Rolling Along

Happy Belated Holidays?! We’re down to two days before NYE already, Where does the time go?

I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and a little bit of relaxation time after the (GOOD) chaos that the holidays create. I know I’m sure feeling much more relaxed right now just being able to see friends and fam and do mindless things over the past few days


Like score some Boxing Week clothing deals. The sales junkie in me cannot refuse 50% off clothes. I bought $10 green bras…they were $10, how can you not?


Or see the newest Harry Potter movie. I fell off the Potter bandwagon awhile ago (pretty sure I didn’t even see the last movie before the current one that’s out) but this one was obviously great. Even though I haven’t read the books in years and forget most of the plot line.



HAHAHA. This is scarier than the actual dude.

Or eat at McDonald’s. Their food just isn’t pretty but their salads aren’t all that bad. No fries for moi though. Schmeh.


(All pics up to this point found on weheartit)


Food has been pretty random in general over the holidays.

Veggies here and there.


Plenty of cheese and dips: Christmas Eve feast L-R= shrimps and cocktail sauce, chips, sundried tomato caponata with various breads and crackers, buffalo chicken dip, veggie platter, brie cheese with red pepper jelly.


My weight++ in M&Ms.
Gotta get the fix in for breakfast. That loner was just there for a pop of colour, a handful was the pre-breakfast appetizer.


Dippy eggs on toast and grapefruit which is amazingly tasty right now. I have very little and not-so-pleasant experience with those bitter buggers but after cautiously tasting one that popped up on our kitchen counter recently, I’ve discovered that grapefruits in their prime are quite delicious and can in fact be eaten without sugar. Beauty.


I’ve also been eating mini tofu sandwiches by the dozen in the past few days.
Plain extra firm tofu slices on mini buns with barbecue sauce and mustard. New fav sandwichtypething of the moment.


I’ve tried slowly phasing out the chocolate at breakfast trend that’s been going on lately.

I’ve attempted this with pumpkin banana oats topped with homemade peanut butter.


And with Polly’s Buttermilk Pancakes (I halved it and used egg whites and applesauce instead of egg and oil) alongside Honeycrisp apple slices.


Delicious breakfasts in their own right but when there is chocolate still around, it’s always whispering…even from the freezer. It’s dwindling!


So let’s see… we’re only a couple days away from the Big 2011! Any equally big New Years Eve plans to celebrate it?

I’ve heard of a couple things going down but no idea what I’ll be doing yet. I better get on figuring that one out!


Bring it on!


15 thoughts on “Rolling Along

  1. I don’t understand this “phasing out chocolate at breakfast” thing…you mean we have to stop eating cookies as breakfast appetizers soon? Noooo!!!!!

    No New Years plans per se yet. I think I’m going to hang out at my cousins place, but not sure what we’ll be up to.

    Hope you had a great Christmas :)

  2. Yummm….buffalo chicken dip rocks my socks! I make it for every holiday and it’s always a hit and gone quickly! Pumpkin/Banana oats sounds so good right now, I think I’ll have that for breakfast tomorrow :)


  3. my grandma always used to have eggs with toast and a side a grapefruit, and she was so smart for doing so because its EXTREMELY healthy. i definitely learnt a lot from her.
    awee i just love the lonely blue m&m in the bowl, so fantastic!! xoxo

  4. I’ve been super into the whole eggs-and-grapefruit thing, too. Like you, I used to be dubious of grapefruits, thinking them too sour to be consumed on their own. I’ve been proved wrong!

    Chocolate at breakfast is a habit I’ve had for the past year. I just have a serious sweet tooth in the morning, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  5. When I was at my grandma’s for Christmas the m&m bowl was on the table right in front of my bedroom so I “accidentally” grabbed a handful first thing after waking up!

  6. Your eats always look so much like what I eat- its awesome! I am excited to get back into the school groove and cook up meals like these. Holiday food is fun, but I miss my standbys!
    Also – I added you to my blog roll :) your blog is fab

  7. Happy New Year, Kristie! Thank you for all of your inspiring posts and I hope you never quit– I am your fan for life. ;-) All the best to you and your family! Health and prosperity in 2011! :-)

  8. I like McDonald’s salads too! Haha, and the fruit and walnut salad is nice, too. I have a lot of experience getting the healthy stuff at McD’s, haha! My family stops there when we’re really far from home and out and about! No fries or burgers for me!

    I wanted to reread the 7th HP book before I saw the movie. I just finished and I am so excited to see it! I love Harry Potter!

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