The Goods and Evils of Study Week

Well, I made it through the worst of my exams and now I’m down to one left at the end of the week before my summer officially begins! And how kind of my university to leave me with the easiest, least worrisome, least grade-impacting exam as my last one. Whoop.


Maybe I shouldn’t bring attention to the mass amounts of grub I took down this past week of studying and essay-style take-home exam writing…

Some of it was good, healthy and wholesome:

Many a crunchy pomme


Sometimes alongside some study break reading and peanut butter-stuffed dates

013 018

Many salad messes




Veggie burgs hiding toasty english muffins with laughing cow and dijonnaise
+ steamed broccoli piles topped with pasta sauce and nooch mix.


Mom’s spaghetti!


Some of it was  a little excessive and obsessive:

Polished off my gigantic Costco bag of Yogi granola crisps 


The black java


The CHOCOLATE. Oh the chocolate. No photographic evidence .. uh phew!

Some of it was pretty questionable:

The 2 year old pop can hiding in the cold storage room. I drank it (along with many other much fresher diet junk in a cans) despite mom’s warnings. It wasn’t that awesome.

040 053

Some leftover desserts from my mom’s work luncheon. Mostly all store bought. Mostly all preeeeetty gross. And I’m not a picky eater. AND I’m a sweet junkie. But this stuff was not worth it. Except that cheesecake. That was good cheesecake.


But ALL of it helped me stay (somewhat) sane through the worst of exams so the sugar and the produce alike were all lifesavers in their own right.


Now that we’ve got through the things we shouldn’t talk about, we definitely SHOULD be talking about…

My discovery of mixed grain oatmeal bowls!

I don’t know why I’ve never done this before but seriously, rolled oats + wheat germ are a KILLER combo. And I thought I’d never get through my giant wheat germ bag…not anymore!

  • Oats, wheat germ, flax, pumpkin, cinnamon, SF syrup; topped with peanut butter and strained yogurt


  • Same as above topped with melted COCONUT butter



  • Oats, wheat germ, flax, banana, strawberries, plain yogurt; topped with SF syrup and peanut butter


016 033


We should also talk about the how amazing baked oatmeal is and seriously question why it doesn’t get made more often. Especially in the form of Baked Raspberry Cheesecake Oatmeal. 

006 019

Make. This. Now.

I also kind of want to talk about my resourcefulness in using up those awful brownies that didn’t work out and I was extremely sad about. I ended up throwing out half the batch but I was determined to make them taste a-okay somehow…

so I made overnight brownie flop breakfast mush!

I broke up the remaining flavourless sponge squares into a million pieces, let them turn to mush overnight in some applesauce, then mixed them up in the morning with puffed rice, banana, cottage cheese and peanut butter. It wasn’t bad!


And speaking of protein powder flops, remember how I tried to make one of those protein cakes that everyone’s raving about, only to want to spit it right in the trash?

Well… check THIS out – A successful protein cake! Total cause for celebration.


I’ve had a vanilla protein powder kicking around for a while that I don’t love so I don’t use that often. But after all of my awful chocolate protein powder flops, I figured maybe this one would be a better bet. And you bet it was.

I made this little gem Angel Food Cake style a la Janetha: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 T unsweetened applesauce, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 egg white, I packet stevia. Microwaved ~ 1:30.

Sliced and topped with peanut butter. Successful perfection!



We could also talk about slightly less exciting endeavours like me trying to get rid of freezer foods by turning them into quick pre evening exam dinners. Now that’s the way to fuel the brain!


Especially when topped with Frank’s <3


My last night grub was noteworthy too since it also involved Frank’s. Any food involving Frank’s is clearly noteworthy. Especially when combined with Laughing Cow. The perfect match.

Egg whites, Laughing Cow wedge, salsa and Frank’s. Microwaved and slapped on a toasted english muffin. AMAZE.



Alright kidlets. It’s a lazy grey Sunday and I think I’m in the market for some cleaning. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend so far and enjoy the last lovely bits of it!


13 thoughts on “The Goods and Evils of Study Week

  1. I just bought one of those Healthy Steamers to try. Normally I wouldn’t, but they were on sale. Hmm….

    Glad to hear you survived exams! Now you just need the sunshine to start your summer off on the right foot!!

  2. I’m so glad you finally got to enjoy a protein powder recipe!! LOL. I love the idea of making it into an overnight mush too!!

    And the cantelope idea? Genius!

  3. Glad your exams are coming to an end! Baked oatmeal = ridiculously good. I love it as a weekend ‘treat’ breakfast even though it generally has the same ingreds as my reg bowl. Is wheat germ the same as wheat bran? I have a huge bag I need to start incorporating into my meals.

  4. Amazing eats, as always! YAY for the protein cake SUCCESS!!! thats awesome. i freaking LOVE healthy choice steamers!! they are seriously the best frozen meals! (i love adding a dollup of greek yogurt in the roasted red pepper one..makes it so creamy!)

  5. love those eatums!! esp. the salad messes, beautiful baked oatmeal, oatmeal in a CANTELOPE BOWL, oh and broc + marinara sauce = my fav thing EVER.

    love you lady. i got soooooo much studying now too.


  6. yay for protein cake success! I still have yet to try…probably because i never own protein powder and never use it in anything.

    and that cantaloupe bowl?! omg your are a genius!

  7. I’m jealous that you only have one final left. I only had my first one today! I guess that’s what happens when you get an extra long break for the Olympics. Oh well.

    Looks like lots of good food was consumed while studying. And obviously there was chocolate, even if it’s undocumented ;) I know how it is.

  8. wow, hooray for a successful cake! looks good. and i need to make that baked cheesecake oatmeal, i remember kristen posting it way back when. SO GOOD!

    hang in there!

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