Buttered or Creamed?

One weekend in essay writing prison complete, one and a half weeks to go…until exam time that is.

I can’t possibly complain though because it’s a bright and sunny Monday and I just made homemade granola bars. Life’s small pleasures.


After reading Janetha’s interview with BFL champ Emily Alvers I had to try her “Get Your Own” Granola Bars. I was kind of hoping for a step-by-step recipe for “Get Your Own” Six Pack but I guess I should go and buy the Body For Life book for that. Anyway, I halved this recipe and ate plenty of crumbs after chopping them up into 16 lovely little squares. Delicious.


Oh oh and I almost made almond butter! Just with plain almonds so it’s not that exciting, but it’s still homemade so it’s a little exciting.


I put the fresh warm almond butter into this jar after eating my breakfast out of it.


A nice little dollop of chocolate soynut butter was left in the bottom to mix in with my overnight oats – quick oats mixed with plain yogurt, agave, apple chunks, berries and flax.



This week I tried my first persimmon. Have you guys ever tried these? It’s SUCH a good fruit! I don’t even know how to describe the taste but it’s got a pretty rich sweet flavour. Definitely worth trying if you haven’t yet.


I also ate an apple half the size of my head. Definitely not all at once. The right apple fit nicely into the palm of my hand. The left one did not. What kind is it, anyone know? A giant honey crisp maybe, maybe not?


Oh oh oh and I made cookie dough out of cashews! Thank you Averie for your genius Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. I made a small batch and used carob chips. Straight up cookie dough right there.



Also a question: Does anyone know the deal with creamed coconut?

This stuff isn’t as sweet as the coveted coconut butter but it’s just as creamy, melts nicely, and is cheap! I found it randomly in the grocery store. 016

Check out the stats though… Half the entire box for only 80 cals and 0.5 g fat…for coconut? Is that even possible? I’m thinking not so much.


On that same topic, I forgot about the jar of coconut butter hanging out in my cupboard and rediscovered it the other day, consequently making a nice new dent in the supply. I forgot how amazing this stuff is in its melty glory, especially poured over a big bowl of oat bran and apple chunks.


I’m going to spare you the veg bowls and leave it at the sweet stuff for today so I can get back to working on essaying… or procrastinating on essaying. Whichever comes first… ;)

Happy Monday!

PS – There is now snow on the ground. It’s not even December yet. I’m not ready for this! I’m sure glad I got snow tires on early this year though, winter driving = terrifying.


31 thoughts on “Buttered or Creamed?

  1. It is a giant Honeycrisp. I had one yesterday. They are SO HUGE, but so juicy and good. I had never seen an apple so big before, so I had to try it. Wasn’t it amazing???

  2. Interesting – I’ve never seen or heard of creamed coconut before! Looking forward to seeing what you create with it :)

    Agh, this makes me nervous about returning to school in January (I was on a work term this fall, although I’m taking an online course). How many exams do you have? Not too many, I hope!

    • I hadn’t either so I had to grab it, I was so intrigued! As for the exams, I have two written and two take-homes. Not looking forward to any of them but this holiday break is sure going to be appreciated once it hits. And don’t start worrying about school just yet, you still have a bit of freedom time to go!

    • See now THAT would be okay, if it’s a whole new thing! Then I’d be excited. But trudging through and *driving through *piles of it every winter…it loses its magestic appeal haha.

  3. Great eats! Yum. I read Emily Alvers’ interview on Meals and Moves yesterday, too- SO GOOD. Wow. So inspiring- both Emily and J!

    And I’d gladly take that raw cookie dough. ;)

  4. Cookie dough looks drool worthy! That is a giant honey crisp, I picked some up over the weekend, one of those bad boys can fill me up all afternoon through dinner. It’s a magical thing :)


    • Nope! They’re definitely similar to tomatoes in appearance, even when you cut them open, but once you bite in it’s alllll sweet. You gotta try it for yourself!

  5. Why oh why have I not thought of apples in my oatmeal? With coconut? I cant wait to have this… tomorrow!!

    And I think making ones own nut butter is TOTALLY EXCITING even if its just plain!

  6. Homemade almond butter is the best. I need to get on making more.

    I tried a persimmon once. Sucksed the spit right outta my face! I bet it wasn’t ripe enough yet. LOL

    I’ve seen creamed coconut but haven’t ever bought it. I’m thinking that calorie count is kinda low, too. My coconut butter refuses to melt nicely now that it’s cold out. Not even in the microwave! It’s like it wants to stay solid. Humpf.

    • Honestly I’m not too sure, I haven’t done enough experimenting with homemade granola bars yet. I’d say longer baking times would help with the crunch factor, but thoes nature valley bars are *really *crunchy, I’d like to know their secret!

  7. Totally a Honeycrisp. Ridiculously good (and the fact that they’re bigger definitely makes them more appetizing, no?), but I can only eat them on a pretty empty stomach, otherwise the result is a massive fiber baby. Worth it, though.

    The creamed coconut almost seems too good to be true, but maybe it’s whipped or something (more volume because of the extra air?). Either way, it sounds pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see what else you do with it.

    • It took me a day and a half to get through that giant apple. I savoured it and now I desperately want another! You might have a point about the coconut! I’d hope…but I found it in the ethnic foods section and often their labels are *slightly *misleading haha…

  8. Hi Kristie!
    Thanks for linking my recipe and glad you like the cookie dough!

    First time to your blog and you have great eats and a great blog!

    Creamed coconut..nice! I am huge fan of coconut oil and butter. I use it in place of oil or butter in tons of my recipes.

    For anyone asking about granola, I have a recipe for vegan GF granola on my site (recipes tab) that if you bake it about 5 mins longer than I recommend, it will turn out crunchy like a bar.

    And I also have a homemade granola bar recipe that’s more soft. Starts out w/ a mashed banana. That’s a no bake recipe.

    Maybe that will help some people in your comments.

    Have a great day!

    • I’ve tried a few Averie granolas before and I can definitely vouch for the fact that they are so worth it. Completely delicious and perfectly crunchy. Come to mention it, I just might have to make another batch this weekend! My mom has been requesting it haha :)

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s a honeycrisp – has all the right colourings.

    I’ve yet to have a persimmon this season. I feel that should change. But I don’t know if we have them in at work yet. They are rather tasty in their own right, aren’t they?

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  11. I just saw this post and wondered how you think creamed coconut would work as a sub for coconut butter in recipes. ChocolateCoveredKatie has such a lot of coconut butter recipes but it isn’t available around here while creamed coconut is. Do you think I could sub it (I’m especially interested in trying Katie’s healthy fudge)? Thanks in advance!

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