Rodeo Roundup

It’s Saturday and I’m doing the day away with…another essay! However, this legitimately deserves an exclamation since it’s my last one… aside from final edits on a couple others, but those are cake after the actual content is complete. One to go, one to go.

Come on December 21st. Who’s ready for the holidays?!


Here goes a heavy food roundup with minimal explanation. Visual appeals because who really has time for tons of reading at this time of year?


Greens, protein packed with leftover lentil dal and cottage cheese.


Veggie burg on toasted multigrain with laughing cow, dijon mustard, spinach and sundried tomatoes.


Sauteed cabbage slaw and broccoli topped with crumbled veggie burger, mustard and BBQ sauce.


Spinach, broccoli, red peppers and tomatoes topped with crumbled falafel balls, light sour cream, salsa and mustard. Few crackers on the side, a few more down the gullet.


Tuna mixed with light sour cream and dijon mustard. Served with dillies because dill pickle + tuna = perfect combo.


Steamed brussel sprouts and broccoli topped with a mix of light sour cream, dijon and nooch + a drizzle of Frank’s Red Hot. The pizza box that I nibbled out of was hidden behind this.


Taco-ish salad bowl (Miss GC does these best): greens + tomatoes + red peppers + ground chicken cooked in random seasonings + light sour cream + salsa + sprinkling of shredded cheese + roasted sweet potato chunks.


REAL egg done over-easy (? – who’s all up on their egg terminology. It was dunky) on rye with ketchup. I eat egg whites so often that I just seem to forget about the real ones. Well it’s not happening anymore, these are making a way more regular appearance this winter. <3 EGGS.


OH! Here’s another! Runny eggy unloaded on lightly steamed spinach.



SOUP season has also begun. For some reason I rarely crave soup but after trudging through snow and wind to class (just from my car, I’m such a whiner), soup drags me right in.

This bowl = butternut squash and red pepper with steamed broccoli and mushrooms, drizzle of Frank’s, sprinkle of pepper and rye for sop-up.



But what about Breakfast?

Whole wheat waffle topped with yogurt/pb mix, smashed raspberries and blueberries.


Instant apple oatmeal packet mixed into the last of the cottage cheese container with berries and peanut butter.


Plain yogurt hidden underneath banana and apple slices, Vector cereal and plenty o’ cinnamon.


Strawberry fruit-on-bottom mini cottage cheese container mixed with peanut butter and Shreddies. I should probably get these more often, I down the big containers in embarrassingly short time periods. PS LOVE Shreddies.


Overnight Oats with Amazing Grass, blueberries, cottage cheese + ORANGE.


Uglier overnight oat BRAN. Cooked the night before in who knows what – I threw a bunch of stuff in there. Eaten in the morning with some yogurt stirred in and soybutter on the spoon, accompanied by essay editing, my most loyal breakfast date.


Cakes in a pan inspired by PB&Jenny cakes. Topped with plain yogurt mixed with syrup and almond butter + blueberry syrup.


It may be winter but a little bit of liquid gold (green?) is always welcome. As long as the heat is cranked and the coffee is brewing.

Chocospinach Smoothie: water + almond milk, BIGGEST handful spinach, scoop chocolate protein powder, scoop chocolate Amazing Grass powder, handful frozen berries, 1/4 orange, cocoa powder, xanthan and guar, ice.




And for dessert? Avery’s Raw Vegan Apple Crumble. Amazing.


+ many dips into the PB jar.

I’m so ready to be let of off house arrest.



12 thoughts on “Rodeo Roundup

  1. Dill + tuna = awesome. Basically a required flavour pairing.

    Whole eggs trump egg whites for pretty much everything other than meringues. There is virtually no point in not eating the REAL thing, as so many of the minerals/nutrients (other than the protein) are in the yolk.

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