Lost and Found

Maybe the reason I’ve had trouble finding my Inspiration’s hiding spot is because there is no hiding spot to find.

Inspiration doesn’t stay in one spot but rather spreads, moves, changes. It can’t possibly hide because it’s anywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes when I’m feeling clouded I forget that my inspiration is wherever I want it to be.

Wherever you look… if you want it to be there, Inspiration will be there.

It will be stirred into your breakfast.


It will be blended into your spinach smoothie.


It will be rolled into your Tofu Burgers.


(A must try! I didn’t make the monster sandwich shown in the original – though it does look kind of amazing – but I got nine decent sized burgers out of this recipe!)



It will be in your flowers.


It will be in your family.


(She never stops sweeping… even outside!)


It will be in your front yard while you sip on your iced coffee smoothie in the evening sunlight.


It will be in your backyard… right beneath your feet.


And most importantly of all…

Your Inspiration will be within YOU.

087 - Copy 

089 - Copy


I’m really going to work on seeing the inspiration that lies everywhere, in all of the little bits of everyday life. No more losing sight of it. It’s always there, as long as you’re willing to see it, be open to it, and take responsibility for it.

Today I’m willing. Tomorrow too.

Enjoy the day and all of its little bits and pieces :)


23 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. what a great post – thanks for that reminder! I’m so happy to have stumbled by your blog today! and that is such an adorable baby pic! and you look gorgeous now too =)

  2. Beautiful beautiful post and wonderful pictures. :-) The pics of little you and you now are amazing! You two are so alike (of course!)! :-D Thanks for a very warm and encouraging post. I do think too that the inspiration is always with us, only if we love ourselves deeply, accept ourselves just the way we are and have no doubts that what we have is all we need to be happy and shining the light to the World!

  3. I loved this post too! As long as you stay positive you will find your inspiration again….you look really happy as a little girl and even happier in your picture now!

  4. hey! i’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and i just wanted to say that i love it. you and your beautiful photos and your never ending quest for healthy, delicious recipes inspire me. i even thought of you today when i bought light wedges of laughing cow and tortillas to make egg white wraps like you :) so thank you for this blog. i love it!

  5. Beautiful Post From a Beautiful Girl!

    U look Beautiful in your pic too, so pretty!!

    Love the Smoothie in a bowl and those tofu burgers, yum!

    Oh MAC makeup can be pricey, you dont even need makeup, I can be a cheapie too when it comes to certain things!


  6. Stop it. This post was amazing!! You are beautiful and the Irish boys will be running after you once you come visit!!! And YAY tofu burgers… I need to start cooking more because those look amazeballs!!

    PS: I never commented, but the rainbow cake post was INSANE.

  7. Hey beautiful girlie!!
    LOVE this post! you are gorgeous, inspiration and motivation definitely lie within you…and your amazing spirit!!!
    Keep loving life and enjoying delicious eats and happy family! hehe!
    I hope you continue to have a great week!

  8. Kristie!!

    Where do you live? When I was in Arizona I didn’t see the Miracle Noodles at Whole Foods but I did find Shirataki Noodles which would be perfect too! You HAVE to be able to get the Miracle Noodles somewhere though. They’re the BEST!

  9. Hey Kristie,

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now, and thought I should leave you a comment, instead of just stalking!!! :)
    You are such an inspiration and because of you I decided to start my own healthy journey. Thank you. I love all your stories – you are truly gorgeous. xx

  10. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love the picture of you when you were a kid and now. Too cute!

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