Whoa. I might be behind the times but I just downloaded the newest version of Windows Live Writer. Not used to this but I dig it! Very Microsoft Wordesque… and it looks quite a bit easier to use? Not that the other one wasn’t pretty darn straightforward as it was but you know. I’m digging the big menu. And the fact that you can change the font size right off the menu. That always bugged me on the old one.


Anyway, this week has been major nose to the books. I had my first school-related breakdown this week. Here they come… dun dun dun.

But I don’t wanna talk about it. Cause it’s the weekend. TGIF!

Instead I’d rather talk about the lovely loaded bowl of oat bran I had this morning:

1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup wheat bran cooked in 1 cup water, splash of almond milk, 1/3 cup pumpkin, cinnamon and stevia. Topped with plain yogurt mixed with sugar free syrup and a swirl of peanut butter.


Or how about the pile of pillowy baked sweet potato fries that I had for dinner last night? Mom’s magic work! Tossed in olive oil and a variety of seasonings (I know there were red pepper flakes in the mix) and – the secretbaking them right at the top of the oven. Apparently this is the best way to do it. Judging by the taste and texture, I’d have to agree.


I continued the orange saga just now at lunch. Hoorah for leftovers.

Spinach, carrots, green pepper, broccoli stem, zucchini, leftover sweet potato topped with dressing of garlic hummus, honey dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.


Geez. I seriously have nothing to speak for this week. The only time I’ve left the house is to go to class, and then I’ve come right back home again, only to read and eat.

I squeezed in a quick baking session too, shhhh.

Banumpkin Bread!

Just saying it is cute. Banumpkin, Banumpkin.

My alterations:

1/4 cup white sugar, 1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup 1% milk (all I had on hand) + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (based upon comment recommendation)
Omitted the coconut (just wasn’t feeling it)




Yumpkin, Banumpkin.

What else do we have this week?

We have breakfasts

Overnight oats mixed with the last of my oh so special Greek yogurt and a free sample of Soybutter my brother spotted at the grocery store the other day and immediately pointed out to me. He knows me too well :)


Hot and steamy instant oat packets topped with veggie-filled peanut butter with even hotter and steamier black coffee on the side.



We have nutrients

Spinach and plain tofu filled salad.


Tacoesque salad.


Veggers + plain tofu + plain tofu&mustard&bbq jammed into a hunk of pita – so much tastier than I even imagined. So much so that I made another right after.


Tuna mixed with laughing cow, hummus and worchestire (my new favourite tuna addition!) atop greens.


Slightly nasty several months expired frozen sweet and sour chicken and rice dinner (it was best before in May… it was frozen though, come on, no harm right? erm…) with an orange flavour sauce that was naw good. I ate around the sauciest parts best I could. It was late, I needed quick food. And I really wanted to get rid of this stupid dinner. Mission accomplished.


And we have way way too many procrastination-style snacks that we shall not speak of. The tight pants speak for themselves.


I don’t feel like doing any more school work. That’s okay right, taking a Friday breather? I hate that guilty feeling school gives you when you are spending time not reading or writing and you feel like you really should be…blech.

I do feel like getting out of the house though… and not only to go to class. Methinks some kind of shopping is in order. I honestly don’t think I’ve spent a dime (other than on between-class coffees and teas) in at least a couple weeks. My wallet is itching for some exercise.

Happy Weekend Pumpkins!



14 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. i hear ya on the TGIF! i wish i could go home and veg but i’ve got to rally for a bachelorette party haha boooooo

    hope you have a great weekend :)

    and btw i’m so jealous of your g-cheese laden salads!

    i remember when i had one of those little soy butter packs! they’re so fun. especially since i wouldn’t normally buy a whole jar cuz it would take me forever to finish it, the little sample/travel butters are awesome!! <3 hmmm i need to find some more :P

    • Okay, wait. I was thinking about this one… what’s the difference between roasted and baked? I googled for a quick answer and really didn’t find anything solid. It seems temperatures maybe, and more related to meat? I guess usually I just call the potatoes roasted when they’re cut into pieces and baked when I throw them in whole haha

  3. ugh – i hate how school “guilt trips” us, too! unfortunately, it should probably guilt trip me more so that i am more productive…but what can i say? :P
    those sweet potato fries DO look incredible!
    and i think i am a little behind the times – is windows live writer a program for posting a blog without having to do it through wordpress? i still use wordpress! haha

  4. A new version of WLW? I’ll be checking that out!

    You always do such a great job of getting your greens in. Once fall hits my green intake kinda falls to the wayside… :)

  5. I recently had a school epiphany that I have a crap ton of things due in a short amount of time. I hate that all my classes had nothing to worry about for the first 6 weeks, and now it’s all due at once. Ugh.

    And there’s a new WLW? I’m off to check that out right now!

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