Moms Are Special


Mother’s Day means that Mom gets the full word on the dinner of the night. The word said Shrimp Pasta so the word was delivered.


Shrimpies cooked in olive oil. Canned diced tomatoes simmered with olive oil, water and garlic, chopped plum tomatoes thrown in after simmering. Cooked shrimp and resulting sauce stirred into linguine & fettucine, seasoned with salt, pepper and a sprinkling of fresh basil.
Alongside one of the most homemade Greek salads ever to grace our plates, left unpictured as I was too busy enjoying it to remember its photo op.

My dinner was followed by an incredible blended sorbet of frozen strawberries, frozen mango, POM light tea, Stevia and vanilla extract. Wow. Why have I not made this before?! Probably because it was not a very easy blending task considering I didn’t want to put too much liquid in it. I wanted it THICK. 032

It was also followed by about a million finger dips in the peanut butter jar because that has suddenly become my recent trend? I think it was all sparked when I finally opened my tucked away and hidden jar of Mighty Maple which I bought months (and months and months) ago and resisted opening because I’ve just always had too many nut butter jars on the go. Well resist no more could I.


And the jar was opened. And the heavens were revealed.


This bowl happened only hours before the Mighty reveal thus the luscious topping was sadly not maple-infused, though it was still quite tasty in all of its plain and original peanut butter glory.


And speaking of food (wait, when am I not speaking of food?), you know where a great place to get some food resources is? The library. I was long long overdue for a visit and walking back in there was a rush. I seriously love the library! Never fail to walk out with a pile of books larger than my arms can carry. Yes I did drop a few. Whether or not I actually read them all (almost always the latter… my reading enthusiasm is greater than my actual reading speed and frequency), there’s just something so comforting about arriving home with a big pile of books to flip through.


No I’m not going vegan, but I kinda dig the library’s veggie cookbook selection.

I also dig veggies with feta.


And veggies with pasta. and hummus. and salsa.


And sometimes when I find veggies in powdered form hiding in small packages in my closet, I dig those too.


But only if they’re mixed into my smoothies with almond milk, frozen banana, cantaloupe and spinach. And just a touch of Stevia this time around since this was my first experience with the Amazing Grass and it was just a touch…grassy.

007 011

Smoothies are good at breakfast (like the one above) but best for a snack when it’s warm and sunny outside (like the one below). 


They’re also really really good when they’re actually iced coffee smoothies with POM juice added.


Let’s see if I can even remotely remember what went into this bad boy:
Cooled coffee, splash of skim milk and almond milk, teeny scoop chocolate protein powder, packet of stevia, xanthan and guar, plenty of ice, and fruity POM juice. It worked, I swear.

062 067

Before I peace, I must tell you to do something good for your taste buds by making Janetha’s Garbanzo Bean Turkey Bake. I halved the recipe because my ground turkey stash was minimal (10 oz to be precise) but between my mom and I, this was dunzo in a day. Two thumbs up!


That about concludes it for now. Bare with me as I seem to have misplaced a bit of inspiration and thrill in my days of late and I really need to find some sort of zest for a pep me up. My zester is kind of dull but I’m working on it.




12 thoughts on “Moms Are Special

  1. I lurve the library!! The community centre where Noah plays ice/ball hockey has one in it and I always hit it up before the games!

    And where or where did you find the heavenly mighty maple????? Guelph has every flavour but!

  2. What a lovely dinner!!

    I have never had amazing grass, how is it??

    I have not been to the library in years…I seem to go right to the book store and buy all my books, but maybe the library isn’t a bad idea after all!


  3. i’m so jealous of your library’s selection! mine only has 2 veggie cookbooks circa hippy-time. needless to say, the vegan selection is lacking. i’ve yet to try the amazing grass but i might be digging my packet out soon. i love the iced coffee smoothie! how did you keep it from getting too liquidy?

    have a lovely day!

  4. I’m glad you had a good Mother’s Day!

    I need to go check out some cookbooks at the librario. I never pay $ for those things. Why should we, with the library and internet as our resources.

    Thank you for reminding me I need to buy feta cheese soon!

  5. I just bought a coffee maker, so I’m pretty excited to finally be able to make that yummy coffee smoothie [in my magic bullettttttt :D ]

    You mother’s day meal looks crazy DELISH. give me it nowww

    I feel you about the inspiration, keep on girl, you’ll find that zest soon.

  6. I have yet to try Mighty Maple, but I think you’ve just convinced me! The only PB&Co I’ve tried so far is Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and it is a dangerous thing to have in the cupboard…hehe.

    Ahh I need a magic bullet so I can concoct these delicious smoothies I keep seeing on your blog! Love the idea of coffee + chocolate + pomegranate.

    One of my roommates has that vegan brunch cookbook- I’ve been flipping through it and it has some super tasty sounding creations.

  7. I have your same reading dilemma – lots of reading enthusiasm, but rarely do I get through a book. But instead of the library, I love to purchase books. It makes me happy to have brand shiny new books in my hands :) I don’t want to talk about how many I haven’t read, and when their purchase dates were (I know one was 2003, because I bought it in Australia). I fail at reading.

  8. Hey beautiful!!!
    AHHH okay your blog is total food seriously mouth watering over hurrr! and i I totally agree w. you on reading!! I have like 5 books at one time! I need to get better at that. thank YOU For being so supportive and so awesome

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