Lilacs and Weekend Bullets

What’s better than breakfast with a side of fresh lilacs?


Breakfast with a side of fresh lilacs in a beer glass. Now that’s class.


I wish I could properly explain this breakfast but it was a mish mash mess if I’ve ever created one. Think fresh fruit (the most obvious part), a blob of yogurt mixed with cocoa powder, oats, wheat berries and flax (the brown thing); all surrounded by a puddle of leftover defrosted tea smoothie that I couldn’t finish drinking last night. It was pretty epic. But not epic enough since I also ate my weight in Yogi crisps and Vector cereal after this. I’m the biggest cereal crunch addict on the planet, no lie.


Along with lilacs, there was a side of girly novel with this breakfast. Anyone else read Confessions of a Shopaholic? I’m not much of a girly novel reader but I saw this in the library and I recalled that it was made into a movie (that I did not see) so I figured it must be good. I’m halfway through… aaand why was this made into a movie? It’s not bad per say but I wouldn’t rush to recommend it. 022


This weekend was kinda random. Think work, screaming tunes and tattoos, and new shopping ventures. Not too shabby.

The Weekend’s Noteworthy Bullets

  • Oats make good early morning breakfasts. This deserves a duh if anything does. But I’m not talking stovetop this time. I’m talking when you need it quick and easy before thundering out the front door before work.

I’m talking oats in breakfast cookie form. This was a little too soft and a little too sweet (I blame it on the very ripe banana and my mediocre chocolate protein powder) but it was still an excitement for my morning palate.
My combo was rolled oats, splash of almond milk, chocolate protein powder, mashed banana and Sunbutter.


I’m also talking oats in instant oatmeal packet form. Reduced sugar maple flavour to be exact. With plain and blueberry yogurt stirred in. Didn’t love it (at least not nearly as much as stovetop) but good for a speedy morning starter.



  • Bars make good AT WORK snacks. I don’t eat bars that much. I always look at them, I always want them, I often buy them and hoard and stash them. But I rarely eat them. This changes at work (or in other desperate pinch situations but even then I don’t often go the bar direction for some reason).

Larabars are ever present in my bar stash basket and in my purse. The Tropical Fruit is not my favourite. Too orangey. In taste, not in colour. I love the wrapper.


Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bars are not my favourite either but they aiiiiight.

001 - Copy


  • Restaurant salads are infinitely better than grocery store salads. Case in point –>

El ristorante: Greek salad, no olives, plenty of feta, side of dressing, side of toasted pita. Beauty.


El Sobeys grocery: Greens with baby tomatoes and bocconcini. Light italian dressing. Weird dried seasonings sprinkled on top. Bitter leaves, icky seasonings. Ugly duckling.

The Diet Pepsi Lime was swell though.



  • Cottage cheese containers don’t always contain cottage cheese.


Once in a while they contain Corn Bran, yogurt, cinnamon, frozen banana and dried apricots without a trace of cottage cheese.


Shaken, not stirred.



  • In order to properly blend in at local music shows you must have stretched lobes, wear bandanas and band tees and have arm sleeve tattoos. I missed this memo when I went to a local band show on Friday night.

Totally not knocking the local music scene or the crowd though, I thought it was all pretty awesome and my serious lack of tattoage didn’t put me at too great a disadvantage. I stood at the outskirts of the moshing though, and opted out of the crowd surfing.


Maybe I should have pulled out my temp tattoo stash though and really outdone myself. I seriously have a mini love of tattoos. I don’t think I’d ever GET one (but I never say “Never”) but I do think they are pretty swell. When done well of course.


What do you think of tattoos, love em, hate em, have em, want em? I used to want one on the back of my neck way back when… probably a good thing that idea died pretty fast.


  • Quick oats are good in a pinch but stovetop oats are far more superior and incredible any other time.

And these sure were incredible.
1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup water, 1/3 cup almond milk, 1/2 very ripe banana, flax, all blended with a hand blender. Topped with Crofters jam and Sunbutter.




  • I adore big salads. Um yeah, yeah I do. This is nothing new. and I also adore fresh fruit with Yogi crisps.

Stars of this salad show = steamed broc, Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and guac, side of FRESH bread with more hummus. I want more.


I wanted more of this too. Even after the 10 handfuls of fresh berries and 20 handfuls of Yogi crisps that were consumed before this bowl was put together.



  • Shopping in a different city is infinitely more exciting than shopping in your own city.

Especially when the mall you go to has a Sephora. And you’ve never been inside a Sephora before in your life.


Holy overwhelming! This is all I bought. It has 4 lip colours, 6 eyeshadows and a bronzer. All for $20, what a steal. I didn’t know what else to buy because there was SO much stuff. Didn’t even know where to begin. I had fun browsing though. I think I’d need to tackle that store with a recommendations list in hand. Or a makeup expert shopping partner.


I also used some birthday money (my birthday was end of March. I always take forever to spend gift certificates and the like) to buy some new tops.


And a bamboo stalk (from Ikea!) for the sadly empty vase in my room. I killed my last bamboo baby by lack of watering. Oops.  



  • Wendy’s Sucks.


Once upon a time I came to the conclusion that Wendy’s has the worst buns and worst chicken burgers ever. On the way home from shopping trip, dinner was a stop at Wendy’s. I forgot about past incident referred to above. I once again made the huge mistake of ordering the grilled chicken burger. And I consequently once again ate one of the worst fast food meals I’ve ever had. There was also a baked potato involved, which also happened to be one of the worst baked potatoes I’ve ever eaten. It didn’t even come with the chives!

ml_wendys 25


Quality my butt. Wendy’s, you’re cut.


And it’s a new week. Where there will be NO Wendy’s eating in sight. Never again.
There will be other eating in sight though, exciting eating. BIRTHDAY eating as tomorrow is my mom’s birthday.
We’re going out to dinner and I’m making something tasty for the post dinner sweet. Mmm.

Ta ta for now!


19 thoughts on “Lilacs and Weekend Bullets

  1. i decided i hate wendy’s a couple years ago. ha! i don’t like tattoos, but marshall has a LOT.. so i deal. love the bullets! oh and love your rendition of the garbz bake, not sure if i ever commented on that when you blogged about it? love ya!

  2. I don’t think I’d ever want a tattoo…I feel like I’d wake up one day and go “ew, what was I thinking?!” I don’t like regrets :)

    Yeah, I don’t feel Wendy’s either. It’s kinda crappy.

  3. I love tattoos! I have one that I got when I was 20, and I’ve wanted more ever since. I just never seem to decide on something I truly want. I know where I want more, but not what. Is that weird? And I’m definitely considering one at the base of my neck. I think they look great there :)

    I made my 1st Sephora purchase today. I always wander in there and look at all the fun things they have, but never buy. Today was the day. Kat Von D eyeshadow palette. Love it! And it ties in with that whole love of tattoos ;)

  4. Oh, that pic with lilacs is gorgeous!!! :-) And your pictures of foods are always so yummy and inviting! :-)

  5. I love those lilacs, so pretty!

    I LOVE tattoos. I have three small ones myself now- ankle, shoulder, and ribs… but I want more. A lot more. I think they’re so beautiful- when done well, of course!

    And Sephora. Oh, my love… going shopping there is a dangerous, dangerous thing. ;)


  6. I tried reading that book awhile ago and got so bored I wasn’t even able to finish it. I believe it is still on my book shelf.

    I do like tattoo if they are done well. I have one and it hurt like hell!

  7. liliacs are my favourite flower/colour! They smell so pretty.

    Love me some tats. I have 2 and am planning on at least one more.

    And yes, Sephora is extremely overwhelming! I never know what to even look at when I’m in there!!

  8. Question, where’d you get the floral print top in the second clothing picture? I’ve been looking for something like that.

  9. I love going to sephora and to the MAC stores. It’s so fun in there even if I never know what to buy and normally don’t really buy anything haha.

    Also, I tried a Cliff bar and hated it. Whats your opinion on those fatty bars? I have to give larabar a try, those are the lighter version right?

  10. There’s too much good stuff packed in this post – where to start?!
    Everything, of course – looks 100% delicious, though. Love the oats, and I NEED to try a breakfast cookie! I’m not much of a “bar eater” at home, but always bring one for work. So handy and quick, I feel silly when I take a time consuming snack-break at work, haha.
    The salads look KILLER! Holy yum. And I love the new finds – super cute tops!

  11. I have a tat and sometimes, I forget I even have it. I don’t regret it either though. Love the flowers in the beer glass…nice. lol Your salad looks extremely delicious.

  12. I don’t know if you remember but I commented on the magic bullet give away about how I had been inspired to start my own blog after stumbling upon your blog a couple of months ago. It was addicting as I found myself coming back again and again, lol. Well mine is up. Not where I want it to be but I’ll get there…thanks for the inspiration!!!

  13. I love ll your concoctions, so creative! I actually want a small tattoo of a flock of birds on my upper left shoulder but my mom refuses to “let” me get one until I’m 21. I could, of course, do it behind her back but I don’t want to make her angry at me and I also want her to pay for it :) I can wait six months.

  14. I’ve only tried a few Larabar flavors, and I really only like the Cashew Cookie one. I’m thinking about using my food processer to make my own food bars at home, cause then I can incorporate my favorite dried fruits and nuts and flavors.

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