Counteracting the Candy

Oh November. I like you but your presence is a little bittersweet. You’re a fresh month, full of new excitements and possibilities…and yet you bring with you more work crammed into 30 days than I dare want to even think about. If October is the month of midterms, November is the month of essays. Not one of my top three that’s for sure.

But I will survive, I will survive, just as long as I know how to write I know I’ll stay alive…

Unfortunately essay writing is not my forte so I’ll be surviving by a thread.

Anybody love essay writing? Better yet, anyone want to write all of mine for me? ;)


So that Halloween thing just happened. Who else grew a third arm from the adverse effects of chocolate overload?


Mine was only temporary. Probably because I fought it off with so many veggies.


And menacing looks.

74266_10150290883060174_695560173_15534703_5476175_n - Copy 2

And plenty more veggies:

Sauteed kale, slaw and brussel sprouts in balsamic with spelt veggie burger and roasted red pepper dip.


Spinach, cucumbers, rice burger, red pepper dip, mustard.


Kale chips with ketchup & Egg Beater omelette with salsa and Laughing Cow


Romaine, spinach and cucs with red pepper dip & canned salmon mixed with Laughing Cow, lemon juice and Worcestershire.


Spinach and roasted squash


Spinach, steamed broccoli, carrots, slaw, mushrooms, balsamic & chunks of vegepate



I may have also eaten an entire batch of Pumpkin Spice Granola… all by myself… over the course of several days or course…uh yeah.


I also discovered I may never need to buy Deep Chocolate Vitatops again?!

Katie’s Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins really are truly a genius Vitamuffin replacement. I only used a few small packets of Stevia instead of the Splenda so mine were a little bitter but otherwise, definitely making these again.


Let’s not forget the sushi fix – Green Dragon roll! This one was long overdue.


Or the new hummus discovery – Masala Hummus. If you have access to the PC brand and like Indian food… you need to try this hummus. Couldn’t get enough.


And then of course the best meal of the day should never be forgotten – BREAKFAST.

Whole wheat waffle topped with plain yogurt/sugar free maple syrup mix + flax + banana


Oats & Notes – oats cooked stovetop style, topped with a dollop of orange-y yogurt mixed with peanut butter.


Giant cereal bowls with puffed rice, All Bran, strawberry yogurt, vanilla protein powder sprinkle, frozen banana slices and skim milk. Seriously, cereal never gets t.


And then we have the winner…

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread FRENCH TOAST (dipped in a mixture of egg whites, almond milk, cinnamon and stevia) with a spread of red pepper jelly.


Oh my lanta.




But forget breakfast. We’re past supper now and the only thing left to do is school work. I’m not too sure how I’m going to go about this one…


On second thought, I think I’ll go get some bubble tea first. I need some Boba fuel! Except I now order mine with the newly offered aloe jellies. Defreakinglicious.


Happy Humpday!


23 thoughts on “Counteracting the Candy

  1. I could have definitely polished off the entire batch of Pumpkin Spice Granola, too. Although I’m not sure I would have had as much self control as you to be able to spread it over several days :P

    I don’t really mind writing essays..after all, think of how much we write just blogging! Think of it as a pictureless, more serious blog post ;)

  2. You sure do have one menacing look! Seksi :P

    OMG masala hummus? I’m currently addicted to hot n spicy hummus. It’s so good!

    Good luck with your essays! If you want to pass them, I would suggest NOT letting me write them ;)


  3. I’ll take one of those sushi rolls, thanks. And red pepper jelly on your french toast eh? I could see how that works.

    Good luck on those essays. I’m deep into basically all of my assignments right now, and it sucks!

  4. Good luck on those essays! This semester I don’t have much writing except for a research paper in December, but I’ve got wayyy too much memorizing to do!

  5. How do you get some color into black and white photos like on your one pic you posted? Please be specific because I am not super picture savvy.

  6. Yep, definitely an English major…I actually loved essay season of school ;) Well, not loved, persay, because it meant less sleep…but I far preferred it to midterm month!!!

  7. Kristie, can i just say that I LOVE your blog (and I read soo many food blogs!)… I’ve been reading it for over a yr now all the way from Australia but have never commented. I pretty much go onto it every day even though I know you don’t post daily ahah… but I’ve gotten so many ideas from all your healthy eats!!

  8. Hey Kristie!

    I hate papers too. Unfortunately I’m in Arts, so papers are my life. Sometimes I think I’m in the wrong program!
    But you can do it!

    • Haha thanks Lisa! I’m in arts too, but double major psychology and communications. Psych rarely has papers but comm is *all *about the papers and my term right now is filled with comm courses so I’m doing more papers than I’m used to this term. Not loving it but I’m surviving. Thanks for that positivity, I hope yours are going well too! :)

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