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The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part B is soon to come. Glad you guys enjoyed Part A! I highly encourage making a list of your own…as long as you have enough time. You might get so sucked into the process of narrowing down the absolute perfect pick for each letter that you neglect other important daily duties like work or school or showering. Just a forewarning.


A break in the series though to talk about more mundane daily activities like classes starting this week and the food that happened in between.


So, as I just mentioned, my classes just started back up. Hello fall term and the beginning of my fourth and final year of undergrad. Most of my courses this year are to fill up last and final electives and degree requirements (I’m a double major in psychology and communications), so this term I have:
– Two Communications seminars (Mass Media and Popular Culture of the 50s, and Sound Studies and Visual Media)
– One third year Print Communications class
– Two random second year courses (comm electives) – Greek Art and Archaeology and Cultural Perspectives I – neither of which seem that thrilling but it’s nice to be balancing out more basic second term courses with my work intensive seminars.

The rest of my psych classes are second term, none this term. I’m kind of sad I planned my schedule out that way (pretty much unintentionally) because I’m a bit more of a psych lover and I’m missing learning my psychology stuff right now!


Anywho, that food stuff. It’s been pretty all over the place right now since I’m just getting into a new routine and the times I’m in class versus at home are pretty scattered.

Plus I’m still stuck with my summer-created carb and sugar addiction, so that’s basically all I want to eat 80% of the time. How the heck do you break this?!

So much fresh bread. This rye bread is the BEST.


And cereal.
Puffed rice, All Bran, Fibre One topped with frozen bananas and raspberries + plain yogurt and almond milk.


And overnight oats.
These ones marinated in almond milk, chia seeds, sweet potato, cinnamon and banana. Topped in the morning with a crumbled flourless peanut butter cookie that I made a batch of yesterday for the first time. Um…omg? Yeah they’re almost gone. And there’s a good chance I’ll never use another peanut butter cookie recipe again. You must make these.


I’ve also been loving overnight oat cakes. Which is basically pairing instant oats with plain yogurt and the pairing ending up so thick (it’s all about the instant oats) that it’s more patty cake-like than anything. And it’s darn good. Especially topped with sweetened quark.


It’s also mad delicious mixed with Chocolate Amazing Grass and topped with cold banana.


While we’re still along the sweeter side of things, just a word of advice:

When you’re putting together a candy-filled martini shaker as part of a friend’s birthday gift, enlist supervision. Otherwise you might end up eating the shaker’s worth of candy x2 yourself from all of the candy leftovers. You also might discover that you have subzero resistance to M&Ms of any type, most especially those peanut butter-filled pieces of magic. And you might end up with a massive stomach ache and a full-fledged dedication to never touch another M&M again (which will only last until the next day when you forget to forget about the leftover stash thrown into the back of your closet).


We can talk about “real” foods too – you know, those ones that don’t involve 10,000g of sugar.

To counteract massive sugar attacks… give yourself a Veggie Wedgie!

Plenty-o-veg salad with salsa, slimcado (thumbs down), and hummus


Plenty-o-veg salad with falafel balls, 1/2 tuna fillet and tzaziki


Green veggie bitlets, roasted sweet potato and stuffed chicken breast.


Spinach bowls and sides of veggie (squash) soup


Spelt Veggie burgers for breakfast


Hard to decipher but easy to enjoy veggie loaded tortilla pizzas


But then we must end it all with Peanut Butter. Because this seems to have taken on a food category of its own in my life. I used to like it before but now… well I’m going to need a Costco PB restash asap.

And what might happen when you blend plain old pb with wild blueberry syrup?


Sweet peanut butter taken to a whole new level. As if I need another way to enjoy it even more.


I’m going to cut down the sweet addiction, I will I will. But…I don’t quite have a plan of action yet.

What are your tried and true strategies for curbing too frequent sugar and/or carb cravings for good?


Back soon for The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part B



21 thoughts on “Back to Class

  1. I dunno how to curb sugar cravings…bc I don’t get them much. But I can tell you one way to HAVE sugar cravings: cut out carbs. Dang. During those times when I severely limited my carb intake, I was craving sweets like crazy. Guess our bodies know how to take care of themselves!

    Good luck with school! I’m barely hanging on to mine.

  2. Up ur intake of wholegrain carbs and protein, itll take time, and u will get sugar cravings, but i retrain a sweet tooth by having more protein.

  3. i had the same issue!
    i had been eating like… 70% carbs and way more sweets than i usually do, and noticed that i gained a few pounds from it.
    so looked at my blog and old food journals to see how i normally ate a few weeks ago, and planned a week of eats based on those.
    i’m starting to feel more balanced (and less carb-loaded) after only 3 days of structured eats, and my eating habits are almost back to normal. :)

  4. lately i’ve been noticing this a lot in my own life. all i seem to crave is sugar and carbs, and the more of them i eat the more of them i want! i’ve broken the cycle of sugar addiction before, but i did it through sheer grit and determination and just forcing myself to give it up.

  5. Hah, I love the blackboard picture! That is some serious knowledge.

    Print communications sounds neat! What does it involve?

    I’m trying to lay off the carbs a bit too- it’s especially problematic when I get home, tired, from work and instead of taking the time to cook dinner, just devour monster bowls of cereal. BAD.

    That’s such a cute idea to fill a martini shaker with candy! Lucky friend.

    • Sadly print communications is not so neat. Essentially we’re learning the entire history of how print came to be about. Not gonna lie, it’s starting out pretty dry.

      Cereal is a very bad friend to me. I’ve stopped buying new ones for now. I only have plain and semi boring cereals hanging around the cupboard so they’re a lot less tempting to snack on haha.

  6. Usually when I am craving sugar it’s because I don’t have enough protein in my meal! I have never seen sweet potatoes in overnight oats. Do you bake it ahead of time?

    • I keep hearing about the protein thing. And although I’m usually pretty good about getting in a good amount of protein, lately I’m definitely not eating as much as I used to. Direct correlation perhaps? I guess I need to consciously bump it up right now!

      The sweet potato I had already roasted, yep. Then I just mashed it into the oats before throwing them in the fridge. There were nice smushy sweet potato chunks in there the next morning.

    • Yeah mixing it with sugar free syrup is the best. I used to top my oats with that ALL the time. I think I’ll be bringing it back once the temps drop and I start eating hot oats again the regular :)

  7. oh sugar and carb cravings…i’m still working on that. when i do get sugar cravings I try to have regular fruit teas (not the sugar packet kinds) ready hot or cold and it usually keeps things at bay. hope that helps a bit!

    can’t wait for the B part of your ABC series!!!

    and pb filled m&m’s are my death. i can never stop with just a few.

  8. That Kirkland PB is pretty good – I tried some at my cousins’ house, and was pleasantly surprised. Alas, I don’t know that we have room for the vat in our cupboards.

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