Perfect Portions Scale Review

I was recently greeted with a neat new gadget at my doorstep.



The Perfect Portions Scale

Food Scale? Nutrition Label? It’s a combo of both! 090

With a database of pre-programmed nutritional information for nearly 2000 different foods, the Perfect Portions scale makes serving up realistic portion sizes a breeze.

All you have to do is find the food code for your chosen food in the handy dandy Food Code book. It includes codes for a huge listing of foods, from fruits and vegetables, to grains, to meats, to dairy products etc. 

013 014 016 

Once you’ve found your code, you punch it into the scale, place your food on to be weighed, and you are instantly hit with a full and accurate digital nutrition label for your precise portion.

Oats. Fruits. Nut butters… you can portion out pretty much anything that comes to mind, and you can even add custom food entries to the scale. 005

You can get accurate nutrition numbers and visualize perfect portions of your favourite foods right in front of you, or you can even weigh and save all of your food data to keep a running total of your daily stats. 


And it looks pretty sleek on your counter ;)


Oh and it also comes in red, black, blue or silver!

I have to say, it sure is a fun kitchen gadget to have kicking around.

Marketed as a tool for

  • Weight Loss — know exactly what you’re eating
  • Portion Control — find out what portion size is right for you
  • Diabetic Patients — see the number of carbs in your food
  • Baking by Weight — use exact measurements every time

– I can definitely see the Perfect Portions Scale as being effective for all of the above focuses. If you’re trying to lose weight and using nutritional and/or calorie counting as your method, the hard fact numbers glaring at you would certainly help from accidentally overpouring the cereal bowl or going heavy handed on the peanut butter. And if you’re following a recipe that uses weight measurements, this could ensure the perfect cookie, cake or muffin! Because half a cup of brown sugar can be a very different measurement to two different people.

Why It’s Great

– Easy to use
– Accurate info for a wide variety of foods
– Great for serving up correct portion sizes, especially for “heavier” foods like nut butters or cheeses.
– Can keep track of daily totals
– It’s good lookin’ ;)

Why It’s Iffy

– Looking up food codes can be time consuming. It took me longer than I want to admit to find the code for plain raw oats.
– I could see it potentially becoming obsessive… In my opinion, some things like fresh fruits and vegetables just shouldn’t need to be weighed and measured, at least not to any great extent. And if you normally think of your huge veggie plate as a platter of healthy nutrients and then all of a sudden find out that those veggies do have calories and they’re more than you thought… well I wouldn’t want to see anyone downsizing their vegetable consumption because of number shock.

Just saying this since I got a wee bit of number shock from putting what I thought was quite a small amount of fruit on the scale, yet saw a relatively larger number than I had anticipated. I was taken aback for a split second before remembering that it was a fruit and forgetting about it. I used to count calories so it was an old habit reaction. I’ll be sparing my fresh produce though and using it for the heavier foods.


Overall, I’d give the Perfect Portions Scale two thumbs up. I think having a food scale in general is super handy in so many instances, and having one that computes full nutritional data for you on the spot takes out any of the guesswork and mathematics. So if you didn’t love your multiplication tables in grade school… you’ll be certain to love the Perfect Portions Scale.

Check it out online!


8 thoughts on “Perfect Portions Scale Review

  1. mmm i’ve never used a food scale before but i think if i were to use one this would TOTALLY be my go-to one! i like the seriousness of it haha although i agree that weighing foods probably has the potential to become a bit obsessive

  2. Hmm, interesting! Great review; I agree with you about the potential for obsessive food-weighing and calorie-counting! I definitely don’t think people should worry about how many calories are in their produce (except maybe calorie-dense fruits like bananas and avocados).

    I think it would be GREAT for cereal portion control though!! I have a bit of a problem with that…

  3. that’s a very informative review! thanks! although i don’t think getting a food scale would be really necessary for a college student as myself…i think it’s more for the hardcore dieter crowd

  4. What a great tool! I have a scale at home, but I like that that one has so many options. I can def see how it could become an “issue” for some people, though…..

  5. I purchaced this scale about two weeks ago. I am currently pursuing a Ketosis diet for dropping down to a more optimum weight level, which will be followed by a Paleo diet type lifestyle. This scale is a great tool. It is not complicated. As mentioned in the review, it is an eyeopener becasue it gives you so much information. I used it to sort out eating the right percentages and protions of fats to protiens. The save feature allows you to keep a running total for a meal or for a peariod such as a day. As you see the totals, you can know what foods to eat to keep your food intake to the correct balance. The codes are a bit time consuing at first, but after just a couple of weeks, I already have a list of most used ingredients so it is now much faster.

    It is a great tool.

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