Books, Beers & Bellies


A little MIA much?

Though I could be honest and say the fact that I haven’t bothered to make any kind of appearance around these parts is largely influenced by my lack of motivation, lack of any kind of solid meals and lack of much hoopla to speak about…

…instead I’m going to blame it on the books, the beers and the food-filled belly.


The dreaded due dates have only just really started to crop up, so I’ve been diving headfirst into the readings and writings lately, which are monopolizing 90% of my computer time. Rude!


2765622335_d1934aaaa6_z_large  (both from weheartit)


Halo and welcome to that time of year again – Oktoberfest! This year was my not first, not second , but THIRD time attending the beer and polka-filled festivities.

beer,drinkers,drinking,octoberfest,oktoberfest-2ae31cacde13f6e105f0ec32b2b0b3e2_h (weheartit)

Giant arena packed full with picnic tables, people, and mass amounts of beer? Looks about right.


Verdict? Third Time’s a Charm.  This year was much more fun than the previous ones. I totally embraced the chicken dance and the overpriced beer.

004 - Copy 007 - Copy - Copy

Bringing in the keg. Oh yes I scored a (very small) glass of free keg beer.

026 - Copy



That time of year for the polka also happens to fall at the same time as Canadian Thanksgiving. And the time of funky looking squash and gourds.


All that excitement in one weekend? I can hardly handle it. Needless to say, my belly couldn’t either.

Where’s Joey when you need him?


Not gonna lie, although my dinner was good I kind of wish it had looked like this:

TV dinner cupcake_large 
(Somebody has got to make these cupcakes. Apparently from this book!)

Instead, it looked a little more something like this:


Slightly more traditional…
Clockwise from Left: Turkey, baked sweet potato wedges, mashed cauliflower, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, spinach leaves (that I stuffed turkey into. Mini turkey spinach wraps anyone?)

And for dessert, pumpkin pie bars. We just couldn’t get enough of them last year apparently. So we made them again.


And I’ve eaten them over. And over. And over. Hence the bellies bellies bellies.


Aside from all of the celebratory hoopla I’ve been getting in a few greens here and there:

Tuna & Greens


Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese & Greens


Crumbled Tofu & Greens


Greens in my Oats – savoury style with spinach, falafel balls, salsa and tzaziki


And then there are the ridic amount of apples because who can resist them at this time of year?!


Just as ridic amounts of Oatmeal Squares, often paired with above mentioned apples.



And the occasional grocery store sushi run or salsa and light mozzarella-topped tortilla pizza, microwave-heated for speediest eating.




So that would be my last week or so in fast-forward  fashion. My October thrills have hit their high so the rest of the month will probably involve a lot more of the books than anything else. Maybe I should start thinking about Halloween, gotta have something to look forward to, right?!


Have you ever celebrated Oktoberfest? I’ve done it three times now. Will it happen again next year? We’ll have to wait and see.
Your Halloween costume ideas for this year? I never preplan this and it never works out in my favour. I need something good!


8 thoughts on “Books, Beers & Bellies

  1. Mmm I love Thanksgiving food! I haven’t made it out to Oktoberfest yet this year, but I’m going this Saturday so I’m pretty excited :) And I’m planning on being Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus for Halloween… since I already have the red hair and everything ;)

  2. No Octoberfest here. I don’t do beer. Never liked it. Although I imagine the festival itself is fun. Perhaps if there are brautwurst as well?

    Your Thanksgiving meal looks lovely. Mostly because you have gravy. Mmmm, gravy. Mine was sans gravy. Le sigh.

  3. I went to Oktoberfest twice and never really got into it. Then again, I don’t like beer so maybe that’s why? My sis went to the Concordia Club and had a blast, though!!!

  4. Yup went to Oktoberfest twice last weekend… and the weekend before that to the Our Lady Peace concert – had a blast!!

    Halloween costumes huh? I’ve been pondering this one too… I was thinking Betty Boop… but that will take some planning… in the end I will probably end up being a cop, just like everyone else haha…

    My costume 4 years ago was pretty good, boyfriend-at-the-time and I went as Roger and Jessica Rabbit… (… good times!

  5. I went to Oktoberfest last Friday at Transylvania. It was my second year there and we all had a great time! It was only a little painful heading to family Thanksgiving the next day haha!
    As for Halloween I have no idea but I need to come up with something fast cause a friend of mine is having a party the weekend before Halloween… it’s coming up fast!!

  6. Check out that book! Boyfriend is studying for the CFA and all his notes/books look like that too. I know it’s not fun – but GOOD LUCK!

    We have a pretty good Oktoberfest in Dallas up in Addison :)

    As far as costume ideas thanks for the reminder lol! Last year I was my mom for Halloween – I was a biker chick (lame I know, but free, easy, and funny). Why not be a beer girl and celebrate Oktoberfest all over again?

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