Sad Sweet Taters, Soccer Snazz and Some Swag and Swagger

Do you see how super this looks? Sweet potato always gets super” status.


Especially when paired alongside gallons of Chinese takeout. The gallons were eaten straight from the container. The plating was just for show. And it had been so long since I’d had a sweet potato. So long. So it should have been extra super.

But no. Oh no. Looks can be deceiving. Staring with anticipation at my long awaited discs of sweet dinner beauty, I finally picked one up and bit down only to be greeted by the smoky flavours of… mold. That’s right. I promptly spit that super sweet potato out and dumped the rest in the trash. My tastebuds were scarred. Not quite enough to end my Chinese feast but I may have sighed loudly with disappointment throughout my rice chow down.

But my moldy potato incident is nearly as old as the potato itself so lets move on to more current affairs, such as:

How I became an honorary temporary England fan and designated face painter for Saturday’s England vs. US World Cup game.

001 - Copy

I don’t think I had ever watched a full soccer (ehem…football?) game in my life before Saturday. But I just followed along with the pub crowd, cheering when the majority cheered and fist pounding the table while yelling obscenities when goalies failed at life and goal keeping. Or it went something like that anyway.

And I got to kiss someone’s knockoff cup… thrice. I think it’s fair to say I’m totally a dedicated and true fan now.


Or we could talk about my recently expanding waistline.

(I shouldn’t be allowed within 10 feet of chocolate right now. For a variety of reasons…)

(Don’t ask what it is. I couldn’t tell you. It’s soft, sickeningly sweet, and I can feel my teeth rotting as soon as I bite into it)

020 - Copy
(Already demolished these completely. My hide-em-in-the-depths-of-the-freezer trick didn’t work this time around)

(Yeah, you think that giant bag of Yogi Crisps is a smart snacking choice, with its “whole grains, heart-healthy flax and a touch of huckleberry for a crunch”. But when you eat practically the entire 10,000 serving bag (thanks Costco) in like one or two (okay so maybe like ten) sittings (or cupboard standings by the handful. Wimper.), it just becomes evil. Go home you darn crisps, go home.)

(Um yeah.) Source

On second thought, maybe let’s not talk about that anymore.

I’d much rather talk about how much I love fresh mango (albeit a little destroyed) in the morning, especially alongside glass-mugged coffee and overnight kamut flakes sogged up in yogurt and blueberry syrup.


Or how much I love iced coffee smoothies made with almond milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, stevia, a splash of blueberry POM, the gums, and plenty of ice.

That and clothes drying racks. Dry your clothes on racks, kids. It’s summer! Dryers are for noobs (or under special circumstances only, those people in a rush and in desperate need of dry clothing asap).


Or I could go on about how I used up the last itty bits of my oat bran this morning to make an oat bran/wheat bran breakfast worthy of my not-so-refined taste buds.
Oat bran, wheat bran, flax, water, almond milk, cinnamon, blueberry syrup, egg white splash. Cooked. Chilled briefly. Topped with plain yogurt and jam. Mixed into a mess of yogurty goop not two seconds post photo.


Or I could tell you how I ate a whole lotta salad today.

I may have came upon a giant bag of BBQ Popchips at Costco today. May have polished off half of the 10,000 servings in that bag today alone too. Costco for the lose win again. I love you Costco. They were eaten alongside greens and tomatoes so it’s totally legit. This salad needed more crunch anyway. 032

Salad feast #2 was a homemade Greek salad with chicken strips and feta. Not an olive in side. Perfection. Greek salad is by far one of my favourite salad variations.



Just as Costco helped me contribute to my waistline and my salads, it also helped me contribute to my wardrobe (It did not contribute to my greasy face or haggard swagger, those were all my own doing).
Cheap white sweatshirt + even cheaper tight exercise pants = happy wardrobe (and happy wallet)


But the happiest camper of all was my mailbox.

Don’t check the mail for several days and you just might end up with a stash that includes:


– An HST rebate CHEQUE. Aka free money for moi. Thanks Gov.
– An envelope full of Websaver coupons. Does anyone else order coupons online to be sent to their mailbox? Anyone else love coupons? I sure do. And I order them online all the time. Actually using them is a different story… I do my best though!
– Free All-Bran Bar sample. Ordered that one online too.
– A special package from Clare: A whole sampling of Kay’s Naturals products from her recent giveaway! I have never seen these around here and am so excited to try them. Thank you thank you Clare!


Since I currently feel like a puffball, I’m thinking a detox and deflate is in order. Maple syrup anyone?
You’ve got to be kidding. Though I might try to lay off the chocolate and BLTs. At least for tomorrow :) Monday Monday Monday


17 thoughts on “Sad Sweet Taters, Soccer Snazz and Some Swag and Swagger

  1. AHA! Now I know where everyone is getting those hoodies! I’ve seen so many people around with them on. Costco – I obviously don’t go there often enough. And I never look at the clothes. I get all distracted by the food. LOL.

    HST rebate cheque? Hmm, wonder if we’ll be getting one in BC too seeing as we’re getting the craptastic tax as well.

    I am also in love with mangoes right now. And local strawberries. Especially consumed together.

    • The food is always my top priority at Costco. The clothing usually only gets a quick glance-over. I guess yesterday I was feeling more “shoppy” :) And if you guys are getting the HST too then you darn well SHOULD be getting a cheque back! Hopefully you do, it’s a nice little treat… not that it’ll make up for that darn combo tax in the long run but still.

  2. Love the new hoodie and pants, you still look beautiful girl even with your hair all crazy! lol!!

    I love yogi crisps too but they are really addicting like you said, I dont buy them as much!

    Love the sweet mail you got and that Kays Naturals Goodies! U will love all of that! I love Kays Naturals Products! SO yum!

    Oh the sushi place we go to here is amazing, there are actually a couple great ones, I love that you love seaweed salad too, I could eat it everyday!!!

    Have a great week love!!!

    • Seriously, do it! I can’t get enough of Costco, so worth it. Though easy for me to say when I don’t pay for the membership OR the majority of goods we buy there… but still haha. If I WERE the main household purchaser I’d definitely do my best to make a Costco membership happen :)

  3. Your new outfit looks awesome! I’m jealous :)

    Ugh, I’m totally with you on the eating unhealthy streak right now. Oi! I can’t tell you how many brownies and completely unnecessary snacks I have engulfed in the past few days.

    I’m just getting back on track today. I passed up scooping a few tablespoons of almond butter straight into my mouth for no good reason at all. Once you say no the first time, it gets easier after that :)

  4. oh we have bread like that here. omg theres one that they make that is like a cinnamon bun bread… reminds me of that so much. im pretty sure i can safely blame all my childhood cavities on it


  5. Loved this post, girl!
    Such wonderful eats!
    Gotta LOVE fresh mango :)
    Btw – I can totally relate to your football story! The same thing happend to me a few months ago. Now, I simply love to watch football games when I can, and I absolutely adore all the energy and passion envolved. It´s just so amazing to watch a match with your friends and family (specially when our country, Brazil, is playing! They ROCK, haha – just kidding!).
    Wish you a great week, love – Brazil´s first game is tomorrow!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  6. haha costco, such a love/hate w/that place. sooo many good deals but bulk can be bad sometimes if you know what i mean. sweet with a lot of salad. i think you’re doing okay girl. i am wondering what the bread w/white creamy stuff is. looks sickly sweet but soooo good though.

    oooh and sorry about the mold. gross!!

  7. Oh no, mouldy food is so traumatizing!! The same thing happened to me with hummus- I guess I thought those little speckles were part of the seven-pepper blend…alas, they were mould.

    Love drying clothes on racks in the sunshine!! They smell so nice after, too.

    • Oh my gosh… I think I’d be devastated if my hummus ended up with mold in it! Luckily when I have hummus in the fridge though (it’s been a while now though for some crazy reason!) I eat it up preeeeetty fast. Too fast for that darn mold to form :)

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