Canada D-Eh

A big, warm welcome to the month of July &

a Happy Happy Birthday to CANADA today.

Canada_Flag_by_MYNIGHTCLUB_large  (weheartit)

Time for some celebrations perhaps? I wish they could be watching in a location like this but I’ll settle for our local, slightly less serene city firework display.


So far I’ve started the celebrations on a chilly note to match the weather. It’s July 1st and I’m wearing a sweatshirt? Summer, why do you hide?

  • 2/3 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water, frozen mango, frozen strawberries, 1/2 scoop strawberry protein powder, spoonful cocoa powder, handful spinach


Paired with two cups of black coffee because I was literally shivering while drinking this. And just because I love coffee.

My day hasn’t moved past my couch so far, then again it’s still early in the am.


But that being said, yesterday on the whole wasn’t much different than this morning has been, with a little too much time spent on the couch. It was legit though, my emotions needed downtime. (Guys are mean. And I’m a suck.)

I was in need of home remedy style therapy.

How does one achieve such therapy? Let me count the ways:

1. A bowl of hot pumpkin scottish oats – This was only slightly affective. In other words it didn’t help my mood at all.

  • Scottish oats, wheat bran, flax, banana and pumpkin cooked in a cup of steeped pumpkin spice tea. Egg whites and sugar free maple syrup stirred in at the end.
    Mighty Maple PB was going to make it into the bowl as well but I ended up eating it right off the spoon. Oops. There goes my impatience again.


2. A workout. Treadmill HIIT followed by Level 3 Shred to be exact. This helped my mood…temporarily. Until the endorphin high wore off at least.

It might have been even more effective had I rocked out in an outfit like this:


3. A mom chat. These are always good. But sometimes they just make you want to cry. Or actually cry. But sometimes crying is good. But eventually it’s just exhausting.


4. A baking session. Preferably involving butter, sugar and peanut butter in the form of Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars. I made one quarter of the recipe and still got a decent sized little pan.  


I may have slightly overbaked it.


But whatever. Pb&J anyone?


This therapy method did help. Never underestimate the power of baking.

5. Eating in general. Oh yes I emotionally ate. Once in a while some of it was healthy. Like the carrots? Or the spinach… minus the cream cheese that was stirred into it. But spinach + cream cheese + buffalo sauce = goodness therefore worth it. That other corner is potatoes.


6. Evening walks. Especially summer evening walks when the sun is still up and warm, the sky is blue, and the wind is brisk. Perfection.


7. Time. After a good number of hours wallowing I was wallowed out and feeling better. At least moderately.


8. Pictures. I am currently spending way too much time perusing pretty pictures. Mainly on weheartit as is seen by all pictures on here right now that are not food pictures. But I love my visuals and some of them really can put a smile on your face.

2800247816_78d52401ef_large110 - Copy (2)2   


What are your go-to methods of home remedy style therapy?


Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians & Happy July all around!


25 thoughts on “Canada D-Eh

  1. um i most DEFINITELY have all the same “home therapy” to-dos as you do… great list. evening walks? eating? baking? pictures? ahhh a quaint life in a nutshell.

    ps i love coffee too =) happy canada day!

  2. All those are great home remedies.

    I’ve honestly not baked much. But, I’m moving in a month with a bigger nicer kitchen and so I can’t wait to actually start getting in the kitchen.

    Happy Canada Day!

  3. Happy Canada Day! Sorry to hear about the guy situation, I like all your home remedies too. I often eat, bake, exercise, sleep, chat to friends/mom, play with my dog, or surf the Internet…anything to take my mind off. But more than anything, I think time heals the best. Hugs to you!

  4. Mmm those pb&j bars look AMAZING!

    and I like to read or take a bath or hop on the elliptical, as well as the things you mentioned. or watch a few episodes of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain…or Man v Food… ha!

    Happy Canada Day! (I’m American but I’ll celebrate by having some maple syrup and watching a little hockey ;] )

  5. wooo hoo happy birf to the good ole canada! i do love niagra falls ;) haha and canadians like yourself!

    seriously are moms not the best way to vent or what? well that and a big ole bowl of ice cream that i hope you had! get those endorphins pumpin girl! pb&j bars are for sure a way to create some good ole endorphs!

    • Moms are awesome. So is ice cream but I settled for a few spoonfuls of the lame stuff in my freezer. Not even remotely satisfying. I’m going to force myself to go out and get an order of the REAL GOOD stuff asap. I want flavours and chunks!

  6. pb and j bars.. holy yum! Happy Canada Day back at ya! I have to work today so im pretty bummed i’ll be missing the fireworks and fun activities. Oh I thought I’d let you know I made the rainbow cake you made for your bday for my sisters birthday and all her friends loved it! Thanks for the cool recipe!

    • Aww did you really? I’m so glad! I seriously think everyone needs to make a rainbow cake at some point or other, the excitement of cutting into the cake is just an experience that needs to be had ;)

  7. Although these dishes may, or may not, have been fueled by emotions, they all look deliciously amazing! Especially the smoothie and PBJ bars… yum!

    Sorry you’re hurting or down. Time does help. But you are a wonderful person, at least in the blog world, and you are making others happy via your writing! (that’s my look-on=the-bright-side comment to you).


    • I always try to pair down baking recipes because I do NOT want so many delicious just hanging around staring me in the face otherwise they will end up eaten… by me.

  8. love those remedies!! eating is DEF a remedy! haha.
    so is praying and my bible for me!
    LOVE your PB AND J BARS! what waaat!
    are scottish oats different than regular oats?

    • Yep, the scottish oats I have are a smaller cut and firmer grain so they’re chewier when cooked than normal rolled oats. They’re a fun switch up once in a while!

  9. home remedy is a nice shower and curling up with a good book if I don’t have a boyfriend at the time ;)

  10. I have a feeling that workout outfit would make anyone feel better for sure. Because they wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at themselves. Automatic cheer up!

    I would also like those pb&j bars now please. Yum.

  11. ah cutest smile picture! I like the smoothie there too! I’m always up for old-fashion reading a good book on the floor with a bowl of popcorn

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