Birthday Bro

Yesterday was my brother’s 19th birthday. He can now officially drink pitchers of beer at the bar without being a student from a Calgary university.

Congratulations Roberto!

058 - Copy036

…What happened here?!


Birthdays mean Birthday takeout. Usually we go out but it was cold and snowy and Sunday and exam time. So we got GREEK.

This = the best Greek salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mucho feta, mucho grilled chicken, fresh pita and Greek dressing in boatloads on the side.



I ate 96% of this before passing out on the floor in food baby agony.

And then there was cake. C’est magnifique, non?


This would be a Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake…only LIGHTER. Her son lightens up a bunch of her recipes. This was pretty good, though I’ve never tried an original Gooey Butter Cake to compare it to. Yet.

My cake decorating resources were very slim as you can plainly see. They always are. I need to stock up on pretty baking decorators so I can stop making such sad looking cakes :(


Yesterday was also special because I got some free stuff. Being the dork that I am, I thought it was pretty cool that I could write whatever I wanted on a bunch of free Vistaprint goodies and have it all sent to my doorstep for only the cost of shipping.




Yes I am cool enough to get ‘Mugalug’ written on a personalized mug. I was really bored while studying, okay?



was kinda cool too because I got my first and worst exam out of the way. Yay! Though it was only cool after 8:30 pm when I finished writing it. The rest of the day was spent cramming, which is never very cool.

But cramming after eating cake for breakfast apparently is.

Cake + sliced orange + cottage cheese = superior brain food.


I also finished the last 4% of my Greek salad for lunch alongside a bigger, hunkier salad with turkey slices, hummus, balsamic and mustard.


And more cake. Shh.

My body is so ready for a refresher after this very looooong term of sitting to study, eating, sitting to write, eating, more sitting, more eating, more sitting and even more eating. There’s been a good amount of running but a serious slack on the strengthening. Kinda squishy. Où sont mes muscles?!

Other than cookies and festive beveraging… I am SO cramming only good stuff into this bellay come holiday break!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. One done, three more exams to go. Until later!


And don’t forget, if you’re Canadian and you like tea, you have until this Wednesday, December 15 to enter the Tetley Tea Giveaway!


12 thoughts on “Birthday Bro

  1. I missed your posts so much that I almost felt like dancing when one came! :-D All the best with the rest of your exams Kristie!

  2. Ahh that picture of your bro is precious! Ah, I fondly remember the excitement of turning 19…

    I love the tote bag and mug!!

    I’m so with you on the craving good, healthy food over the holidays! I’ve been rather stressed these past few weeks as well, and have been eating altogether TOO MUCH sugar and unhealthy carbs.

    Good luck on the three exams! Just think, after this you only have one more term…amazing!

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