Fire Burning on the Dance Floor


Things in my city got interesting yesterday when our three most popular nightclubs (all located next to each other) burnt down at around 6am along with a few other businesses, including one of the most loved diner restaurants around here. Considering I live in a multi university city with a lot of students and a pretty thriving nightlife, losing the main clubs was definitely the talk of the town all day yesterday.

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Luckily no one was in the vicinity when it happened so no one was hurt. And apparently ONE of the clubs managed to survive since it had a fire wall in between so after some cleanup I’m sure it will be pretty packed this summer. What an opportune time to happen though when most of the students are heading out of town to go back home for the summer. I’m sure they will be working on rebuilds asap, especially since one of the clubs was brand new. This was quite the event. I’m pretty sure they’re still investigating the cause of the fire but no answers yet. Inquiring minds want to know!

Shortly after chowing down on my egg white/salsa/herb+garlic cream cheese breakfast sandwich with a very very ripe pear is when I got the bright and early text message with the fire news from my friend. I didn’t believe it! I hopped right on the internet to check the local radio news station online and there it was, my doubts put to rest.


I wanted to drive down and check it out but:
a – roads were closed and I figured it’d be a bit of a circus down there
b – I had plenty of last minute studying to do for my LAST AND FINAL evening exam today
c – I had plenty of cookies to bake. My mom works at an elementary school and wanted to make SMARTIE cookies for a reading contest event thinger that’s going on today so I told her I’d help her out. Any chance to do some baking and I’m in!

013 015

So much dough. So much sugar. Hello LUNCH. And that was only batch numero uno.


They turned out beautifully but I forgot to get evidence of the final products. Doh! Dough!

I’d say a giant salad is a pretty easy dinner choice after a day of suga suga.



This morning a cookie (how I can stomach any more of those after yesterday is beyond me) a bowl of oat bran was my breakfast fuel. Oat bran, water, almond milk, banana, cinnamon and flax. Topped with pumpkin pie hummus and melted strawberries. Totally beats out the cookies… sort of.


I have my last final exam today at 6:30 (whoop whoop!) and then SUMMER.

I’m hoping to catch a drive-by glimpse of the fire scene in the evening after my exam. It’ll be SO weird not having those clubs there… I practically lived the nights of the last two summers there. I kind of outgrew the club scene (though not quite the night scene) at the end of last year but I’m sure I would have hit it up a few times this summer. There are plenty of other places to “have a good time” in the city but seriously, so weird to have those ones gone!

Anywho, I’m off to do some last minute studying.



16 thoughts on “Fire Burning on the Dance Floor

  1. Yay for school almost being done! That’s sucks that those clubs burned down… I hope they have insurance! Those cookies look so yummy!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while because I like to hear from other Canadian bloggers, but I didn’t realise how close to my home you really were! I grew up there (I live about 1.5 hours away now) and was so upset at the news! The diner was a post-bar/morning after tradition for my friends when I went to university there. So many memories in that plaza! I hope the businesses manage to get back on their feet…especially the candy store! ;)

  3. Wait a sec. You’re in the SAME city as I am? Crazy!

    I couldn’t drop off the boyf yesterday due to the intense traffic yesterday morning, and I work in the same area. It took 20 mins to get in, whereas it usually takes 5 lol.

  4. Oh my gosh, just heard about this too! I am soooo sad about Mel’s Diner.

    I’m actually moving back to Waterloo next week for summer term- it’s going to be strange seeing that gaping hole on University!

    Hope your exam went super well!! I am not a fan of evening exams…I stress about ’em all day!

  5. Hey Girlie!!
    CONGRATS on being on SUMMER break! wow so early Lucky Lady! :)
    awww how terrrible that all three clubs burnt down! CRAZY!
    I hope you are having a fabulous 1st weekend of summer!

  6. pumpkin pie hummus!! girl you did it good with that one ;)

    that’s CRAZY about the night clubs! i can’t even imagine the craziness it must have stirred up!

  7. I actually heard about this from my dad (who is on the Waterloo Fire Dept). He said that it is amazing how fast a building without a water sprinkler system can go up!! It’s too bad I really loved Sugar Mountain! LOL

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