The Frosty Imposter

Although we all know smoothies are grand

Especially when made with coffee, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, sweetener, the gums and plenty of ICE.


Or when made with almond milk, vanilla protein powder and strawberries then topped with little chunks of “fudge”.


Yesterday I broke away slightly from the smoothie mold and finally got around to venturing into frosty territory with Janetha’s highly acclaimed faux protein frosty.

A hardcore Frosty fan way back in the day, I had high hopes for revitalizing my frosty love right in my own kitchen.



Who needs Wendys? Or Smoothies? Or ice cream?

This. is. bliss.


Is it shameful to admit that was probably one of the highlights of my weekend? A better-than-the-original frosty imposter?

Other highlights included a couple nights out dancing and a number of episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I really live it up in the summer… ehem.


Like when I roast buttercup squash in million degree temperatures and then eat it for every meal. Actually yesterday was slightly cooler so this wasn’t completely nuts.



Sometimes I do the more summery thing and eat colder veggies. As long as they’re laced with white beans and a ridiculous amount of feta cheese.



Other weekend food highlights (which probably beat out the non-food non-exciting other “highlights” of my weekend) include:


A throwback to an old favourite breakfast: Raisin Bran and puffed rice cereal with plain and vanilla yogurt, frozen banana chunks, cinnamon and almond milk.

I used to eat this alllllll the time a few years back. Suddenly Raisin Bran has reappeared in my cupboard and it’s making a comeback. I have to admit though, the box’s raisin count is decreasing much faster than the bran flake count.


With a side of some local eating reading. Have you read The 100-Mile Diet yet? I racked up about $3 worth of overdue library charges for this one but it was a pretty good read!

And this was a pretty good meal:

Kale Chips (baked at 400 for 10 minutes) with ketchup and an egg white puff on a sandwich thin with ketchup, Frank’s and guacamole underneath.


**Heads Up Canadians! These are the sandwich thins I was finally able to find (since we don’t get Arnold’s sandwich thins here, how rude).



More egg white/sandwich thin action, this time with guac on top and a creamy hot sauce underneath (a mixture of light mayo, fat free sour cream and srirachaso good).


A slightly less good (but still good nonetheless) and much less aesthetically pleasing meal– my freezer dug many months old homemade lasagna discovery. I topped it with extra pasta sauce since it was pretty dried out from hanging out in the depths of the ice box for so long.


The one single meal that was not made and eaten from my fridge these past few days was my veggie wrap from William’s where I went with my dad for lunch one day.

Daddy-Daughter wraps:
Left = Kristie veggie
Right = Dad chicken caesar




This was tasty, most especially with whatever sundried tomato flavoured spread they had going on in there, but it did not hold my over. I need my protein!

This did a slightly better job at holding me over. A sad moment in time though, this was my very last Larabar in my Larabar stash. Oh the horrors! I have plenty of other bars, but the Larabars are cleaned straight out. I know, such a tragedy, because clearly going to the store and buying more is out of the question…? Ha I guess I need a restock trip. I’m really holding out for those new flavours though… when when when will they hit Canada?!


So now that that was about as scattered as can be (bear with me, my days are scattered in the summer and thus so am I), methinks I’m going to go try to find something productive to do. Like eat lunch.

Happy Monday!


22 thoughts on “The Frosty Imposter

  1. How much of the gums do you use in your smoothies normally? I bought some, but I’m not sure how much I should be throwing in.

    Also waiting on those new LB flavours in Canada. I’ve even tweeted them to find out when they might be here, but they never answer. How rude!

    You can get a few different brands of those thins in Canada. President’s Choice makes “burger” thins and “hot dog” thins which are basically the same. And D’Italiano makes sandwich thins that they call thintinis in a few different flavours (whole wheat included).

    • I’ve seen the other brands of thins before like the PC etc but although they say “thin”, I think many of them are still 150-180 calories whereas these ones are only 110.

      As for the gums, I honestly usually don’t measure unless I’m following a recipe like the faux frosty. Otherwise I just take a small spoon and throw some in. I always THINK I’m adding in around 1/2 tsp or so, but I don’t think that’s actually the case, which is probably why I end up with a lot of not so lovely textured smoothies. I need to start measuring more.

  2. The Frosty pics brought back childhood memories for me – glad you made a healthified version!
    I don’t know if there’s such thing as a ridiculous amount of feta. Feta in any quantity, no matter how seemingly obscene, seems pretty logical to me :)
    Coming out of the shadows with this comment – love your blog!

  3. nom nom nom…love the faux frostie! i need to get the gums to make my own! otherwise i just use the ones in my protein powder as best i can. freezing the whole thing and letting it defrost a bit helps a lot though..sooo good!

  4. i am kind of in love with yo eats!! I MUST FIND THE NEW LARAS! oh my goshhhhh!!! LOVE the faux frosty too!! the gums work AMAZINGLY! I Love your breakfast creation too!!! mixing plain AND vanilla yogurt is the best way to go!

  5. I hate that our “thins” here in Canada aren’t really “thin”- theyre the same calories as 2 slices of bread!! I NEED to find these WW thins :D

    And that faux frosty looks incredible. I really need to get my hands on some gums. Do you find them in Canada?


    • Yep! I found the gums in the health food section of one of the grocery stores around here, and I’ve also seen them in smaller health and bulk food stores. I’m pretty sure they’re fairly easy to find, just keep your eye out!

  6. Ok, this is one of the best posts I think I have ever read. EVERYTHING looks seriously amazing! Wow! Including all of the smoothies! Mmmmm! Sounds delicious!
    Thanks for the tip on the 100-mile diet- I’m looking that up at the local library right now!

  7. PB&J is my fav Larabar flavor! I really want to try the new Carrot Cake flavor too!
    Those wraps looked delish!
    Do you make your egg white puffs in the micro? I tried to and it didn’t turn out lookin as good as yours! :)

    Love your blog!

    • Yep, my egg white puff was in the micro! Maybe it’s the bowl I use, it was a semi-wide small plastic one. And I usually put it in for about 30 seconds to start and then add another 15-30 after since I find if it’s too long all at once it gets pretty rubbery!

  8. Oh wow, such great eats all around! Wraps are the best simple and easy dish, and that frosty looks to die for! I always loved those – just about the only think I liked from Wendy’s – and I think a home version would just about be magic. Gotta get my hands on some of that xantham gum!

  9. I am so envious of everyone enjoying these beautiful frostys. You best believe I will, too – just as soon as I get my hands on those gums!!
    The smoothies and frosty look delicious, as do all the rest of your meals :)

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