You Know When…

You know when you have pants that need hemming and shirts that need mending and you set them aside and put them off and forget about them and they pile up and get coated in a fine film of dust alongside the rarely used sewing machine?


[Is it just me or does this look a bit like some kind of torture device? Those Saw films are permanently scarring]

Maybe that’s just me. But I finally tackled that pile today! I feel like I just got a whole new wardrobe. Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration since it was only four items and two of them were recent addictions. But one of them was a pair of jeans I bought… around the end of 2009 maybe? And they have yet to be worn since they were way too long and in desperate need of a reduced leg length for my shorty stumps. But now I can finally wear them thank you very much!


Maybe it would have been easier just to get some mad high heels to wear with them instead. But despite the fact that I put the task off for so long with the idea of sewing as a daunting and time-consuming task, I discovered that tis not so and I actually enjoyed it. And wished I had MORE repairs to make once I was done. Future career in fashion design? Mmm… doubtful.

It probably helped that I was watching some quality online television viewing at the same time.


For the first time. A little late to be jumping on this bandwagon but I have not stopped hearing about how good this show is so I finally but the bullet and did the streaming TV thang for the first few episodes of Season 1. New fav show, no doubt. Watch it, like it? If you haven’t – DO!


You know when you have a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough chillin in your fridge only to one day discover it ripped open with a big chunk of the raw dough gone MIA?


Maybe that’s only if you have a brother like mine, but this was my discovery today at lunch.

Three guesses as to what I ate once finishing up my awesomely strange bowl of greens mixed with additions of potato chunks, hummus and pickled ginger…


It wasn’t freshly baked cookies. Anyone who can resist cookie dough staring them in the face is my idol. And this is why my abs of steel lay hiding away ;)

Well not this. (and how good does that look)


But THIS. x3. Just “samples”. Ha. 


You know when you eat a whole lotta sweets and just. can’t. stop? All joking aside, I’ll admit I’m pretty annoyed with my sugar/sweets consumption lately. Kinda want to kick all of the extra treats to the curb. They’re still a few things kicking around the house though that I dive into when in an especially sweet geared mindset. Like today. Which also included brownie-bit laden ice cream.

And leftover rainbow birthday cake from the freezer depths, mixed with plain yogurt. For the balance, you know…



You know when you eat awesome breakfasts? That happens practically every day. But today’s was especially delightful:

Leftover Pizzert (the origins of which I’ll showcase in a minute) stuffed with pumpkin pie hummus mixed with peanut butter and banana slices, topped with peanut butter mixed with lemon yogurt.





You know when you discover awesome recipes on food blogs and try them out and they turn out awesomely and you’re awesomely happy because of it? I have way more recipes saved “to try” then I could ever possibly actually try but I just made a few that definitely fit into the awesome category.

The original morning of my first Breakfast Pizzert attempt. Mine was made with whole wheat flour, water and POM juice for the liquid, 2T lemon meringue yogurt (instead of the applesauce) and chopped strawberries, no extra sweetener (the yogurt was sweet). Don’t use my choices if you don’t like it doughy/gummy. I do. I probably should have cooked it a bit longer but I liked it just as it turned out. 001


Sliced. 012

And topped. Coconut butter and defrosted strawberries. Mmmm.



Now this one I was literally giggling through while making. Can you guess what it might be?



Homemade veggie burgers! Angela’s In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers to be exact.


I ate mine with guac and hummus. Holy delicious. Who needs to buy veggie burgers when you can make them this great and this easily? I omitted the onion (because despite my initial thinking, there were no onions in the house) but it was not missed. Maybe because I don’t know these any differently but I’ll be sure to try it in the next batch. And there will be a next batch.


I also made nutritional yeast queso but that’s not a new one in my kitchen. I used whole wheat flour and only 1T light margarine, though I think I’ve omitted it completely before and the results were still delicious.


Another newbie was cooking a scallops dish for the first time. Lemon scallops over sauteed spinach and balsamic whole wheat couscous. It was a hit and miss. A decent hit for me, more of a miss for my mom. You can’t please all. I think I’ll try following a more solid scallops recipe next time around though.



You know when you’re tired and want to sleep? Well folks, that’s me right now. Nighty night!


21 thoughts on “You Know When…

  1. I have to hem pretty much every pair of pants as I have a 29 inch inseam! SO frustrating. Both the veg burgers and pizzert look amazing – both recipes I’ve been dying to try!

  2. I love that veggie burger recipe! It’s been my go-to recipe for a while. They also freeze really well if you wrap them up individually.
    I can definitely relate on needing pants hemmed. My inseam is about 31 inches, which almost nowhere carries!
    I LOVE How I Met Your Mother! Good choice for a TV show to get hooked on :)

  3. I feel your pain! As a shortie (as in, the 5′ tall kind) I am constantly needing to hem my pants! Problem? I am NOT sewing machine inclined. So I have to ask my boyf to do it! How embarassing. hah.

    Delicious foods, as always! Breakfast pizzert and home made veggie burgers look fabulous!!!


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  5. Ummm, pumpkin pie hummus?? is there a recipe for this amazingness or was it store bought? if there is a recipe, i would trade my first new born for it. only just started reading your blog, so maybe i missed it…

  6. That post was delicious looking. I am excited to try the nutritional yeast queso. I LOVE Angela’s veggie burgers (have made them twice myself) and they are easy on my IBS stomach. woo hoo!

  7. so i think i’m going to have to try out that breakfast “pizzert” with butter and fresh strawberries because that looked absolutely amazing!

  8. I hear you on the hemming. I either DO WEAR super high heels or I get all my pants hemmed. I love doing it all at once too. It does feel like getting new clothes!

    I’ve been meaning to try that the pizzert too but I’m trying to cut back on the sweets so I know if I made it, I’d eat the whole thing in one sitting. Not good…

    I’m going to try that veggie burger recipe. Every one I’ve ever tried to make has crumbled or has been dry. I’ll give this one a try!

  9. Ah, I love scallops! But I suck at cooking them, so I don’t. Because I hate scallops that aren’t cooked properly.

    Must try out the pizzert. And making my own veggie burgers. And lots of other things, because I like creating in the kitchen.

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