The Problem Solver

Recently I’ve had a few problems. Problems that whimper and whine when you try to ignore them. So in order to tame their racket, the only thing to do was to get them solved. On the double!

Problem A – The Case of the Signal-less Phone


Stinkin’ phone, you really gonna treat me that way? Well fine, I’ve got news for you. We’re DONE. Over. Finito.

Out with the old, in with the new. I’ve found a new lover. And his name is Blackberry Curve 9300.


Apparently he’s a little metro with his love for purple attire. And apparently he needs a good nickname (Suggestions??). But so far he treats me well and does everything I ask so he’s here to stay.

phone love copy

We get along so well. I fully accept how awesome I am for this. Moving on.


Problem BThe Case of the Excessive (and Untasty) Cookie Crisp

Previously, I happened to mention that I got excessively excited when I saw an excessively large box of Cookie Crisp at Costco. Nowhere else in this country over here do they seem to sell Cookie Crisp, eh? So I did what any other sane person would do and bought the excessively large box of cereal that I had never tried before, just because it was that cool.

Until I ate it. Then it was not so cool. And I was stuck with an excessively large amount of excessively bland cookie shaped cereal that tastes pretty much nothing like cookies.

So finally, after choking down a good portion of it over the course of a couple weeks (I had to take one for the team, come on), I once again did what any other sane person would do.


I made Cookie Crisp Puppy Chow.

You knoooooow, that crack ridiculously addicting treat with the Crispix and the powdered sugar that people generally make on holidays but I make on a random day in September just to use up excessive amounts of cereal that are sitting in the cupboard plaguing me?


Who needs Crispix? This totally works with Cookie Crisp!

I used light margarine. You know, to lighten it up a bit. Gotta watch that waistline…


And that, my friends, is how you use up an excessive amount of cereal you do not want to eat. So you eat it this way instead. And then you quickly dispose of the rest in the stomach of your brother and his hungry friend so that you are safe from its stalkerish ways and its begging puppy dog eyes…


Problem C – The Expanding Waistline

For reasons such as Problem B along with many others very similar to Problem B plus a wear out from exercising plus an excessive amount of time sitting around, summer has granted me a wee bit of a snug fit on some of my clothes, a wee bit of extra padding and a few extra pounds for the grabbing. It is completely self induced and although I’m not excessively concerned about it, I would like to feel like a healthy and more sane human being who doesn’t fill up on sugar 10x a day, who once again thrives off veggies instead of giving them the dirty eye and resenting them as I try to cram them down and who doesn’t cringe when I look down at my jiggly thighs. Raw honesty here.

So. Goal numero uno for September: Get back on track and lose a few of those summer lbs by the time classes start on September 13.

All this means is that I’m going to try to incorporate a bit more movement throughout the days (I’ve been chilling at the computer just a wee bit too much lately), bake less (I’m talking about the kitchen), eat less baking/sweets(rather than whole plates of cookies every day, that’s a little overindulgent), follow my hunger cues (haven’t done THAT much lately. boredom breeds mad snacking), and try to stick more veggies and nutrient rich foods in wherever I can. I’ve done all these things before and I have no doubt I can easily get back to it, but habits take a little while to retrain so I’m going to have to force it for a bit. S’all good!


I’ll still be eating much of the same grub.

Like veggie burgers. Though probably not on any more sandwich thins since my pack is gone now and I don’t think I will rebuy. Not gonna lie, don’t love them. I’d rather have an english muffin for the 30ish extra calories thanks.


I probably won’t eat a ton of pasta. Mainly because it’s one of those foods that I have zero control around. But this parmesan tomato pasta with scallops was well worth the excessive grubbage.


Avocadoes are cool. The real ones, not the imposters. Especially when you get a bag of 5 super ripe ones for $1! Mash those suckers up, throw them in the freezer and they’re all ready for an avocado baking adventure (once I’m off my baking hiatus) or some creamy smoothie action.


Overnight oats and plenty of fruit are all fair game. Coffee is just a given.




Hands clean, problems solved.

And with that, I’m off to… what else? Eat.

Welcome September!


22 thoughts on “The Problem Solver

  1. I love this post!!
    Umm purple and pink blackberry phones! Mine is boring red :( I am ever so jealous.
    I totally relate to you on summer inactivity. I put on a few pounds over the summer but school for me started 2 weeks ago! I have been getting some gym time in between classes, so hopefully I shed them soon!

  2. hahaha this adds new meaning to “just give it to the dog” … wow i had high hopes for this cereal, the potential is all there in the eye candy factor of it. sucks that it dissapointed. did it get a good review.. or do dogs have more in-tune taste buds nowadays hehe <3 <3

  3. Cookie Crisp, in all it’s glory, was a staple of my childhood. I ate it with orange juice poured on top – thanks for the memory :)
    I tend to gain weight during the summer, and then drop significantly during the colder months, with no real change in my routine. I haven’t figured out why – maybe excessive shivering? I really need to petition for another woodstove!

    • Seriously, I spend nearly every single moment of the entire winter completely FREEZING. You should see the layers I wear. Especially to bed. And most of my studying is done in front of a heat lamp. Invest in one, you won’t regret it.

  4. I’m definitely dealing with the problem of sitting around during summer. I don’t have a rec center just blocks from my house, so working out is a bit more difficult to do.

  5. I have never heard about this Puppy Chow thing…I seriously thought you were making dog food. And couldn’t remember if you had a dog or not. I’m intrigued, but since I never have Crispix or other cereals I need to use up, well, I guess I shan’t be making it.

    Jealous you get to wait until the 13th to go back to classes. I’m back on the 8th. Boo-urns! Although secretly, I’m excited and looking forward to officially starting my Dietetics program.

  6. ah! twins :) i JUST got the new bberry in the mail the other day! i’m loving it but spent about 45 minutes trying to find where the damn mute button was to unlock the creature!

    cooooooooookie crisp puppy chow! love it. so much. i feel like you should make fruity pebbles puppy chow or reeses pieces cereal puppy chow hahaha

    • Hahaha I had the same problem. First it took me forever to figure out how to lock it in the first place… and then I had to go through the whole “WHAT mute button?!” And press every button on the phone 3x over until I finally found it. And I’m pretty sure I’m now going to be puppy chowing every type of cereal out there at one point or another. Oh boy.

  7. I grant the kids one *small* box of chookie crsip whe we go to the US. So I’m very glad the missed the massive box at Costco! LOL

    Enjoy your last week off…..

  8. Hehe I like your strategy for dealing with unsavoury cereal- very creative!!

    I also need to get my butt moving this month- definitely got a little lazy at the end of summer :S

    Those overnight oats + fruit look delicious and healthy!

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