Goals, Goodies and Glasses

Thanks for the Balance. feedback It’s good to know I’m not alone in feeling out of whack and all over the place sometimes. Sometimes you just sit there and wonder, “Am I going crazy?”, you know? But life is like that, it moves flows and dips and stands still and changes and keeps on keeping on and all the while you have to shift and adjust to keep up with all of this. All of your views on keeping balance are so darn smart :)


One thing in particular,  brought up by Melissa, that I haven’t thought about much lately is Happy Goals. I’ve never been very strong at goal setting (I think a large part of that is that whole fear of failure deal) and I don’t often make them. When I have set them the past, they really do help me to be diligent at working towards what it is that I’m aiming for, but I have a hard time setting them in the first place:
A) Half the time I can’t think of what goals I want to set. A silly reason as goals can be anything but I have trouble with this a lot of the time.
B) Failure fear. If I don’t try, I can’t fail. Horrible mentality. Need to kick that one to the curb asap.
C) Because it’s not something I’ve done regularly, I don’t even think about goal setting 90% of the time. I forget to do it and I forget how helpful it is. I guess I need to write myself reminders – SET GOALS.


So in conclusion? I think I need some goals. I think I need things to work towards. It’s hard to think about what you want to accomplish when you are stuck and rutted and really don’t have a clue what you want. But a new month is coming, and a new school year is coming, and thus the perfect conditions are a brewin’ for some new goals (no matter how big or small) to be set.


I can’t be contemplative and brooding all the time though, it’s tiring! So let’s take a look at what else has been going on in my household over the past few days.


Got rhubarb? We did. Well then what else is there to do than make Strawberry Rhubarb Bars?


Actually there was probably many other things I could have done. I also made rhubarb sauce (just rhubarb, sugar and water boiled down) with the leftover rhubarb which was stellar. Much moreso than this dish, which was slightly disappointing. It was good…ish. But not nearly as good as I thought it would be. Not one for the recipe binder anyway.


And since granola has now become a necessity in this household since my mom is now loving it (much to my despair… move over Cookie Monster, here here the GRANOLA Monster has been born… I can’t keep away from it!) a fresh batch was born this weekend.

Cherry Almond Granola -became —> Cranberry Raisin Peanut Granola 

I used dried cranberries, raisins, chopped peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, a few chopped cashews and a few pine nuts. I used safflower oil and everything else stayed the same.





We should probably also talk about this 5 Minute Blueberry Banana “Ice Cream” I stumbled upon and just had to make this morning. I only had a wee bit of cottage cheese left and bloobs that were unfrozen, but this was still pretty bomb. Why have I never blended cottage cheese and frozen banana before? Genius!


Still on the topic of blended treats, what do you do when you have a huge badonk watermelon cut up in a container in your fridge that’s swimming in a pool of hunky chunky watermelon juice?

You freeze the juice. Later on you slightly defrost said juice, throw the now slush into a blender along with a splash of almond milk, a splash of lime juice and a dash of vanilla protein powder and you soon will have birthed a crazy refreshing watermelon delight. Topped with homemade granola of course.


I have this habit of eating cold chunks of banana straight out of the fridge dipped in peanut butter. It’s amaze. So instead of just eating it mindlessly as per usual I thought I’d just turn it into breakfast.


Cold banana + homemade peanut butter + cottage cheese + cinnamon + Kay’s Naturals Honey Almond Protein Cereal





+ morning coffee (duh) + morning face (hello world…)



Sometimes I eat things that aren’t sweet though, I swear. Though not so much lately… hush hush.

Homemade potato salad made with light buttermilk and dijon mustard?


Dig in!


Lettuce leaves and cottage cheese? Dig in…a little less enthusiastically.


Steamed broccoli, baby carrots and a small sampling of lean ground beef from the fam’s tacos plated for dipping into salsa, hummus and tzaziki. dig dig dig.


Vegan? No I be not (note the ground beef above…) but I do like me some vegan cookbooks and when I found a recipe for Breakfast Veggie Chorizo using TVP, I knew I had to make it immediately.

039 - Copy

I’ve had a bag of unopened TVP in the cupboard for ages. I never knew what to do with it, had never ever tried it and frankly, I just ended up forgetting about it. So glad the Veggie Chorizo recipe revived my memory. The main players are onion, a variety of spices (many of which I didn’t have, hello improvision), TVP and tomato paste.


My first bite of TVP was… weird. But weird as in interesting, intriguing, give me a few more bites and a few more and wow this stuff is pretty awesome! And then my mom tried it… and loved it! Literally she sat there eating it while exclaiming “I love this!” with a slightly shocked yet overjoyed expression. Who would have thought, my mom loving some crazy faux meat substitute. Fist pump!

Vegan with a Vengeance is clearly a winner. Now which recipe shall I try next??

So much food. So uh, none food excitement of the day:



New lenses! Cha ching! (?)

I’m not blind so I usually either don’t wear anything at all or wear contacts if I think I’m going to need to actually see stuff (Like in lectures. Or at the bar…). I use glasses once in a while but mine were 6 years old. Just a tad outdated.

Now that I got my new shades (without the shade…) clearly I’m soon to become a true braniac. I forsee my IQ jumping 30 pts within a week’s worth of wear.




Almost as pimpin as these they-pop-in-your-mouth grapes that we just picked up tonight. Pleasing.


Do you set goals regularly? What are your current goals? Tell me all of them!
I think, to start off, my newest goal shall be… to set some goals ;)


17 thoughts on “Goals, Goodies and Glasses

  1. Definitely looking like a smartie with those glasses, a hot one too :)

    Goals: get through tax season alive and then work out and tone my ass back into shape!

  2. Check out those fancy pants glasses. Very nice!

    I’m not much of an official goal setter. I have ideas, but they aren’t concrete so much. I should probably get better at that. If you get any good tips, please do share.

    And now, I also want to buy a watermelon, just so I can blend it with things. Mmm, watermelon.

  3. I set goals a lot, but I don´t know if they are always beneficial. For example, in may I said my goals were to work out X number of days a week, eat X, don´t eat X, get X done at work, get X done in my personal life, etc etc. And then in June, my goal was to just let it go. I think goals are really helpful but sometimes they overwhelm me because I start thinking about how MUCH I want to change and accomplish!

    The best goal I EVER made was in 2009, and it was to drink more water and wear sunscreen. It was so easy, and I will follow that for the rest of my life.

    Other ones are a bit harder. :)

    • Yep, there’s always that issue of putting TOO much pressure on ourselves to do too many things at once. Goes right back to the whole balance thing I’d say, trying to find a balance with the right amount of goal setting and timelines as well! Sunscreen is definitely one I need to work on.. eek. Good thing my sun exposure hasn’t been super high this summer haha.

  4. Loving the glasses! U look beautiful with or without! Love th epink glasses case!

    My goal and one I have had, is to get MORE SLEEP!! Im still working on this goal!

    Im loving the granola, sounds amazing, I just love cherries!

    Have a great day love! xoxo

  5. I love setting goals, but I am totally the girl who needs to be reminded to set them, I hear ya!

    I love granola, that one looks fab!!

    Question for ya: Do you use the magic bullet for ice creams? I totally failed in making mine… I can NOT get all the ice to crush!!

    Love the new glasses [I’m a glasses-only girl if you couldn’t tell :P]

    Newest goals are to start working on a business plan for when school finishes… write more… run more… blog more!


    • Yep I use the Bullet! It’s the only blender I have (well I have a food processor and stick blender but they’re just not the same) so pretty much everything I blend is done in the Bullet. I totally hear you with the ice crush problem though, I’ve had a few yelling matches with my bullet before. A few tricks: – Make smaller ice cubes – mine are generally huge but sometimes I’ll fill the trays half full of water so they’ll blend up much easier. – Precrush your ice if you have some method of doing so. I’ve tried a plastic bag filled with ice… and smashing it with a hammer. Not the best method so if you come up with anything better let me know :) – Load the ice in a bit at a time. This is what I have to do pretty much every time. I do a couple ice cubes to start, then add them in pretty much one or two at a time until reaching desired consistency. This takes a lot of patience, which I don’t have but somehow have managed to survive haha. – You might need to add a couple splashes of extra liquid too if you’re having a really tough time getting the last bites of ice to crush.

      Let me know how the blending attempts work out!

  6. I’m always hesitant to set goals as well…but you know what? It’s damn time! My goal is that by the end of 2010, I will have a salaried job. I’m employed now, but I really want stability and a step towards a career (vs. a job).

    Love the glasses! And TVP is a staple in my house…it goes great in stretching pasta dishes like spaghetti or mac & cheese.

    • Great idea, I’m definitely going to be using TVP more often now, it seems so handy! And good luck with the job searching, I’m sure you’ll find something great :)

  7. girl i feel u – i THRIVE off of goals!!!! I am having a weight lifting goal, instead of running ike i used to do! its nice!! and other goals with other areas of my life!

  8. I am such a goal-setter. This year will be something along the lines of maintaing relationships with friends and maintaining good grades. I get so caught up in my grades, that I have trouble balancing it with hanging out with friends.

  9. Love the glasses! And all the eats look delicious- especially the granola :D Homemade’s definitely the way to go.

    I need to work on setting goals, too. I kinda but I never actually set them, they just remain a sorta vague idea.

  10. we both made a very similar potato salad!!!! how cool is that lol. mmm strawberry rhubard crumble is my favorite, which makes having bars even better cuz now its a grab-n-go crumble :P

    i bought the vegan with a vengeance many years ago and i still think it has the best scone and cookie recipes <3

  11. I think I make too many goals- or just little things for myself to do and/or accomplish- and then I get totally overwhelmed. I’m thinking one or two simple goals would be nice. Achieving a higher weight lifting status in CrossFit is definitely #1.

    You look super cute in glasses, by the way!

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