What is it? What does it mean?


A bit of Hot & a bit of Cold?


(Hot coffee is necessary alongside cold smoothies, even in the month of August. It was a chilly morning!)


A bit of Work & a bit of Play?




A bit of Sun & a bit of Rain?


(I know I sure appreciate both, especially when they balance each other out)


A bit of Salty & a bit of Sweet?

(Crispy seaweed snacks? Don’t mind if I do. They taste fishy. But in an awesome ‘I dig it’ kinda way)

(These were a random nut butter coconut ball baking adventure which I don’t highly recommend exploring)


A bit of Ballpark & and bit of Salad Bar?


(Bro’s lunch left of hot dog with mustard and Frank’s vs. my lunch right of salad with small sweet potato, avocado and hummus dollop. But a hot dog bite did happen and let me just say, Frank’s hot sauce on hot dogs is gold.)


A bit of Chug & a bit of Chew?

(Tea smoothie with chocolate protein powder, almond milk, frozen strawberries, stevia and the gums)

(Big ol’ breakfast bowl of Fiber One, puffed rice, pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries)


A bit Wrapped Up Tight or all Letting it Out Loose?


(Egg whites, hummus, spinach, chili ketchup and Frank’s. Loose above, wrapped below)


(Tofu veggie burger with laughing cow, sundried tomatoes, spinach, dijonnaise and Frank’s)

047 042 
(Stir fries need no wrappage. Though I can imagine these would make some good wrap innards)


A bit of Grease & a bit of Greens?

(That would be slivers of Delissio frozen pizza. Topped with leaves of spinach out of the salad I made for dinner that was still chillin’ out in the fridge… it happened. And I liked it.)


A bit(e) of… Everything?

(Clockwise from bell pepper: leftover grocery store sushi, leftover roasted potatoes with tzaziki and onions, leftover beans with tomato slices and a wee bit of cheese, bread “finger” with pasta sauce and spinach dip. I didn’t quite know what I wanted for lunch…)


A bit of Sweat & a bit of Sleep?




A bit of Sad & (hopefully a lot more of) Happy?

(all non-food photos found on weheartit)

I’ll admit, this summer hasn’t been the best or most balanced for me. At different points I’ve felt out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally… I’ve been out of balance with food, with exercise, with productivity, with happiness. This summer I haven’t been working much, haven’t been doing much, and I haven’t known what to do about it or where to turn. I’ve felt pretty lost at many moments, and any sense of balance that I had earlier on has really been wavering the past couple months. I’m trying to regain it and am hoping that school starting up again in September will bring me back a bit more balance, routine, stability, and purpose.

But achieving an ideal balance is such a precarious act that touches on so many areas and encompasses so many factors that sometimes it’s hard to know just where to begin in the adding of this and subtracting of that in order to tip your own personal balance towards its ideal.


How do you bring your balance back when it’s started to waver?
How do you know when you’ve reached your ideal balance?

What is Balance to YOU?


11 thoughts on “Balance

  1. A very beautiful and a very balanced post!
    Have a great new year of school! Wishing you enough challenges to make you grow spiritually, and enough play to relax physically! ;-)

  2. I think when we’re naturally doing what we love with the people we love, the balance plays out without too much help along the way. And for the record? Don’t wrap the stir fry. No bueno.

  3. I love this post! Balance sometimes can be a hard thing to come by, but I think as long as you can stay focused you should have no problem. Have some HAPPY goals in mind and it will make finding that balance that much easier.

  4. I think you have to approach regaining your balance one day at a time, and don’t focus on everything you want to change. Pick one thing, and start there. Once you feel you’ve achieved that, go on to the next. That way, it isn’t so overwhelming :)

    Either that, or somehow get yourself on a retreat away from everything and throw yourself into what you want your balance to be…I’m contemplating that when I go and house sit for a week :)

    Having a school schedule will help though too…and it’s coming soon :)

  5. I felt so out of balance earlier this summer, and really this entire year. I was put on birth control, but after trying 4 different BC’s I finally went off and now I feel balanced again. It’s strange how medications and hormones can do that.

  6. Love the balance. Especially the little bit of everything plate. Its weird but when I grab sushi at WF, I always grab pop chips too. Too amercanized? nah! happy friday!

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