Breakfast Battles and Baking Biz

Once upon a time yesterday I woke up and decided that I would eat a tortilla.

But it was not just any tortilla.

It was THIS tortilla >


THIS tortilla was spread with Laughing Cow, microwave-softened Granny Smith apple slices and cinnamon, pan grilled until crunchy, and dipped in “sauce” of maple syrup and plain yogurt.


THIS tortilla was special.



Once upon a time today I woke up and decided I would eat some oat bran.

But it was not just any oat bran.

It was THIS oat bran.


THIS oat bran was different. THIS oat bran I cooked in a lot of water, cinnamon and flax. Not so different. But then at the end of it all I stirred in… my dreaded chocolate protein powder – This stuff only works in smoothies. ONLY.


And thus… THIS oat bran was NOT special.
Well it was special in the sense that it got to experience the very rare event of getting trashed after I could no longer handle any more of its gritty lacklustre taste. I ate all of the banana and plain  yogurt out of it though. They still shone on.

Lacklustre breakfasts require redemption baking endeavours. As do mother requests for zucchini muffins for work staff celebrations tomorrow.

And the redemption is born.

The big kahunas for the work peeps.


And the leftover batter bit mini muffins for my snacking pleasure. I ate the top right away, mmk?027

Besides baking muffins, I also baked up some tofu that was getting funky in my fridge along with some polenta that was most likely getting funky in my fridge considering it had been in there for… at least 6 months? I saw no mold, I smelled no skeez, I made polenta fries. Daring to live on the wild side.

Skeez tofu solo.


Et avec old geezer polenta fries stacked on top.


Equally great and musty free a day later, I finished up said polenta fries dipped in pasta sauce alongside my greener than a forest salad.



I ran. I sang. I cried. I walked. I read. I ate. I browsed. I found this.


And this. 2008_02_06-Cards

(how great are these cards?)

My evening was is now complete.


14 thoughts on “Breakfast Battles and Baking Biz

  1. I want polenta fries. Now.

    And I say no reason not to eat something that has no signs of being repulsive. Gotta build up those defenses, right?

  2. That tortilla looks amazinggg – sorry the oat bran wasn’t as fab :( I hate having a lackluster breakfast, but at least you made the best out of it :)
    And polenta fries?! great idea!!

  3. Just came across your blog and love it!! Anyone who makes a tortilla creation like that is just fine in my book. Not to mention those zucchinni muffins and polenta fries! And now I am looking at the website for those cards and laughing =P

  4. Haha! Nice cards! Those are great. So…. recipe for the zucchini muffins???? They look delicious! And I’m liking that tortilla breakfast!

  5. Hey girlie!!
    loveee the baking redemption!! hehe! protein powder is so picky as to what it wants to make taste delicious! the cards are too cute! and polenta fries are definitely on my list of MUST MAKE NOW….haha when finals are FINALLY over! ;)
    i hope you have a FUN weekend!!

  6. your post is so cute! I want to read all of your old ones now (it’s sunday so I’m being lazy and think I just might.) look forward to future posts too! happy weekend!

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