Some Regulars and Some Recipes

So far this week has been pretty repetitive and uneventful.

Sleep, eat, exercise, study, repeat.

Throw in a random errand or two and that about sums it up. So not a whole lot to say over here atm. Have to get through this last exam kicking around, which is on Friday. Since it should be any easy one, having to wait for it is more of a nuisance than anything, though it’s nice to just do some casual studying through the week rather than the mad stressful cram sessions I’ve been doing the rest of this month.

On top of the regular eats that include mass amounts of vegetables, fruits, hummus (mostly eaten by the spoonful), cottage cheese and yogurt…020







…I’ve also been getting a little funky these past few days and trying out some new recipes and such that have caught my eye. Great alternative to studying. (And… job hunting(??)… shudder).

Recipe #1Shrimp Pesto Pasta from one of my many health magazines lying around the house. I think it was Women’s Health.

So simple. So tasty. I don’t remember specific measurements but basically just cook whole wheat pasta. Then throw it into a bowl along with shrimp, chopped spinach and tomatoes, feta cheese (called for gorgonzola but I only had feta on hand so feta it was) and prepared pesto. Voila!



Recipe #2 – Okay so this wasn’t a recipe but it was a combo out of the ordinary for me.

Bottom – Bunch of cabbage slaw sautéed in vegetable broth, garlic powder, chili powder and salsa.
Noodles -  1/2 pack Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles.
Add-ons -  Leftover baked tofu, couple dashes Sriracha & Franks, dollop roasted red pepper dip.


Recipe #3 – Low Carb, Low Cal Blackberry Strawberry Raspberry Pancakes

Just look at those fluffy puffy bites of breakfast heaven. I made mine with 2T coconut flour, 3 egg whites, pinch baking powder and salt, 1/2 packet stevia, splash of water and chopped strawberries + raspberries. Topping = peanut butter mixed with SF maple syrup and plain yogurt.

This makes a hefty delicious portion. And heads up for Canadians, I bought my 100% organic coconut flour at Bulk Barn! It smells amazing and is completely edible just as is. Not that I tried that or anything…


Recipe #4 & 5– Raw Banana Split Cheesecake. & Hot Chocolate Crust (in fudge baby form)

Hollllaaaaaaaa to Katie for these genius creations.
I did my “cheesecake” a la LIME. Look how creamy. Make it. Taste it. Love it.




I didn’t cheesecake it. I kept the two separate. A full-on caking will have to take place as a future experiment. But until then I will be enjoying these treats each on their own. Double the fun!

Like so: Cheesecake filling mixed with banana and plain yogurt. OMG.


Recipe #5Puffy Pimped Protein Faux-nola

My first semi-successful batch of homemade granola! I’ve managed to burn my other (2-3?) attempts but this one (although it may look slightly burnt), turned out a-okay! This time I actually stirred frequently (every 3-4 minutes. I set the timer!) and LET IT COOL COMPLETELY once it was done. I know that has nothing to do with the burn factor but it definitely helped with the crunch factor. Score.

I rarely follow recipes 100%, especially in terms of measurements. So as well as only making half the recipe (and my “measurements” being pretty imprecise since I kinda just threw stuff together), my batch included: puffed rice, flake cereal and rolled oats; 1/2 molasses, 1/2 honey for the sweet; safflower oil; almond & vanilla extract; chocolate protein powder.



And now I’m off yet for another round of studying.

I also have to start thinking (aka DOING) that job hunting thing. Since my summer officially starts… Friday night? And I don’t know what the heck I’m going to be doing for it yet, but I’m an awful job hunter… because I’m a chicken.

Any suggestions, tips, advice, stories, anything about job hunting? I’m so clueless. And along that same note, where are you working this summer? And let me know how you came about that job! I love hearing it all and it would be super helpful too :)


Until later!


12 thoughts on “Some Regulars and Some Recipes

  1. I’m going to be a full time nanny this summer.. It just kind of fell in my lap! My neighbor randomly asked me!! :) I’d apply at local park districts.. they have a bunch of random jobs! I worked there last year. good luck!

  2. As far as job hunting, it’s really good to know people! That’s how I got my first job (that I just accepted yesterday!). I’m sure you’ll find something cool to do this summer. If not, you can just cook a lot! Your recipes really do look fantastic! Although that pasta looks more like a salad! Have a great night, girl!

  3. Oh how I wish we had Bulk Barn out here in BC. I would probably spend way too much money there, but damn, they have some good stuff! Colour me jealous.

    As for job hunting – I say just go out with a bunch of resumes to places you want to work, hand them out, ask for application forms, whatever. That’s how I got my current job at the grocery store. Mind you – I went around in November, and wasn’t called back until January, so you might not get something right away. Good luck!

  4. If you still have one year left of college, then you should deffinetly intern, because after you graduate, interning is the only REAL experience you have that makes you look good.

    If you’re legit graduating right now, then I’d say pay close attention to your cover letter and resume. I worked on my cover letter for a month until it was perfect, personal, and detailed and got many interviews and compliments based on it.

    Your experience won’t speak for itself unless you make it looks good!! Good luck!

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