An A-Okay Kinda Day


It’s A-Okay to drink 3 different liquids for breakfast.
The coffee was still brewing at this point but there was no way I was drinking ice cold green smoothie in chilly a.m. without steamy backup beverage for body warmth, so green tea was hot drink A, coffee came soon after.


It’s A-Okay to drink 2 smoothie servings in one sitting.
I’m sad to admit I forgot all about these Jamba Juice All Natural at home Smoothies that were buried in the depths of my ever-packed freezer. I found them the other day and one immediately needed to become breakfast.



Frozen berries and yogurt chunks all ready and waiting to meet their blended destiny.007

The instructions called for apple juice but since I had none of that, I went for cranberry and sparkling lime water instead, a swell combination if I do say so myself.




Downed all two servings alongside the morning sun… with hot beverages sipped in between of course. I have two Jamba smoothies left to try… I better get to it before the cold fall months take over.

It’s A-Okay to be intrigued by the outer beauty of the SlimCado.
The skinny avocado? 35% fewer calories and 50% less fat than the standard avocado. You can read a bit more about them here.


But by weary of outer appearances. It’s the inside that counts! And unfortunately, as well as 50% less fatty, Mr. SlimCado is also 50% less tasty. I think I’ll stick to the full fatties with all the flavour.


It’s A-Okay to bake every day.
I just can’t stop! I keep finding so many good sounding recipes… and we had an accidental overabundance of fat free sour cream hanging around the house this weekend… so two sour cream-based desserts were born.

#1 – Cooking Light Sour Cream Coffee Cake

It’s a winner…notable by the fact that it has nearly all disappeared in one day.


#2. Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mine were made with a wee bit less butter, a wee bit less oil and a dollop more sour cream than the recipe called for… because I ran out of stuff. I also had no m&ms but I certainly made sure to get the chocolate fix in there via chips.



I also had to bake some of them quite a bit longer than the 9 minute baking time that was called for. Some ended up very doughy.


That didn’t stop me from popping them like grapes. Which is why…

…It’s A-Okay to eat a plate full of freshly baked cookies like they’re going extinct. Just once in a while.




It’s A-Okay to run inside screaming when wasps chase you away from your lunch.
I have a slightly irrational fear of wasps and when they try to eat my tuna (since when do wasps like tuna?!), I will scream, run, and make my mom save my lunch by grabbing it away from the bully so that I can take it inside.


Pre-wasp. I was looking forward to eating outside!


Post-wasp, from the safety of the doorway where I could slam the screen in the little bugger’s face if he decided to come back for a nibble.



It’s A-Okay to eat giant bags of PopChips as a prelunch snack. Because clearly PopChip crumbs are just empty air and eating every single one out of the bottom of the bag will do no harm.


Other than giving you a bad case of PopChip Head. Mom and I are currently suffering. It’ll die down in a few days.



It’s A-Okay to have a great day.



What has made your day A-Okay?


19 thoughts on “An A-Okay Kinda Day

    • Nothing solid on the goals front yet but I’ve been trying to keep it always in the back of my mind. I think it really need to bring it to the forefront though and get REALLY thinking to come up with some good ones! And that’s incredible of your bestie, clearly she is well deserving of the bestie title :)

  1. I have never seen those SlimCados here. I think the name is a bit ridiculous, because it insinuates that regular avocados should be shunned due to their higher fat content. Even though it appears that it is a naturally occurring variety of avocado, if it tastes like ass, then it’s not worth it. Besides, all those fats in the regular haas variety are good for you!

    And baking every day is definitely A-Ok! My day was made A-Ok by a trip to a little store called Gourmet Warehouse, which was basically foodie heaven. Wee!

  2. omg the pic of you with the cookies is so cute!!!! love it!! lol!

    Loving this post!

    I have seen that jamba juice smoothie thing at the store, never tried it though!

    Love ya girl! xoxo

  3. Ooohhh, I want to try sour cream cookies! I’ve never heard of those before but I am suddenly very intrigued by them. Slimcadoes however creep me out. I get the heebeejeebees with produce whose molecules have been mutated by scientists :P

    My day is only starting, but so far lazing around all morning reading blogs has made my day a-okay!

  4. great picture!

    I also learned a few things from this post—no idea that jamba juice made their own smoothie packs! I’d want the mango one!

    And slimcados–wtf. thats just weird! :)

  5. What incredible indulgences. I’m currently on a major chick flick movie session. I watched The Last Song a few hours ago and I just finished Ice Princess a couple minutes ago. hehe.

  6. Interesting idea with the fauxcado… but I think that’s something like Better than pb, I’ve just got to stick to the real stuff! Like those cookies. Now THOSE look good. :)

    -Emily (aka Curly Top)

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