good.



*Add Veggies to Everything

We obviously can’t eat ONLY veggies and fruits all the time, so add them into and/or on the side of wraps and sandwiches.

These are two halves of two different panini-pressed wraps (I got a press for xmas!): one with sweet potato hummus and spinach; the other with tofu slices, mustard and BBQ sauce.


Veggies on the side of an English muffin with tofu, mustard, BBQ sauce (I told you this was one of my new favourite combos).



*Bake with Cranberries

These little jewels have about a million benefits and I’ve had a big bag frozen in the freezer for a while now so I decided to add them to a bunch of stuff. They might not be advertised as cold combaters but I doubt if they’re hurting my cold any! I’ve baked a couple cran goodies, but I’ll put the recipes up in a separate post.

Sneak Peak: PomCran Muffins & Crustless Cranberry Pies




*Don’t forget your Vitamins

I take a multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin C (though we’re out right now. how convenient for cold season!) and vitamin B12 every day. I take an Omega 3 vitamin when I remember. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can think of so I don’t know what difference it really makes in cold combat but it certainly can’t hurt. I have this fear that if I stop taking them I’m suddenly going to come down with every sickness imaginable since my body is so used to them. Irrational maybe but it keeps me popping my vitamins everyday!




Exercise kind of sucks when you have a cold that involves coughing and makes your lungs feel like they are 10lbs heavier and half-filled with liquid. But I’ve been sticking it out because it still feels great afterwards, like those pools of sweat are filled with cold bugs just leaking right out! I’ve just been letting myself have a few “breather breaks” the past few days. Aka running on the treadmill is 3x harder right now so I step off for 10 seconds here and there when I can’t breathe, which seems to be more often than I would like right now…Naw good!


*Chug Water

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. C’est magique! I think this is common knowledge (I hope!).



I also think all of my “Tips” are common knowledge but laying them out just so makes me feel helpful. At least to myself :)


What is your best cold combat tip?

I hope you’re all managing to stay healthy and sickness free! (or at least fighting it off with a vengeance)