The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part B

Missed Part A?



Oodles of noodles. P was reserved for peanut butter so pasta was out. But noodles is a way cooler word anyway.
Noodle, use your noodle, noodle, do the noodle dance.

pasta3 noodles2  noodles5


Pretty sure this one goes without saying.

oats11 oats13 oats12

Peanut Butter.

I could have gone with nut butter for the letter N but peanut butter takes top nut butter spot for me. Plus I need to get the PB&Co in there.

pb pb6 pb3

Quark Cheese.

I have professed my love for it recently and I couldn’t think of a better fit for the letter Q. No. Really. How many foods actually start with Q? Quail? No thanks. Quinoa… better but it’s no Quark. I’m a dairy diva, what can I say.



Bonus: A Peanut Butter Boy Quark How-To!


Roasted veggies.

Roast anything and it tastes good. I haven’t been doing a ton of roasted veggie plates lately but they are totally making a comeback this winter. The ultimate chilly evening food, a giant plate full of roasted veggies tossed in olive oil and seasonings. Or roasted SQUASH. Mmm.

roasted roasted2 roasted6


Grocery store or out to eat,
I’ll take it all,
It’s quite the treat.
Yay sushi.

sushi6 sushi4 sushi5


Tuna sandwiches have been on my regular menu since I was a wee one. Tuna still has regular meal time attendance today, only now it’s more often piled atop greens rather than bread slices. More often but not always.

tuna2 tuna9 tuna5

Unsweetened Almond Breeze.

My milk staple, this is what goes into all of my cereal bowls, oat bowls and smoothies. Plain, Vanilla, or Chocolate, I drink em all with vigour.

u4 u u3

Veggie Burgers.

Plain jane or loaded and sandwiched, homemade or store bought, veggie burgers are the perfect quickie meal to have on hand.
– Fav store bought: Probably Gardenburgers.
– Fav homemade: A work in progress. So far Spelt Veggie Burgers are up there though.

veggieburger3 veggieburger5 veggieburger7


I almost feel wrong picking this one for W since I’ve never even made my own waffles from scratch (Oh the horror! But a waffle maker is necessary for such a feat) but plain and simple frozen waffles do the trick for me just wonderfully.

waffle3 waffle5 waffle1

Xanthan Gum.

The super smoothie thickener. A life changing experience in the task of smoothie consumption, this made my summer beverages much more exciting.



Once again, dairy diva over here. I just can’t go without my yogurt. Usually it’s plain or strained (Greek is too uncommon and too pricey to buy regularly here), sometimes it’s flavoured, always it’s enjoyed.

yogurt3 yogurt8 yogurt4


I love zucchini raw. Just straight up cold and sliced. In a salad, on it’s own, or dipped in hummus. But zucchini is a genius little vegetable and I’ve had great successes making it into chips and “pasta”, or baking it into loaves, muffins or oats. Zucchini is zuper.

veggieburger6 z z2


Have you done your Food ABCs yet?
If you have, show me the post!


17 thoughts on “The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part B

  1. You should combine your O and your Z! I put shredded zucchini (with a bit of splenda and loads of cinnamon) in my oats every day! Tastes like zucchini muffin batter – yum!

  2. i love your choices!! and way to go with your choices on z and q! i would have been stumped…but how could i forget about my beloved zucchini! nom nom!

    and question, when you use xanthan gum do you always add ice? i made a smoothie with some and no ice and i thought it was so rubbery i wanted to cry…

  3. Strangely, I was out for a walk this evening, and was mentally working on my ABC list. And then there you go ahead and post your second half. Weird eh?

    And I love how I totally fprgot about Quinoa when thinking about Q. I must be getting old.

    PS – is there any food that starts with X other than Xanthan?

    • Nothing very promising. Trust me, I searched. I think the second best choice I found was a brand of gum that started with X. I have no idea what I would have done for that letter had I never tried xanthan.

    • WOO! I’m so glad you love Quark! For the ABCs I mostly went through my Tags list for each letter that I was having trouble with. And if that turned up nothing, on to Google!

  4. I simply ♥♥ LOVE ♥♥ your blog. There is not much more to say. ;-) Thanks for being there and for inspiring! It’s quite interesting too to know I will be somewhat closer to you when visiting Canada next week! :-)

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