Dough and Dance

Yo ho ho. Cookie dough. In my bowl.

No, not real cookie dough. I had enough of that on Friday when I made a batch of Giant Oatmeal Drop Cookies. The applesauce made these very moist and cakelike, a bit like mini apple oat cakes. Very fall-y.


No no, the cookie dough I had for breakfast this morning was mock cookie dough in the form of Fitnessista Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal.


I don’t love the vanilla protein powder I have so the taste wasn’t quite perfect, but the fun of digging through the murky almond milk lake to the mushy sludgy cookie dough bottom more than made up for it. I’ll have to try this again (and again) with other protein powders. Highly recommended!

Despite the chilled beginning to this Monday morning, I’ve actually been rocking the hot oats much more lately. It’s about time. The temperatures are hardly beating 10 degrees C lately.

And pumpkin oat bran is just so darn delicious. I need that little burst of internal warmth to wake me up on these chilly morns.

Current winning combo: 1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 1/2 cup pumpkin, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup almond or vanilla soy milk, cinnamon, stevia or SF maple syrup, cottage cheese stirred in at the end.



Forget orange hands, there’s even orange seeping out of areas of my face now. I’ll never need to buy bronzer again.


This weekend was homecoming. Did I go? No. Have I ever gone? Erm no.

I always work on Saturdays and it’s never been appealing enough to do otherwise just to see the big game. Plus I heard it was cold and rainy, the ingredients that would create one very cranky girl had I been part of it. Instead I got to spend the day warm and sheltered and got plenty enough exposure to the drunken shenanigans when I went out that night. The streets were lined with stumbling shouting students of course. We went out plenty early to avoid being stuck in club line ups, which have been all too frustrating in previous years of not thinking beforehand.

It was fun but typical. I think I’m pretty done with the night scene. It gets old fast, at least in this city. And my old haunts are now loaded with a new young set of night lifers, making me feel ancient at the still very ripe age of 22. Though now I can enjoy it more only doing it once in a while rather than weekly (or multiweekly…).

Though if they were more like this…


Naw. I’d be too cheap for it anyway.

Other than that I laid low, tried to do some readings (epic fail), tried to buy some fall clothes that I so desperately need (slightly less epic but still present fail), and ate fake yogurts that there was no way I couldn’t at least try when they come in flavours like raspberry chocolate, crème caramel, strawberry parfait and cafe latte.


025 031

I also ate things with greens, like butter chicken with… well chicken + couscous + veggie medley over spinach. 


I also did the tuna mixed with dijon mustard and hummus over spinach thing. See the little pink bits? Picked ginger. I had some left over from a grocery store sushi container. Pickled ginger and tuna go so well together. Which shouldn’t be surprising since they serve it with sushi… aka fish? But whatever. I was pleasantly surprised.


Now here we are at another Monday and another week. Which should just fly by since this weekend = Canadian Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest!

Are you into the nightlife or are low key evenings more your thing? I used to want to go out way more often (the club scene seemed way more exciting a couple years ago) but these days I just don’t crave the drinking and dancing thing much anymore… too much effort!


16 thoughts on “Dough and Dance

  1. I’m the same as you! I’m a college senior and feel way old if I go back to the usual college bars. There is just too big of a difference in being a freshman and being a senior! More than just three years of living, I think.

  2. I never went to my homecoming either. Not sure why. My college was huge but the sports were “Eh” (I went to Northeastern in Boston). Perhaps if I went to a ‘Big 10’ school, I would have went??

    Your cookies look amazing. I posted a recipe the other day for protein cookies. YUM :)

    Have a great week,


  3. I’m not into the whole bar/party thing either like everyone else around this campus is. It’s actually refreshing when I meet someone who doesnt party or drink. There’s this whole new excitement whenever I actually do meet someone like that haha :P

  4. truth be told I never went to homecoming, two reasons, I was a nerd and I really didnt care to go either! lol!

    Loving the yum cookies and I have not seen those yoplait things! I need those in my life!

    I have been rocking the pumpkin in my oats too, love it!

    Have a great day love! xo

  5. I’m more into the low key evenings. I’ve always been this way. Sometimes those bar scenes are too tiresome for me. lol I sound like an old lady when I’m not even 30 yet. Oh wait…I will be soon….

  6. Agh, I know what you mean about the feeling ancient thing when going out in a student town. Actually, it’s even weirder where I am now (Hull, QC) because all the underage students from Ottawa come over here to party! I actually feel like a grandma sometimes. I am 21.

    I’ll never get tired of going out to Starlight in the ‘loo, though :)

    Mmmm I’d love some of those giant oatmeal cookies – I really enjoy cookies with a cakey texture! Especially with tea.

    Is your face really turning orange?? Haha. I’m surprised I don’t have any turning-orange symptoms considering the amount of pumpkin and sweet potato I’ve been consuming!

    • I’ve been to Starlight only once ever… just a few weeks ago actually! I wasn’t there for too long but it seemed like a decent place to go. And yeah, my skin seems really orange, I especially notice it in pics next to other people. There seems to be an abundance of orange seeping out of areas around my nose/mouth. Booo.

  7. At my age I’m all about low key, but back in the day (when I too was a student in your city, the bar scene was a nightly event. Still makes me tired to think about it!

    How was the yogurt, BTW?

    • The yogurts are YUM. Not gonna lie, I really like Source yogurts. When they throw flavours like cafe latte or creme caramel in my face, there’s no way I can say no.

  8. Nightlife? What’s nightlife? Obviously I’m totally into it. Yeah, that’s right.

    And those yogurts sound interesting. I don’t know if they are out here yet. Wonder if I could just blend my own concoctions with some Greek yogurt instead though? :)

  9. My nights consist of work work and more work. That’s uni for ya ;)

    How did you make YOUR cookie dough cereal? I’ve been eager to try it!

    • I basically followed the fitnessista recipe to a T. 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 T peanut butter, cinnamon, pinch sea salt, vanilla, all topped with a cup of almond milk. Mmm.

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