No June Bugs In My Crisp

The air was warm, the sky was clear, a walk was necessary. It was one of those walks where I wanted to stroll along just me, my music, and the evening air.


But no.

Instead, nearly my entire walk was accompanied by mass infestations of JUNE BUGS swarming every tree. Every ten feet I walked I seemed to get dive-bombed by one of the little buggers.


Not so cute.

Despite my unwanted company the walk was still pretty swell though. Nothing like an evening stroll to clear your head and settle your stomach after consuming a bowl (or two + extra licks) of a-to-the-mazing rhubarb crisp fresh baked hardly an hour earlier.

A Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook recipe, this rhubarb shizzle was off the hizzle. Nizzle… rizzle fizzle? Alright I’m done…


…with the gangster talk but not with the crisp love. Amazing on its own but indescribable when paired with vanilla ice cream. Which is why my mom and I made a special trip to the grocery store just for it.


I ate it out on the porch. Luckily no June bugs wanted to share. Guess they’re not rhubarb fans.


And continuing with the baking thing, I’m pretty sure I spent the entire day whipping up recipes. At least that’s what it felt like.

It all started after the waffle. No baking nor recipes used on this one, this was just a frozen waffle topped with mashed banana, strawberries, blueberries and sugar free maple syrup.


But then after a couple mugs of coffee and some blog perusing, I felt the recipe itch and I had to get back to the kitchen.

Twas time for strawberry protein bars. 


Mine are not vegan nor raw but I followed Naomi’s recipe ingredients and measurements using my above pictured ingredient stash.

And the finished results, which someone had clearly already dug into. And since I was the only one home, I have a pretty good inkling as to who that someone might have been.


I took break #1 from the kitchen to get all schvetty on the tready followed by getting all shreddy with Jillian’s Shred Level 3. Power muscles.

Then I set my smoke detectors off three times in the process of burning my batch of tofu fries. Only one side was charred, they’re still good!



But clearly no meal is quite complete if not followed by something sweet, at least not in my world.

And if it’s something sweet and strawberry flavoured then all the better.


And if it looks this delicious and tastes 10x moreso than it must be Strawberry Tofu Pudding.



I may never need to eat ice cream again. Oh wait, I already did tonight with my rhubarb crisp. But I think this was definitely better than the ice cream.

After whipping it up I froze a small bowl for as long as my patience would hold (maybe 10 minutes), then cracked the surface and dug right on in.



Break #2 from the kitchen involved taking my friend sneaker shopping. He bought sneakers, I did not. No skater shoes for this chica. I need new sandals instead.
(His sneakers did not look like these, although I almost wish they did)


I got home and was kinda ready for dinner. Ready enough to start making it anyway. This one was recipeless but not tasteless that’s fo sho.

Is a tortilla pizza ever a bad idea? I don’t think so.
This one included: a random packet of pizza sauce I found in my fridge, a sprinkling of light shredded mozzarella and feta, presteamed broccoli, tomatoes, onion and dollops of salsa, BBQ sauce and Frank’s.


Pizza perfection.

Today felt pretty creative on the food front. I don’t think I’ve been that interesting with an entire day’s worth of meals in ages. I think my appetite is feeling re-inspired!

But alas, the appetite has had its teeth brushed and flossed and is about to be put to sleep for the night. So without further ado, it and I bid you adieu.


13 thoughts on “No June Bugs In My Crisp

  1. what a perfect summer post. anything “crisp” is good to me, strawberry, apple, blueberry, etc. and you did it justice by eating it with a scoop of ice cream. that’s the only way to do it.

    i may be the last blogger on earth that has NOT made my own protein bars. haha. need to get on that.

  2. Ah, tofudding. It has been way too long since I’ve whizzed up a batch. Probably because I have no silken tofu, and never think to buy it. But damn, it’s some good stuff!

    Good job on the rhubarb crisp, especially with the vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  3. What a great post! I really enjoy reading this. I think the june buck picture looks pretty amazing. Everything sounds delicious. Especially pizza..yummm. Thanks for sharing.

  4. two rhubarbs that look AMAZING! wow thats insane! and that pizza is priceless. im loving the crispiness, the whole thing is made so perfect!!!

    sorry about the bugs- ive never seen those june bugs before.. but they dont look fun to run into- eeeekk!!

    xoxo <3

  5. great post! i love that tofu smoothie! looks delish!

    and come to htink of it, june bugs used to be rampant here in socal…now, literally none. global warming? extermination? weird…

  6. I’m not even sure where or how to begin so I’ll just randomly write:
    #1. The Rhubarb crisp looks amazing- super gooey and warm and delicious.
    #2. I have not had a frozen waffle (or a regular one) in a LONG time but if I did, I would definitely want mine to look/taste like yours.
    #3. I will now be making those granola bars tonight… and they’ll probably be gone by Saturday morning.
    #4. Tofu fries… YUM!
    #5. In my world, just like yours, we eat sweets following a meal. I like your style.
    #6. One can NEVER EVER EVER go wrong with tortilla pizza. Yours in NO exception!
    #7. Why do I not read your blog more often?! This will be changing! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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