There are Veggies in my Peanut Butter

While taking a break (ehem…) from readings I was doing some blog catch up and came across Katie’s brand spankin’ new Raw “Sneaky Veggie” Cheesecake. Raw cheesecake… made with nut butter… that includes zucchini?! Well I sure was intrigued.

But I could only sit there and think, “Darn, where all the zucchini at? Grocery trip needed.” And then I put it out of mind…

…for about 60 seconds, until a new thought popped in. “Wait a minute… what about that leftover spaghetti squash sitting in the fridge. It has a similar texture to grated zucchini… it would blend easily…”


Didn’t take me long to think that one over. To the Bullet!

1/2 cup peanut butter + 1/2 cup spaghetti squash + 1/2 tsp vanilla + 1/2 T water + 2 packets stevia + dash salt = modified version of Katie’s Raw Sneaky Veggie Peanut Butter Pie Cheesecake!


I snuck a few tastes (or maybe licked the cup clean) before throwing this into the freezer. Amazing!

It was one peanut buttery day.

Breakfast was loaded with the last bits of PB&Co bliss, one ball of Dark Chocolate Dreams and one ball of Mighty Maple melting into a bowl of banana oat bran/wheat germ.


Except the balls were the last very dry contents of the jars and did not melt at all. So I had to do a bit of ripping and tearing.


Much better.


All alongside a big dose of 50s literature. This gigantor novel would be my communications seminar textbook. I have minimal background knowledge of the 50s era but it’s actually quite decent reading so far. Much better than most of the readings for my other classes.


After some reading, running and reviving, I had my roughage. Spinach, carrots, mushrooms, tofu, maple dressing and a dollop of sweet relish that I found during fridge digging + a side of leftover last night chili.


Then I dug into this stupid thing, which was on sale for less than half price at the grocery store on the weekend. Who in their right minds would ever put B&J’s on ridiculous sale and expect me not to just have to have it?


I don’t think I’ve ever bought a carton of Ben & Jerry’s… but it was on sale. And just needed to happen. My tush area isn’t too happy about this. Nor about the copious amounts of peanut butter I seem to keep eating. It’s got some serious sag issues going on. But crunch time can happen very soon, the PB&COs are dead and gone and the B&J’s will soon by shoved to the BACK of the freezer… once it hits the halfway point.

And seriously, this ice cream isn’t even that good. It’s kinda gritty… and I thought milk and cookies would be cookie doughish. It’s more like cookies and cream, which has never been my favourite. But it’s still decadent ice cream with big chunks of black cookie stuff in it so I’m drawn to it regardless.

More veg. You know, to balance out all the ice cream. Right plate = self explanatory. Left bowl = PastaSlim with diced tomatoes, Laughing Cow wedge, kidney beans, crumbled tofu and Frank’s hot sauce – making good solid use of leftovers.


Oh and speaking of running – which I was speaking of very very briefly as in I mentioned the word running once but anyway – I tested out those new kicks of mine this morning! Teddy Tready and I had a nice 5.25 mile session with the newbies, which felt like little pillows surrounding my feet. They didn’t magically take away the leg pain that was already present (and it probably didn’t help that I chose a varying incline run, inclines not doing wonders for my legs when they’re already sore) but they sure didn’t make it worse. I see good things happening with me and the kicks.  Good things.


Now it’s time to get a bit of my Greek on. No, no toga party. Just a little quality time with “The Archaeology of Greece" Second Edition. High times in this hizhouse.

Happy Tuesday!


13 thoughts on “There are Veggies in my Peanut Butter

  1. I’ve been eyeing Katie’s recipe too! Glad to hear it’s as good as it sounds.

    Don’t sweat the droopy drawers girl! You are cute as a button and swimsuit season is over!

    PS – I love your pear bowl!

  2. love the pear bowl ! so cute!

    I saw that ben and jerrys flavor, I was thinking to try it, but if it’s not great Im not going to! Plus I dont eat icecream often, just doesnt work well with my healthy lifestyle ; )

  3. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her B&J once and a while!! I actually LOVED that flavor. I love cookies & cream, and it definitely reminded me of that – but with cookie dough chunks rather than oreos!

  4. ugh don’t you HATE when the pb doesn’t melt into the oats! it’s so dissapointing :( but fine because as long as it’s getting eaten who cares right

    mmm i think if i was to do up B&Js i would go with phish food haha :)

  5. I kinda hate that your post just reminded me I should be doing readings for my class tomorrow instead of reading blogs. Boo-urns.

    But Ben & Jerry’s is the shiznit! You must get the peanut butter one. It’s insane. I have an unopened container in my freezer right now, because we had B&J on for $5 each this week at my store. Mmmm, ice cream.

    • Ours were on sale for $3.33. Hence why I couldn’t NOT buy one. They definitely didn’t have any peanut butter though. There were only 3-4 flavours. Slim pickins :(

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