Speedy Recommendations

Just a quick pop-in to shout out a recommendation to you:

Don’t forget to enter the $40 CSN Stores Giveaway! You have until this Wednesday August 16. Aka tomorrow! So if you haven’t entered yet, get on over there and do so :)


And because that’s a terribly boring message all up there by its lonesome, a few more recommendations for your entertainment:


1. To satisfy a sushi craving…

Eat sushi!


And never underestimate the powers of grocery store sushi. As long as it’s fresh, it’s a-operfecto in my books.


2. To satisfy a sweet craving…

Bake Blondies!


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Blondies with plenty of chocolate chips to be exact.


Yes I did freeze the remaining stash right away. However I fear, like some desserts of earlier days, that they might just end up even MORE delicious in a slightly defrosted and chilled state. I’m going to try my best to forget their existence. But I have a feeling they might become a daily (or tri-daily) treat until they have all disappeared. My memory for desserts hidden in the icy depths is surprisingly excellent, unlike my memory for nearly everything else.



3. To use up a stash of peanuts:

Make homemade peanut butter!


Seriously, fresh out of the blender is unbeatable. Especially if you throw a few almonds in the mix to make… peanut butter with a hint of almond? Just try to restrain yourself from licking the blender clean. I half succeed.


Back soon kidlets!


17 thoughts on “Speedy Recommendations

    • Oh it can. I only tried to tackle a small batch (ended up with maybe 1/4 cup of pb in total?) but I was pleasantly surprised to open it up and see fresh smooth peanut butter in a matter of minutes! Mmm.

    • I did a couple runs, letting it take a break for a few seconds to give it a few stirs. Otherwise mine probably would have screamed at me and exploded the lid off of itself. Yes, this HAS happened. It was slightly terrifying!

  1. can all blenders handle making homemade nut butters? i’m scared to try it with mine, it’s not the greatest and i don’t want to end up with a huge mess on my hands (literally!)

    • I’m not sure if all blenders can but don’t be afraid to try! Honestly, just start off slowly with a small handful of nuts and see how it handles. Use pulsing action rather than letting it go all out on its own free will at first. Add a bit of oil or liquid to help it along if it’s not working out so well. I would imagine you would be able to get something out of it though!

  2. Oh I love grocery store sushi. We have a Fresh Market in Mobile that has THE best. In fact, at the height of my sushi addiction…I was eating it in 100 degree weather right outside the grocery store. I thought I was nuts until I looked over into the car next to me and saw a guy scarfing down some sushi too. Then I saw another car…chopsticks going. They finally put a few bistro tables outside the store. :)

    • Haha tables outside the store is brilliant. It takes every ounce of me not to bring the sushi in the car and dig right in when I pick it up! It’s definitely the first thing I crack open the minute I arrive home though. Mmmm sushi.

  3. Man, my bullet would crap out if I tried to make nut butter in it. Seriously, it’s so on the verge of dying that it’s not even funny.

    I totally agree on the sushi cravings though – if you got one, satisfy it!

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