Happy 2011!

You know it’s going to be a good year when it starts off with the date:


Make a wish!

How It Began:

I spent my New Years Eve chilling with some fun peeps all the way until 4:30 when I could finally get through to a cab company to take me home. Can’t expect anything less on New Years!

And I still woke up alive, refreshed and ready for 2011, which has started off quite well so far. I spent my first morning of the year discussing the depths of life with my mother, and then exploring the depths of my fridge with a scrubber. Chatting and cleaning – these are a few of my favourite things!

A few days ago I made a frightening discovery: In my course selections for winter term (starting on Tuesday…eek) I managed to make the brilliant mistake of registering myself in a course I had already completed…and this is my final term of my final year. Kind of at crunch time now and really need the correct courses in order to graduate! Luckily I discovered this mistake before term began. Unluckily, finding an alternative proved difficult since nearly all classes are full to the brim by now, including the class I really wanted to get into (Health Psych!). Luckily, I decided to check course listings again yesterday and BAM! One single opening in the Health Psych class. I nabbed it right away and now I’m all set and ready to begin the final term of my undergraduate university career. Thanks for making it happen 1.1.11!

I finished the day off with the best movie I’ve seen all year. Despite the fact that it’s also the only movie I’ve seen yet this year, Tangled is not to be missed. If you see no other movie this month, SEE THIS MOVIE. Cutest. Movie. Ever.




I will be buying this on DVD. And I seriously want a pet Pascal:


Disney just knows how to do it right!


Oh wait, that food thing. I got so caught up in Disney animated admiration that I almost forgot about it.

How DOES one eat in 2011?

Or more specifically… how do I eat in 2011?

Hopefully better than I was eating at the end of 2010!

The beginning of 2011 skipped breakfast because I slept in too late. Or technically I ate breakfast at around 5 in the morning when I got home (cottage cheese feast anyone?) and was ready for lunch by the time I woke up.

The first lunch of 2011 = Big old salad with Greek dressing and some rye bread with feta and old cheddar.


The first dinner of 2011 = Deceptively Delicious Turkey Burgers (made with cauliflower!) and a side of balsamic roasted brussel sprouts.


The turkcauli burgers? Fab. Simple, moist and flavourful. Even my brother thought they were delicious…and polished off all the leftovers. Sigh.

Dinner was dipped in a new Forbes Wild Mushroom Mustard I got for Christmas. A bit like dijon with some extra spices going on. I dig it!


I’m trying to keep my sweets on the not-so-chocolatey side. Half because I definitely overdid it during the holidays and half because I overdid it so much that it’s just not that appealing right now. Bring on the banana suga suga! Dried apricots + plain yogurt + Deceptively Delicious PB Banana Muffin + banana slices = pretty solid sweet fix.


I made these muffins a while back here. Psst – the “deceptive” is again the cauliflower. I’m going to have to start adding this stuff into baked goods more often, it’s a great moisture substitute! 


This morning, 2011 Day #2, started off with a dry throat and a few sniffles. Cold coming on? I don’t think so buddy!

My spinach smoothie will fight it off before it even has the chance to begin. I used a BIG handful of spinach along with some almond milk, ice, half a frozen banana, half a scoop strawberry protein powder, chocolate Amazing Grass powder, flax, xanthan and guar gum and a crunchy Corn Bran and puffed mixed cereal topping.


Lunch was more of the greens coated with honey mustard dressing + roasted buttercup squash topped with crumbled Greek feta. The squash was a little disappointing since it was watery? Meh. But the feta made it all better.


Continuing the fruit and plain yogurt trend for my sweet fix…

Apples, yogurt, cinnamon and…


Oh wait, what is that? Is that a chunk of Fudgee-o Cookie? My chocolate addiction clearly hasn’t completely disappeared…not that I’d want it to!


Dinner of 2011 Day #2 hasn’t happened yet but I’m thinking it’s about time to get it started being that it’s past 5:00 and I’m started to feel hungry. I’m also still in my pyjamas. It’s my second last day of holidays, don’t hate!


How did YOU start off your fresh new 2011 year so far?

Hopefully in many good ways, with many more good ones to come! 

( all non-food pictures found on weheartit. as per usual :) )


23 thoughts on “Happy 2011!

  1. Hi! Just found your blog today – your salads look fantastic! I read about your experience with healthy foods and exercise and it’s so inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Happy New Year,

  2. Happy 2011 Kristie!

    That’s awesome that you got into that class. Destiny? A good omen for the rest of the year?

    I’m insanely jealous that you still have buttercup squash in CA. Our markets only have acorn and spaghetti these days!

  3. Happy New Year Love!!

    I SO want to see Tangled too! I might take my son to see it with me tomorrow!

    New Years Day was spent relaxing with my boys! Mike and I were in chicago and got back new years day, so it was nice to be home and relax!

  4. Ah! Tangled was FOR SURE the BEST movie I saw in 2010 :) Best wishes to you for the new year girlie :)!
    –I wish I had that green smoothie right now! I’m trying to fight off a nasty cold that’s been around for over a week >=(

  5. I saw Tangled yesterday as well! Loved it – the mother was such an entertaining villain.

    Those non-chocolate sweets look great! I also need to hold off on the chocolate for a few weeks…although I didn’t go as nuts with the Christmas sweets as I normally do. Maybe I really am growing up…haha.

  6. there’s like so much in this post i can’t even handle it right now haha. happy new year! cabs on new years are insane. one time i got stuck somewhere until 5 am because i thought i would get a cab and my cab ended up being my mom at 5:30. she was REALLY angry haha

  7. hi! I’m Nicole, and I just started reading your blog. I was compelled to post because I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVED Tangled!!!! As in… I adore disney movies in general, but typically think the new ones have nothing on the old ones. Not so with this movie. It was so good!

    Anyways. Looking forward to reading more! :)

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