Hot Hot Heat & Some Recommendations

Since when did I move to the desert? Lately the temperatures have been scorching.


Do you prefer the hot hot heat or are you a brisk and chilly fan? I have very little cold tolerance so I just bask in the heat but right now it’s a going a little too far when you can hardly sit outside without sweating buckets. Where’s the balance Mother Nature? Or better yet, where’s my beach? :)

Because of the swelter, I’ve been chugging plenty of ice cold smoothies lately, the food (/drink? frink? drood? what IS it?) of summer.

I recommend lots and lots of smoothies for ultimate body temperature balancing.


One of my most delicious iced coffee smoothie concoctions yet ^
(all measurements approximate. I usually just throw stuff into the bullet)

= 1/2 cup cold coffee + 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze + splash blueberry POM juice + 1 T cocoa powder + tiny scoop (5g) chocolate protein powder + packet Stevia + 2 large frozen strawberries + xanthan and guar (I never measure these but always a little more guar than xanthan) + 3 large ice cubes

Seems complicated. Took all of 2 minutes. Was amazing. Savoured every BITE. More like smoothie pudding. Ohhh yeah. Eating it outside might have bumped up the oomph a bit.


The rest of my smoothies usually involve steeped cold tea, almond milk, frozen strawberries, the gums, stevia and ice. And they’re all pretty perfect. I haven’t been switching it up that much but this combo is just working it real well right now.



And speaking of pudding-like smoothies, I went ahead and made some more pudding-like substances with this little treat that is definitely more appetizing than it looks…


A slight spin on this Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Choconanacado Pudding

  • 1 large ripe avocado
  • 2 T cocoa powder
  • 2 packets stevia (or desired sweetener. Adjust amounts to desired sweetness)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened Almond Breeze
  • handful spinach
  • 60 g (or one small) banana

Blend all up until smooth and creamy.

I recommend eating this COLD as the taste is much superior to room temperature pudding.
Makes 2 servings. Per serving: 205 calories, 14.3g fat, 4.8g protein


I’ve also been gorging satisfying my cereal addiction quite frequently as of late. Probably because my cupboard now contains not only a giant bag of Mountain Blueberry Flax Yogi Granola Crisps but also a box of Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp (the Canada version looks a little different), two of the most addicting cereals known to man person ME. Oy.

I recommend buying and loving them. Or maybe I don’t if you’re like me and can’t stop at just one bowl/handful/reasonable serving.



If you can stand the heat of the oven right now, I recommend taking advantage of Katie’s recipe for Zucchini Chips. Half of my “crisp” may have stuck to the pan but these were still delicious.



I also recommend baking up plenty of squash but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.


If you can’t stand heating your entire kitchen to degrees above that of the already sweltering temperatures by using your oven (or if you’re living somewhere without a crazy heat wave hitting right now) then I recommend firing up the grill and making yourself some veggie burgers (topped with salsa cream cheese dip) and roasted asparagus.


I recommend eating the BBQd goodness outdoors. I don’t recommend eating it over a bowl of slaw like I did in order to save dishes. This just looks messy and much less appetizing than it could. But who wants to carry 10 different dishes outside? Not me apparently.



If you’re feeling bummed and lonely, I recommend a long day of retail therapy with a friend. I don’t recommend scaring the beejezus out of your wallet like I did but a nice new shirt or two are always useful!

I highly recommend waffles for preshopping fuel. I don’t recommend following said waffles by gorging on earlier-mentioned cereals but the boredom bug bit hard yesterday morning. I shoulda coulda woulda made two waffles.

Topped with Mighty Maple, smashed raspberries and Greek yogurt. Heavenly.


During shopping fuel = mall seaweed salad. So excited to find this at the sushi kiosk.


Another free time activity recommended by Moi? Doing surveys online that score you free things like a free loaf of Silver Hills Bread. Thanks to Marianne for this heads up :)  


I also recommend making the most of the hot hot heat and bright bright sun by going out for lunch with a friend but walking an hour to get to the restaurant for said lunch and then walking an hour home after said lunch is complete like I just did. That lunch becomes 10x more satisfying after walking in the heat for an hour, wowza.


And on a final note, I recommend you all have a lovely lovely day :)


22 thoughts on “Hot Hot Heat & Some Recommendations

  1. You always have the yummiest smoothies/shakes! And that pudding looks delicious as well! I’m trying to figure out a way to make a protein version of the avocado pudding..hmmm..

    • It does have a hint of avocado flavour, though I’m sure bumping up the sweetener would help that if you weren’t a huge avocado fan. And the spinach flavour completely disappears :)

  2. Brisk & chilly is the way to be! I hate sweating for no reason – pisses me off. Warming up is far superior to cooling down in my books. Although, I’m always hot, so that may have something to do with it.

    I still need to try the tea smoothie. And get the gums. I swear, it’s on my list of things to do.

    Glad you got your free bread coupon!

    • The gums are AMAZING. At first I was kicking myself a bit for the splurge (pricey little bags those things are) but once I really tried them out and experienced their magic I was hooked.

  3. I recommend loving this post :)

    I actually like the heat but the Florida humidity kills it for me most days. Those zucchini crisps seem delish! I love doing the same thing to eggplant.

  4. OMG, Kristie. I am literally dying of the heat. :( Soooo freaking hot around here. I don’t know if you are in Ontario – i’m in Toronto area, and I’m melting. :)

    ditto on the cereal obsession – just finished yet another box of Kashi. perfect snack with cold non-dairy milk.

    • Haha yeah well I’m not the greatest for that either. I go in for a few spoonfuls… which turns into a few MORE spoonfuls… and the cycle continues. I’ve been pretty good with the pudding though, there’s still quite a bit left kicking it in my fridge!

  5. MMM Kashi Berry Crisp is my new favourite cereal! ADDICTED.

    I’m loving the sunshine, but the temps are a little extreme for the time of year eh? Our apartment is about 28C…I’m already sweating by the time I wake up! Eep.

    Avocado chocolate pudding looks insanely good. I bet it would be tasty frozen as well!!

    • Definitely extreme. It’s still MAY! (even though the month is ALMOST over haha) I need a beach in my backyard. And freezing the pudding *would *be great, I might have to do that with the remainders!

  6. Hey gorgeous girlie!!
    I am SOOOO JEALOUS OF YOUR HEAT!! send some down to CA!! yummmay SMOOTHIES! they are the BEST when the weather is HOT! I hope you have had a great week and have FUN plans for the weekend!

  7. I’ve been enjoying warmer weather for the past few days, because I was really sick of the cold.
    Smoothies and ice coffees are perfect for this,I can’t get enough of my icy caffeine :))
    Your all meals look so yummy, specially that waffle!

  8. Those Zucchini Chips look so good. I have a zucchini in the fridge that I now know what I am going to use it for. Also the Kashi Berry Crunch cereal reminds me of Captian Crunch Crunch Berries. I had the Kashi cereal for the first time a couple weeks ago and I could not keep my hand out of the box.

  9. Love the smoothies! Mine are so ugly most of the time but oh so good! And that avo pudding looks great!
    And then there is the zucchini chips, which I will be trying out tonight. Yum!

    And I think that’s the best looking waffle I’ve ever seen.. toppings and all.

    But I’m not sure about that seaweed salad… it looks like gel..? What kind of seaweed was that?

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