Corn Bread, Pancakes and Quarky Ways


A cloudy drizzly day is the perfect kind of day to try out a new baked good that you’ve never attempted before.

For me, this meant Corn Bread. As far as my memory serves, I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted corn bread before, so when Sarah’s Moosewood inspired corn bread recipe made its way onto my computer screen (and for once I actually have buttermilk sitting in my fridge), I figured it was about time that some corn bread made its way into my belly.

The Basic Corn Bread recipe


As of yesterday afternoon, I am a corn bread convert. Corn bread is totally becoming a regular guest in my house.


But that’s yesterday’s news. Now let’s talk PANCAKES.

I found this Canyon Ranch recipe for Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes with Fruit in an old Fitness magazine and since I’m on a buttermilk baking kick (see above corn bread), these pancakes just had to happen.


So I chopped, lightened, and edited the recipe until I came up with my version of

Raspberry Buttermilk Pancakes

  • 3 tbsp soy flour
  • 3 tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4 cup low fat buttermilk
  • 3 tbsp almond milk
  • frozen raspberries

Combine the dry ingredients (flours, salt, bs, bp) in one bowl. Combine the wet ingredients (the rest except for berries) in another bowl. Add the wet to dry, stir in the raspberries, and cook in a cooking sprayed pan.


The entire recipe has around 315 calories, 3.5g fat, 21g protein.

You bet I ate the whole thing topped with a big dollop of QUARK cheese sweetened with a touch of maple syrup. Divine.

009 020

Though I’ll admit they weren’t the most picturesque of pancakes. A little fluffy, a little finnicky, a little falling apart. But I was more concerned with taste and I kinda like my pancakes on the ugly side. It adds character.

And on the subject of that equally ugly Quark blob in the middle of my ugly pancake pile…

033 043 041 036 045

100g = 60 calories. 11g protein. Basically no fat and no salt.

I don’t believe I’ve had it again since my first encounter with it almost a year ago but I cannot imagine why. I’m thinking it might possibly almost maybe trump Greek yogurt. Then again I don’t get my hands on Greek yogurt very often either so both are equally special, lovely, and quite a treat, and comparing them probably isn’t very fair.


But rest assured, Quark will be back. On the regular. Me likeys mucho.

It has been cloudy, drizzly and grey virtually all week and I’ve having a terribly hard time getting my butt in gear. It’s past 2 in the afternoon and I’m still in my pjs. Grey days just zap the energy right out of you. Somebody kick me!

So I’m going to go try to do something off the computer. Maybe brush my hair or something. :)

Some endnotes

Miss Chocolate Covered Katie is having a Giveaway for a case of the new Larabar flavours!!! I’m dying to try these!

Also, all you crafty culinary Canadians out there might be interested in the Ultimate Recipe Challenge” launched by Samsung Electronics Canada and Future Shop. You have until September 23 to enter your favourite harvest-vegetable pasta recipe for a chance to win one of three all-expenses-paid trips to Toronto where you compete in a live cook-off judged by celebrity chef Massimo Capra on October 13.

Your recipe must have a cook and prep time of 30 minutes or less, must feature a fresh tomato base, and incorporate one or more of the following harvest vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers or beans.

The Grand Prize: A full suite of Samsung kitchen appliances, including an induction range, dishwasher, microwave and Samsung’s unique 4-Door French Door Refrigerator.

Get cooking!


28 thoughts on “Corn Bread, Pancakes and Quarky Ways

    • Not sure if you’re in Canada or not but I’m pretty sure the brand I bought is Canadian. I’ve seen it at most grocery stores around here but only in that brand so I’m not sure what other brands sell it!

  1. COOL I recently spotted quark in a health foods store and I was so very curious as to what “fresh cheese” meant. Does it taste pretty similar to plain Greek yogurt?

    Raspberry pancakes with maple syrup are a great idea; dunno why I’ve never tried that.

    • I would say it tastes like a cross between greek yogurt and sour cream maybe? It’s “sharper” than greek yogurt, more along the lines of sour cream, but the thickness is more similar to the greek yogurt. It’s pretty unique and pretty awesome.

  2. holy friggn YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i’m craving pancakes right now! it’s suuuuch a pancake kind of night dontcha agree? well atleast here it is haha…it’s gloomy and chilly those kind of nights just scream BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! haha whoa too much excitement there.

    • OMgosssssh yes it’s definitely that kind of night here too. Breakfast for dinner kinda night for sure. That or soup and sandwiches. I almost went the soup/sammy route. I love comfort food weather nights!

  3. Note to self – purchase Quark. Mostly because it has a cool name. And it’s cheese. Cheese is one of my food groups.

    Cornbread is amazing, no? Try adding some herbs and whatnot to it. Delicious!

    Too bad that pasta contest has to feature a tomato based sauce. Me no likey :(

    • Three cheers for cheese. I have yet to meet a cheese I don’t like. Though I haven’t yet ventured into blue cheese territory…And my future corn bread ventures are definitely going to go beyond the basics. Herbs are a great idea. I want to try actual corn kernels too! But what’s this about tomato sauce, you don’t like it?! So you’re not a traditional spaghetti meal gal then I guess, eh? Gah, I love tomato based sauces!

    • I’ve seen it at most big grocery stores around here but only in that brand, which I think is Canadian! I’m not sure which other brands might sell it but keep your eyes peeled!

  4. i’ve never heard of quark before! well, it rings a bell, i guess – but i’ve never seen it in stores here. so it’s cheesy – but like greek yogurt?
    I love what you did with the pancakes – and no worries about appearance. Mine are always on the ugly side, too, but always delicious! And corn bread? Yes, please!!

    • Cheesy/sour creamy/greek yogurty… I honestly don’t know quite how to describe it. First think that comes to mind is a sharper thicker sour cream. I think the only way to really understand the strangeness of quark is to try it for yourself :)

  5. I’ve been baking cornbread once every 2 days or so. They are just SO damn good, prob one of my fave baked breads. Please do yourself a favor and try Mark Bittman’s cornbread recipe. It’s crackly, gritty, and SO amazing!

    I’ve tried quark before, but it’s not as nice as oozing, gooey cheese…

  6. oh my goodness……cornbread = love in my heart!

    I need to make some cornbread! Now that the weather is fall and I have some squash to cook up, cornbread goes perfectly. It is Ryan’s fave as well :)

    These pancakes are killing me over here. Let me just sip on my green smoothie now to fill my hunger pangs they are giving me :|


  7. Quark! I ate it all the time when I lived overseas….the name doesn’t do it justice,, methinks.
    Cornbread is proof that the universe loves us and wants us to be happy :). And Moosewood can do very little wrong!

  8. Dude! I have had vanilla quark before and it was one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten! I got it at the farmers market and it didnt have any nutritional info and I thought it must be super bad for me because it tasted so darn good! Wow. Now I know. And Im gonna buy more.

    • VANILLA Quark?! That’s incredible. Definitely never seen that around here before, though I did recently find online about how to make your own quark… maybe I’ll need to try making a vanilla one! Or just buy some quark and flavour it with vanilla haha

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  10. WHERE did you buy your Tofu Shirataki noodles?!
    I am in Vancouver and I can’t find them ANYWHERE!

    enlighten me – did you have to order them online?


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