The Excuses of the Terrible Blogger

Oh a terrible blogger I be, I be,
Oh a terrible blogger I be.

Not sure why. It’s not like I have any stellar excuses.

The “Excuses”

or Why I’ve been just TOO BUSY to possibly blog (…riiiiiight.)

  • I was too busy making (and subsequently devouring) some of the most addicting granola you might ever taste: Seven-Year Granola

Mine went like so:

125g or 1/2 cup rolled oats, slightly ground in the Bullet
125g or 1/2 cup oat flour (I actually used kamut flakes ground up into powder)
1.5 cups mixed nuts and seeds – chopped almonds and cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup melted butter
1/3 cup water
dash sea salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

Oven 300.
Bowl 1 – Mix together oats, nuts, spices.
Bowl 2 – Mix together brown sugar, melted butter and water. Then add salt and vanilla.
Pour Bowl 2 into Bowl 1 and mix to coat.
Spread onto a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes, stir, 15 minutes, stir 10-15 minutes. Done, let cool, devour.


  • I was too busy baking Cake Cookies late on a Saturday night when my friends’ changed plans left me stranded and bored.



And eating them atop mini chocostrawberry smoothies.
…I can’t even begin to describe the texture of these or think of anything to compare them to. Weird. But good weird. But still pretty weird.


  • I was too busy finishing off my box of Peanut Butter Puffins. Perhaps a slightly bittersweet ending but they really had to go. So. Addicting.



  • I was too busy consuming brews and bad karaoke renditions of Santeria at an uptown karaoke/country bar.

4345980916_418362785c_large images
                     (source)                                                          (source)

  • I was too busy sweating off those brews in a spin class as part of my brand new one month gym membership. Limited time online offer, no strings attached. So I get to finish off the summer going to as many Spin, Zumba and Body Pump classes as my little heart desires (and can handle…). Sweet deal!


  • I was too busy being completely disgusted by sardines in a can. Call me naive but I did NOT know they looked like that? I pictured the cartoony version with the wee little fishies all lined up neatly in a row.


…No no. This was a can of gutty things with visible spines. Minimized for the safety of your eyes…shudder.


  • I was too busy eating pasta and veggie burgers in an attempt to rid myself of the horrid images of little sardines dancing through my head.




  • I was too busy eating my weight in watermelon. Isn’t that what summer is all about?


  • I was too busy… just eating?


  • I was too busy finally seeing Inception.
    Good movie? Yes. Worth seeing? Yes. Frustrating? YES. I think I need to see it at least two more times to try to make sense of it all.



Yeah, my excuses. Poor poor excuses. Eating watermelon hardly takes up hours of my day (though it probably could amiright?).

So this week. You bear with my wayward ways, come back here and I’ll come back here too with… a giveaway?

Stay tuned…until next time!


20 thoughts on “The Excuses of the Terrible Blogger

  1. I am so making those cake cookies soon! I am thinking about putting stevia in for the brown sugar to make the carb and protein macros more even.

    I think you have a legit excuse for not being on the blog. Food is a good excuse. Not buts about it. :)

  2. Well yay to enjoying life girl and eating yummy things!!!!!! Your cookies you made look delish as ever!!!!!!!!! I would love one of those!

    Hope your week is great! xoxo

  3. Great pictures!! Better late than never in the bloggy world! Thanks for sharing!!

    Tell us more about the free 30 gym membership!? Lucky girl!

    • Haha it’s not quite free (if only!) but it was a special deal of 28 days for $28 and it only lasts for the one single month, which is perfect for me since I don’t quite want to commit to a full year+ contract of a gym membership right now, especially when I have free access to the school gym in the fall!

  4. haha. very nice post!

    all your eats look fab and we forgive you for being a “terrible blogger” (you’re not! trust me!)

    and…i really want ot see Inception but EVERYONE says you have to see it more than once to understand it. maybe i’ll just buy it on dvd and make a day of watching it three times over rather than spend the money on tickets. whaddya think?

    • Waiting for the DVD isn’t a bad idea (I’ll probably wait to watch it a couple more times once it’s out on DVD) but I DO recommend seeing it at least once in the theatres first, just for the spectacle of it all. It’s awesome! Though I was stuck RIGHT in the front row so that was quite the experience trying to catch everything that was going on while looking directly upward…ugh! And to save $$, try going on a cheap night! I (accidentally) went on half price Tuesdays which I didn’t know still existed and saw it for only 4.99… heck yes :)

  5. i cant tell what i love more about your posts, your incredibly fabulous looking granola or the most delicious and cute idea of topping fresh gooey chocolate cookies on a smoothie! wow what a strong drink too, can totally hold that sucker up without it sinking!! haha


  6. Glad you tried the cookies!! I like how you described them as “good weird” haha. And PB puffins are way too addicting. I’ve gone through three boxes in a week, no exaggeration. :P

    I’ve heard so many good things about Inception but it does seem like it’d be a little hard to follow at first. I might have to wait ’til it comes out on DVD so I can rewind if I have to lol

    • It’s definitely a pretty complicated movie… I’m still not sure about half of what was going on haha. Going to have to watch that one again for sure.

  7. Inception WAS good! I got it but still would like to see it again. Oh, and they have it where I live in a theater that has moving seats! Like Disneyland style… moves/shakes/vibrates to the action of the movie… found that out after I saw it. Cool though.

    Anyway, it took me a while but I love those sardines in a can. Quick, easy, great for ya… mix well with avocados, lime juice, salt, pepper, mmm!

    I need to make those cookies, by the way. Yum!

  8. no excuses needed, it’s summer!! good thing you finished off those puffins. i havent had them in FOREVER but your post is majorly tempting me. love the barbie nails btw! hot pink is my favorite summer pedi shade :)

  9. Because I don’t want to overhype and/or ruin Inception for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I can just say “Don’t drink ANYTHING even remotely close to going to see it”. My bf and I both ran out to the washroom about 2 hours into it when we decided we couldn’t keep our bladders in check much longer. Will definitely need to see it at least a few more times to pick up on all the subtleties – but I loved it.

    And, um, I’m going out to buy everything I need to make that granola right now. I’m addicted to natural, unsweetened yogurt topped with muesli at the moment and think this may have to replace the store-bought muesli. It looks amazing!

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