The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part A

Following along with Janetha’s genius idea of coming up with a favourite food for every letter of the alphabet, I decided I just had to make my own list. I highly suggest it. Though in making a photo version, I’ve gotten sucked into the depths of my blog archives and it is taking up a ridiculous amount of time (just because it’s insanely amusing) so I’m breaking it up into two parts.

Here is Part A, from letters A to M.


A daily habit – make it one!

apple apple10  apple4


A tridaily habit…at least. Most preferably with peanut butter. Mmmm.




Cottage cheese.

Well cheese in general really. But cottage cheese is the most frequent visitor to my belly so it wins this round.

cc5 cc2 cc4


Especially Medjool but most will do, as long as they’re fresh. Preferably if they’re fresh and stuffed with peanut butter.



Chocolate-covered works too.


Egg Whites.

Simple sandwiches or all wrapped up, they just can’t be beat. (Well I guess technically they can… meringue anyone?)

egg whites3

egg whites7

egg whites6

Frozen Fruit.

I was going to go with fruit in general but apparently that’s a cop out ;) And frozen fruit is amazing as a snack or a smoothie.

frozen frozen2 frozen4


It was hard to find pictures of these precious fruit candies. Probably because it’s miraculous for me to ever get a picture (or a bowl) before shoving them in my mouth by the handful.

grapes grapes2 grapes3


YUMMUS. Any kind will do but La Fontaine takes top title.

hummus2 hummus3 hummus4

Iced Coffee.

Funny enough I’ve been drinking a lot more hot coffee than iced this summer, but I still love a good blended iced coffee when the mood strikes.

iced coffee5 iced coffee2iced coffee4  


It’s good on many a breakfast food. And what else starts with J?

jam jam4 jam3

Kraft Dinner.

Because it was an all-time childhood favourite and I miss having it for lunch on a weekly basis (I did a whole box myself before… on multiple occasions…erg). On the rare occasion I have it now it’s usually the “fancier” DELUXE Velvetta shells version. Gotta class it up

(source)kd2 kd

Laughing Cow Cheese.

More cheeeeeese. Yum.

(source)010 016


Cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew – they’re all summer fruit perfection.


melon melon4


And that concludes Part A.
Stay tuned for The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part B coming SOON!

Tell me YOUR favourite food that starts with the letter



Fall term starts today… back to the grind, eek.



25 thoughts on “The ABCs of Food Favourites: Part A

  1. What a cute idea! For me, jam goes on anything, but breakfast especially. And I love that you have two different kinds of cheese on this list. I love cheese but there are a lot of cheese-haters out there.

  2. Lovely lovely post! I love seeing all these photos of foods. So inspiring and so beautiful (as beautiful as the food can be ;-) ). C is for so many things I like, but I think coffee is one of those I love to have as a special treat with some sweet indulgence. Life without coffee would not be the same, even if I don’t need it every day.

  3. this is the best post ive seen all day!! myyy ohhh myyy
    frozen fruit makes amazing smoothies and softserves, and u gotta love them melon bowls for oatmeal :)
    dates and nutbutter or banana and nutbutter is divine…with coffee-even better! <3


  4. Whoaaa chocolate covered dates? Those would not last long in my apartment.

    And YES Fontaine Sante hummus is the best!! Have you ever tried the 7-pepper kind? It’s fantastic.

    I’m gonna have to say C is for chocolate!

    Hope your fall term is off to a great start :)
    I’m working this fall; it feels strange not being in school for the first time in…17 years?!

  5. Ummm, obviously, I’m stealing this idea for a post. Because that’s how I roll. Plus the whole “looking through the blog archives and wasting time” sounds like a great way to procrastinate, say when a paper is due.

    And I may also love Kraft Dinner more than any person should. I may have consumed entire boxes on more occasions than I would like to admit. Mmmm, KD.

    Fave food that starts with C? Oh, you know it’s cheese. I am a cheese fiend. One of the biggest reasons I will never be a vegan. Chocolate is probably a close 2nd for the C, as is coconut. Damnit…now I’m thinking of all these other great C foods (seafoods? HA!)

  6. Love this post! So great :) Good luck with the back to school business, its my first time not going back to school in 19 years and its so strange! But I start some additional qualification courses in October so it wont be too long till I have homework again!

  7. Love it and love that I love all these foods too!

    I have to eat an apple a day, sometimes more, its my fave!

    Honeycrisp apples that are in season now are the best too!

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  9. this post is so cute! the chocolate covered dates look amazing; i’ve never tried those before but i bet they are delicious!! my favorite c food would have to be chocolate :)

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