I Wear My Shutter Shades At Night

Since winter has finally peaced out and I no longer feeling like I’m stepping out into the Arctic every morning after leaving the comfort of my toasty bed, I had my first Morning Smoothie in ages. Since I’m not creative nor original, I stole the smoothie-in-a-bowl-topped-with-granola idea from every other person who’s ever tried it and made it look so darn appealing.

I made it green with the biggest mound of spinach possible, much needed to counteract the sugar high that was my weekend. Spinach totally cancels out the effects of chocolate overdose right?

In the bowl:

– 1/2 cup Almond Breeze Original
– Lots of spinach. Maybe 2 cups?
– 1/2 large frozen banana
– 2 large strawberries
– 2-3 large ice cubes
– sprinkle of xanthan + guar
– Strawberry Yogi Granola Crisps on top


This smoothie was paired with unseen bites of cottage cheese (cough andcoldleftoverstuffing cough) and coffee (duh). Because it may no longer be freezing in the morning but it’s not yet tropical either and smoothies are still a little bone chilling, especially on a grey Tuesday morning such as this one.

The weekend here was a little busy so we had our Easter dinner at home last night (Monday night). The typical fare included turkey, stuffing (!!!), mashed potatoes, gravy and salad.

My turkey platter. Oh please, this is such false advertising. That wee stuffing mound in the upper left hand corner? Increase its size about 5x. Same with all of the above. I’m no stranger to seconds, thirds, and bites during prep and cleanup. Especially when stuffing is involved. Take it away!


You wanna talk false advertising though, here’s the REAL deal.


HA. Hahahaha. Yeah RIGHT. Times this one by about 50 and that about sums up my weekend. Chocolate Overload. But that’s what Easter is great for, an excuse to eat as many chocolate eggs as you can stomach. And stomach them I did. The last (pathetic few bits) of my stash have been freezered. But yes, I did keep out a few chocolate eggies to satisfy me for the next few days.

No worries though, because I danced it all off during my Sunday Retro Night excursion.

The dancing all took place after the photoshoot with the shutter shades.




(I actually rocked them the best but that photographic evidence is on my friend’s camera)

We rocked them harder than Kanye.


And this guy:


But this guy rocked hardest of all.


By the time the dance floor (and the shades) was finished with,  I balanced out my overworked dancing legs with some parking lot push ups for a real full body workout (Yes I did do that. Cracked out a nice teaser of 5 whole big ones for my audience). And since it’s now finally warm enough outside to handle for more than 10 seconds at the end of the night, we all paraded down to 711 for a night cap of snacks.

I didn’t even have to walk the 1.5 minutes down the road to get there. Though it did take two of them switching off to finish the journey. Those boys like to think they’re strong. And I like to think I’m not demanding.


Only purely sweet.

005 - Copy (2)

It’s all love.


Love and Crispers. Aka best end of the night convenience store snack ever.

"They’re not chips, they’re not crackers, they’re Crispers".



What was your favourite eat of the Easter weekend? I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a fan of the stuffing… and maybe the chocolate…just a little.

Do you prefer your smoothies in a bowl or a cup? I’ve always been a cup smoothie drinker but the bowl method is actually a clever idea! Since I eat my smoothies with a spoon no matter what, this way was a bit cleaner and easier to get every last drop. If you haven’t yet, totally worth a try.


Now I’m about due for a study session since exams begin this week. Ack. First one Thursday. Crack down time!


And don’t forget to check out Katie’s Raw Chocolate Giveaway! Because even after all of those foil eggs, you just can never have too much chocolate.


15 thoughts on “I Wear My Shutter Shades At Night

  1. My fav eat from the weekend… pão de ló! It’s kind of a sponge cake that my mom bakes every once in a while. I could eat it for days, it’s so good. Also, folar, the bread of Passover in Portugal, it’s SO GOOD. I only ate one chocolate egg the entire weekend! I’m all about the carbs, can you tell?

    I’ve never had a smoothie in a bowl! And I drink them :o

  2. ahahah love the sly stuffing remark! i wanted a smoothie for bfast today but i woke up to SNOW so i had oats instead. sigh. i want summer! you are basically the most photogenic person i know. erm, even though i dont KNOW know you :)

  3. Mmm your smoothie is so nice and GREEN! Love it. I still want to try all the gums. I’ve heard they’re life-changing.

    Looks like a lovely Easter! I don’t think I’ve had turkey since Thanksgiving…your plate looks absolutely delicious.

  4. Aw yeah, those shades definitely call for ridiculous behaviour. You look lovely though!

    Favourite Easter eats = pastel, candy-coated almonds! Precious.

  5. I totally whizzed up a smoothie and threw it in a bowl this morning for no reason other than it sounded like a good idea. I think I prefer the cup better though – less dishes to do!

    I’m all about the stuffing when there’s a turkey dinner involved. Love it!

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