Time Flies

It’s July 8th already?
Time sure flies when you’re having fun… and when you’re not having fun.

It flies when you’re having a crappy week and feeling like a bum and your car has lame issues and the heat is constantly sweltering and the tears are frequently flowing. – Not fun.

It flies when a new month hits and you celebrate by watching fireworks and try to take pictures of said fireworks with your mediocre camera ‘fireworks’ setting and even more mediocre steady hands and you end up with mediocre fireworks pictures. I tried. – Fun.




It flies when you go for walks and try to distract yourself with pretty sights to take your mind off of less pretty thoughts. – Would typically be fun unless you’re in a really rotten mood, which in that case isn’t nearly as fun as it could/would/should typically be.




Time flies when it’s so hot that your appetite and taste buds are out of whack you never know what you want to eat anymore but you just want to eat so you grab things and through things together and inhale things and never quite feel satisfied. – Not fun.

But sometimes you DO know what you want and in those cases it flies when you make delicious coconut flax pancakes inspired by these (umm YUM?!) with 2T coconut flour, 1T flax, 2 egg whites, ~1/4 cup apple cinnamon yogurt, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon all dipped in sugar free syrup. – Fun except that these were gone way too fast. Want. MORE.




Um actually, time just flies through breakfast in general. Much faster than it should, because ideally breakfast should just last all day. Because we all love a good breakfast don’t we? – Fun fun fun.

Like overnight oats soaked in almond milk, plain yogurt, cottage cheese and jam’; topped with peanut butter and strawberries.



And those breakfasts are especially good when eaten outdoors.

And then they involve secrets hidden underneath piles of yogurt and strawberries…003


Time flies even when you try to slow it down by using chopsticks to prolong the length spent at the table consuming your butter chicken, stir fry veggies and quinoa but are just so mad skilled at using chopsticks that you breeze through the task. Or just throw in the towel and dig in with a fork. – Fun/not fun. It’s a toss up. Fun for the taste, not for my lack of eating slow skills.


It definitely flies when you try to casually sip away at your iced coffee smoothies and instead end up inhaling them in 5 minutes flat. They’re just so good… – Fun.



Times flies when you go shopping and buy things like a pimpin’ new lunch bag, water bottle and a campfire scented diffuser. – Fun.



And time DRAGS when you discover a never before seen chocolate soynut butter at HomeSense and are desperate to get home so you can get sampling. – Fun once I actually did get home because of all the deliciousness that this jar offers. 033 035

It flies when you order books on amazon.ca and they arrive on your doorstep days before you thought they would. – Fun.


It flies a little less quickly when you’re chomping down on large amounts of vegetables…

whether raw…





or paired with pasta and sauce. – Veggies are always fun.



And time flies when your friend comes over for a girl’s night where you become culinary experts while making Rachel Ray’s Chicken Parm Sliders

034 039

…watch ridiculous yet genius movies like Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time machine

…and become rock stars. – Funx10.

roooooooooooooock copy2 - Copy

(Playing around in Photoshop to make really cheesy rockstar compilation pictures with your minimal graphics skills also makes time fly quite rapidly)


And that would be my first week of July in a very large nutshell. I’ll bet time didn’t quite fly getting through this doozy of a post. Or it did if you skimmed(Don’t worry, I don’t blame!). It’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been a bit fun and it’s been not so fun. But overall it really has flown right out from under my feet, hence my delayed update. I need to get with the program!

And with that, I’m off to a local concert tonight. It should be another ‘-Fun’ to add to the list. I’ll be back before the month is half over, I swear!


14 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Wow, you’ve really been busy! we’ve missed you here in the blogosphere, but enjoying life has gotta come first. what IS that surprise hiding under the yogurt? it looks absolutely decadent

  2. You’ve been busy! I’ll have to take a trip to home sense for some of that chocolate spread. Sounds divine. So do your coconut pancakes! It’s suppose to cool down this weekend a bit, then rain, rain, rain. We can’t win, eh??

  3. im loving that last pic! arent photo edits addictive?? maybe i should just get a better camera, hmmm. i “read” french women dont get fat on cd in my car and loved it. the reader’s accent totally sealed the deal!

  4. It’s official – I want EVERYTHING you ate! I’m a speed-eater too, and it sucks always being done while everyone else is just getting started. I have to be more conscious of eating slowly!

  5. sorry you’re still having teary/sweltering/car problem filled times. *hugs* i hope things on that front get better soon!

    your food always looks ridiculously colorful and delicious, but my favorite picture in this entry is the first overnight oats/strawberries/peanut butter photo. the shadows of the bowl and mug on the all white table are beautiful. well done!

    and speaking of gorg photos, woah mama! that last picture is so full of happiness and warmth and life. yay happy times! :)

  6. haha i watched that movie a couple weeks ago! im really glad i did, i was worried it would be corny but im glad they kept it to more of adult funny humor versus corny kid hot tub cliches, uno what i mean?

    mmmm i should have made THAT salad instead! and i totally should have hid my brownie bits in yogurt! haha its like BAM! hello there brownies!! <3


  7. Did you change cameras? WOW great pictures! I am jealous! Even more so of your books! I am such a book whore. Seriously- it’s bad. I have no room for books anymore. I think of them as an investment, education, and my entertainment!
    Glad you’re having a fun time! The weather here has been so hit or miss! Hot, cloudy, thunder, rain, humid, dry, COLD, hot etc!
    Your fellow Canadian!

  8. duuuuude what a fun filled week!!!

    those rachel ray parm sliders look AMAZING. i definitely need to check that recipe out asap.

    hope the second week of july served you equally as awesome as the first :)

  9. Apparently I need to get myself inside a Home Sense one of these days – if they have chocolate nut butters, I’m all over it!

    Campfire diffuser? Is it any good? It seems…odd.

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