Word Lackage

I’m experiencing a case of word lackage.

& lately I’ve been feeling a bit more like this

076 - Copy

(and sometimes even a bit like this… (ehem I wasn’t the most darling flower girl…))

078 - Copy

than I have like this

087 - Copy

So I’ve been doing a lot more of this
(Think cereal like 10x a day. Think Peanut Butter Puffins like 2x that 10x.)




And this
(Think baking. And vast amounts of muffin consumption)






Like Lemon Poppyseed


Or Not Your Gran’s Bran


And sometimes scary amounts of this –
(NOT me. My nut butter escapades are completely under wraps and definitely photo devoid)


than I have of this
(Vegetables? I know not this foreign language you speak)


Though I did do quite a bit of this today –
(The squash love never dies. Though my mother didn’t quite love the lengthy roasting process that turned our kitchen and whole downstairs floor into an oven itself on this standardly balmy summer’s day)


And since mom and I hit up a local farm for some fresh corn and other great produce goods, there was also some of this going on –



I’m hoping, no… expecting to bring back the words again soon, preferably in the form of song and joy.

049 - Copy

Luckily there are tiny smiles scattered all around to help make that happen.

Like ridiculously pink Barbie nails to accompany all eating experiences.



Like cherry season.


Like libraries


and sunshine


and way too tolerant people.

140 048

Cranky flower girl was supposed to be in bed a long time ago. Apparently she woke up so I think she needs to lie back down until she’s ready to get up on the right side of the bed again.


Until then… night night grumpy pants.


23 thoughts on “Word Lackage

  1. Glad you tried out the muffins! I hope they turned out well for you :) The childhood photos are precious. No doubt you were such a fun child being that animated- so cute! :D And PB Puffins are little bits of cereal drugs. I’ve been eating them all day..there’s no stopping!

    • The muffins were great! Super moist and tasty, I was impressed :) And those darn PB Puffins. I seriously think I dug into the box nearly 5 times yesterday!

  2. The best expression of the feeling and the cutest post ever! :-) You did a wonderful wonderful job saying what’s on your mind! All you have to remember is that this is normal. :-) In other words…. YAY, you are human!!! ;-) I know, not hope, that you will get back to your normal cheerful self soon. You have too much of the happy nature for it not to sneak out shortly. ;-) Best, J.

  3. fantastic post. absolutely adorable and a great way to convey how you’re feeling! i’m sure things will turn around soon, i always get into funks like this it seems, but they go away after a day or two

  4. I really like this post. Love the photos of you as a little girl. It’s sweet. And those eats! Yum. PB Puffins are my downfall. I won’t even buy them because the box would be gone in about an hour. It’s bad.

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmm PB Puffins rehab, we can go together!! I swear those things have crack in them, lol! So addicitng, I got the cinnamon ones today hoping to not demolish the box in less than 48 hours like I do with the PB flavor!

    Thanks for the comment on my lover and I ! He is the best!

    Happy Weekend love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  6. That’s great that you pointed out the “tiny smiles” in your day. Sometimes that’s all that gets us through! You were quite an adorable flower girl… and I can totally relate to the pb consumption. Hope you wake up on the right side of the bed!! :)

  7. Oh man, lemon poppyseed muffins are seriously addicting. I can’t wait to klepto some lemons from my mum’s lemon tree when it starts to bloom so I can make a batch!

  8. Word lackage aside- this was a great drool inducing post! Kudos to you!!! I am now craving cereal (and have none in my house) and yogurt (and have none in my fridge) and muffins (and have none of the ingredients- save for lemon juice, including a muffin pan in my house) and sweet potato and corn (and again- am lacking in this aspect) so thanks for making me salivate and feel the need to buy more groceries! lol.
    -ps your nails actually look really nice! I am not a fan of pink, but the shade you have is so flattering!

  9. that bed looks like heaven…and you were the cutest little flower girl EVER!!! I was a flower girl once to and totally threw a fit and ran down the isle crying…whoops!

  10. Mmm, muffins. I’m hoping to get a little baking action in tomorrow and make some with the zucchini hiding out in my fridge. Or, you know, all those blueberries we have in the freezer ;)

    All the old photos are very cool.

  11. I cant believe you made one of my recipes and I hadnt even seen your blog!! I just got back from Tibet and saw the pingback! I am adding you immediately, your blog is awesome!! Thanks lady :)!!

  12. I cant believe you made one of my recipes and I hadnt even seen your blog!! I just got back from Tibet and saw the pingback! I am adding you immediately, your blog is awesome!! Thanks lady :)!!

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