Oats, Fish, Greens, and Barley Grow

Oats, fish, greens, and barley grow,
Oats, fish, greens, and barley grow,
Can you or I or anyone know
How oats, fish, greens, and barley grow?

Once upon a time in the not so distant past, I had a lovely lady named Stephanie who works with the America’s Nutrition website send me a lovely package of some of the products they offer.

Looking to “build a better you”, the America’s Nutrition website features products all over the map that can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle. My batch of healthy lifestyle enhancers included:


Although I’ve heard many a positive thing about the benefits of Omega-3 fish oils in the past, it seems that now that I actually have some in my possession I can’t STOP finding Omega-3 positivity blurbs popping up everywhere I look. Which just makes me all that much more eager to start popping these babies on the regular.

According to the website, these Omega-3s:

  • help lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • protect the heart and cardiovascular system
  • help speed weight loss
  • help heal skin irritations

Another good resource for more omega-3 fatty acid info can be found here.

I’ve already started my fish pill popping. Do you take any fish oil supplements, or try to get your omega-3s through fish and flax consumption?


Next up:

The BARLEY Grass.

Green Magma “boosts energy levels; enhances regularity; improves skin, hair and nail condition; and may have cardiovascular benefits.”


When they say GREEN, they’re not lying. And grass definitely isn’t a stretch either.


For my taste test #1 I mixed the recommended 2 tsp of juice powder into 8oz of water. Shaken, not stirred, in my new Blender Bottle (which comes with a neat little wire whisk ball that makes for quick and easy, on-the-go mixing of protein shakes).



Back to the whole grass thing… mixing with water on my first try probably wasn’t the smartest idea, as this definitely has a strong earthy flavour to it. Actually, it reminded me a lot of the fish food I used to feed my pet goldfish way back in the day (no, I didn’t eat Spotty and Goldie’s fish food but the fish food scent is imprinted in my sensory memory).

So in my next attempt at drinking a Barley Grass infused beverage, I will be following the bottle’s recommendation #2 of mixing the powder with juice. I’m guessing that might help downplay the intensity just a tad.

Though I did have some success in throwing a small spoonful into my green smoothie the other morning. Virtually undetectable.


I don’t know how strongly the placebo effect comes into play here but I definitely feel just a bit healthier drinking things with the words green and grass in the title and jumping on the fish oil bandwagon so I’m going to keep on going with it.

Of course this is alongside keeping up with my greens in food form:

031 024 083 010

Have you had your greens today?

Thanks again Stephanie! Check out the America’s Nutrition Website for these and a huge selection of other healthy living products!

PS. Check out Taylor’s Favorite Things Giveaway, which ends tonight!


20 thoughts on “Oats, Fish, Greens, and Barley Grow

  1. Cool. I have never heard of this website, Americas Nutrition. I has some good info.

    And yeah, I take fish oil, in liquid form, since it gets absorbed easier by the body… but only when I think about it. I mean, it’s super good for you, but, could it really all just be a fad? I mean, there are a lot of things that are good for you… ;)

    Anyway, I really want to try one of those shake bottles. How do you like them?

    Ok, super random comment. Sorry, it’s late.

    • It’s so true, what seems to be “good for us” changes on a monthly basis doesn’t it :)

      As for the Blender Bottle, yeah it’s neat! It seems to work well though I still have to try it with an actual protein powder and see just how well that little whisky ball works its magic.

  2. You have reminded me that I have fish capsules I should try out. Especially if they’ll help with the ever growing patch of eczema on my shoulder. TMI? Meh, whatever.

    Like the idea of that shaker cup with the whisk ball. whoever thought of that was a thinker!

    • Haha get them started up! I’m sure it definitely can’t hurt, especially if it’ll possibly nip the eczema in the bud, eczema is a pain. And that whisk ball sure is smart. I certainly don’t carry spoons around everywhere I go nor do I love the idea of protein powder chunks in my drinks!

    • I think I’m able to keep up with taking my vitamins and such just because I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s become *so *routine. I’ve been taking at least a multivitamin every day for as long as I can remember.

      • may be if my parents would have made me take my flinstones when i was little i would be better about it now…oh well

        ps—THANK YOU. :]

  3. A close friend of mine who is bi-polar, swears that taking fish oil has helped him manage his mood swings better than any drug a doctor has prescribed. He’s not even into supplements and natural foods. I know that’s not why you’re taking them, but mood balancing is always a plus for any woman (or man).

  4. what a cool website!!!!
    I neeeeed a blender bottle!! NOW!!!!
    I need to take fish oil as well – ive heard GREAT things about it!
    oh girlfrand i got my greens in by eating a salad!

  5. I’ve become a fan of fish oil – started taking it as part of my get-healthier-and-get-pregnant plan, and the research behind the benefits is pretty convincing.
    Greens today came in the form of a copious bowl of swiss chard. I’m simple.

  6. I take fish oil supplements daily. I really don’t get my omega 3’s besides the flaxseed meal in my oatmeal or the very occasional tuna. I’ve noticed that my hair and nails are a lot stronger, and probably a bunch of other good stuff has happened as well.

  7. i just started taking fish oil too! my parents bought this weird lemon-meringue flavoured stuff, realized they already had a bottle of the normal stuff, so i got the mutant lemony fish oil.
    oh well, can’t complain about free supplements. :)

    you are very brave to try something that green with just water. i would have at least loaded it up with some sugary juice haha.

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