Sometimes the best thing to do…

Sometimes the best thing to do to start you weekend off is wake up to a little bit of overnight oatsing.

Overnight – 1/3 cup kamut flakes soaked in 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1/3 cup plain yogurt, 1/3 cup cold coffee mixed with creamer, 1/2 T flax, cinnamon and SF maple syrup.

Morning – sunbutter mixed with almond milk + jam + blueberries.


Followed up by a little nostalgia. Anyone remember these things?! Little plastic fruits filled with fruit-flavoured sugar. A kid’s dream. The extreme version of a pixie stick. I haven’t seen these since I was maybe 5? So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a giant bin of them at Bulk Barn. I just had to buy one for old time kidlet’s sake, you know?



Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re bored is whip up some Big Kahuna black bean dip, then spread it into wraps with salsa, spinach and tomato for your lunch at work.

Okay so maybe it’s not the best thing you could do during boredom… but it’s something.


Am I crazy for preferring my wraps soggy?



Sometimes the best thing to do for hot weather hydration is drink smoothies. Specifically iced coffee smoothies. Loaded with almond milk and sweetener and gums and protein powder and frozen strawberries.

Or, you know, you could get much more hydrated by drinking water. But that’s not nearly so exciting. Nor thick. Nor tasty. Don’t get me wrong, I chug my water. But I also chug my smoothies.





Sometimes the best thing to do if you’re not sure what the heck you want for breakfast is to throw all caution to the wind, take advice from a foodie pro and eat a sweet potato topped with cottage cheese, sunbutter and leftover coconut “cream” pie.


or you could just eat a more standard breakfast like cereal, yogurt and fruit. But sometimes that’s just not quite exciting enough. And sometimes it is.



Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re faced with minimal lunch options is to order the 10 mile high turkey sub on the mediocre white bun, scrap half the bun, eat half the sandwich, then save the other half for dinner and load it with BBQ sauce to make it infinitely better than it was at lunch time when it was loaded only with plain mustard. The horror. You might still want to scrap most of the bun at this point as well. I know I did.



Sometimes when you feel like you’ve been eating a lot of junkalunk that’s adding some extra junkalunk to the trunkalunk, the best thing to do is eat your veggies.

But only so long as they include feta. It’s all about the feta.



Or at least salsa.


Or you could just eat them in pumpkin form with yogurt and fruit. That’s kind of a veggie, right? Right?


Or you could just scrap the veggies altogether and dig into the ice cream. But only after taking advice from another foodie pro and turning your plain old boring french vanilla ice cream into a new and exciting chocolate mint flavour with the help of your trusty 20+ year old food processor.

Re-flavouring ice cream is surprisingly way too much fun.



And Sometimes  the best thing to do when you’re sleepy and haven’t much more to say is to… sleep. Sound advice right there.


& Happy Early Father’s Day!


12 thoughts on “Sometimes the best thing to do…

  1. Wow, you have been eating quite well lately ;) My mouth is watering like none other at your amazing eats :)

  2. I have never seen those fruit shaped sugar holders in my life. Must be an east coast thing. Or I’m just old. It’s probably the latter.

    Reflavouring ice cream? I like that idea. If only I didn’t have digging out the food processor and cleaning it when I was done.

    • Haha I hear you on the food processor. Sometimes I’m just NOT feeling all the cleaning of extra equipment. But when I’m in the mood for some food experimenting… You could probably try it out in a blender too!

  3. My hubby and I just threw out a big HEY when we saw your little strawberry! I totally remember those! I also spy a Tupperware sandwich container. I have about 6 of those badboys! LOL! Have a great Sunday, Kristie!

  4. oooh, everything looks amazing! especially those overnight oats :) I’ll have to give the sunbutter + almond milk combo a shot – looks so yummy. and the sweet potato? there are no words.
    have a great day girl!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh I remember those sugar filled strawberry candy things! Talk about sugar rush!!!!!!!

    I love Almond Breeze Milk, it is the only milk I drink!!!!

    Loving all the eats and I love pumpkin in oats! I have a can in my pantry that needs to be used!

    Have a great night !! xoxo

  6. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will come back later in life. I want to encourage that you continue your great writing, have a nice day!

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