Sanity Savers

It may be a crazy time of year but you always have to make room for the good stuff. For sanity’s sake. Health (physical and mental) comes first of course ;)


Sanity Saver #1: Food Shopping

Grab a fellow foodie friend and hit up your local bulk food and gourmet grocery store. Be a little overjoyed when you nab the last bag of nooch (which has needed replenishing in my cupboard for months now) and be a little too overjoyed when you find PB&Co. The Bee’s Knees for the first time ever. I think it might just beat out Mighty Maple.

L->R: Pita Break Mini Apple Cinnamon Pitas, La Tortilla Factory Multi Grain Wraps, Peppermint Nougats, PB&Co The Bee’s Knees, Nutritional Yeast.


Sanity Save #2: Recipes

I tried out Deb’s Moist Low Calorie Microwave Protein Muffin, the choco version.


This was the perfect amount of moist. Mine could have used a touch more sweetener since it was a tad bitter, but that was nothing a bit of sweet topping couldn’t fix.
Left = pumpkin and yogurt mix. Right = SF raspberry jam.



I also made April’s recent Holiday Pumpkin Protein Muffins last night. No pic, whoops, but they’re all containered up and ready for grabbable paper writing snackage.  (PS. My hands definitely match yours, April)


Sanity Saver #3: Dancing

I’ll doubtfully be going out again until this term is done so I had to fit a few nights in this past week.

149271_456597936265_505296265_6046558_660008_n - Copy

004 - Copy

005 - Copy

We were at a slightly sketchy club here… clearly something interesting was going on. At one point some random girl started to tell me about somebody getting bloodied up and beaten unconscious in the middle of the dance floor? I’m glad I was around the edge instead…


Sanity Saver #4: Umm… FOOD.

Beeeeeee’s Knees & Fruiteees.


Turkey, Laughing cow, spinach.




Dal’d Up Salad.



Sushi a la grocery store spicy cali roll


Tuna mixed with plain yogurt, hummus and nooch. Mmmm.


Choco spinach smoothie for breakfast: water, almond milk, spinach, chocolate protein powder, chocolate amazing grass, lots of ice, pinch of the gums.


Giant bowls of mixed cereals. Many of these. All the time. Usually with yogurt and berries.


Cold oat bran cooked the night before with firm tofu mushed in. Topped in the morning with peanut butter, pumpkin blended with tofu and maple syrup, and fresh berries.



+ stacks of flyers to enjoy your breakfast with. You know Christmas is coming when…



Sanity Saver #5: Elf Yourself.

Don’t do this right before you’re about to start on homework. Otherwise you’ll never get to your homework. 

break it down 2


And with that… I really DO need to get to my homework. And to class in half an hour, whoops!!

Stay Sane Kiddos!