Peeps and Easter Treats

Question 1 – How is it April already?

Question 2 – How is it EASTER already?!

Now there are many many great things about this lovely holiday, but I have a few winners of the moment:

Purple Peeps


Mass amounts of chocolate eggs


Purple Peeps + Chocolate Eggs + Banana Bread = The Easter “S’more” –  Microwaved until one melty sugary mess of delicious. It’s not gross I swear!010

Super Cute Bunnies are kind of up there too :)

dailybunny rabbit52_1024x768 woooo

I had a not Easter centered but delicious family dinner thing at my Dad’s last night and we’re doing a small turkey dinner at home tomorrow (Monday) night.

What have you done for Easter?


The last several days have been filled mainly with not-so-lovely essay writing, sunny and HOT days (it’s been basically summer weather… at the beginning of April!), and plenty of procrastination-inspired snacking of course.

Costco has been helping me in the snacks department by supplying the best, freshest dried fruit ever. I have a feeling I’ve brought these Sun-Ripened Mixed Dried Fruit up before but they’re awesome. Buy them if you see them.


Iced Coffee also makes a good snack, although Costco doesn’t help with that one.


But aside from my mass apple consumption, I think yogurt messes win in the snack department. Standard mix-ins include any or all of: cereal, frozen fruit, dried fruit, cocoa powder, flax, peanut butter.



Aside from all the snacking, my meals have been pretty standard.

I made a sweet bowl of blended oats the other day after being reminded about their existence while reading Katie’s blog. Standard banana oats cooked stovetop style, blended in the Bullet and topped with a drizzle of light coconut milk mixed with SF maple syrup.


And the Chocolate Vitatop made a breakfast appearance this week.
Or did it?


Heck yes it did. Seriously, if you haven’t mashed your vitatops into big bowls of plain (or ANY) yogurt then you’re missing out and you should get on that asap.


Squash made it on the menu a few times this week. I finally made some butternut squash fries for the first time in ages. Missed these babies! Filled out with some baked bbq tempeh and the mandatory raw veggie sides.


And more squash love.


Wow. On Friday I actually spy a bit of leftover squash at every meal. New record?!

Breakfast squash



Lunch squash – and the day was warm enough to eat OUTSIDE. I don’t believe it.


Dinner squash (and the LAST of that stash)


And THIS is why my hands are orange.  

A couple non-hand-tinting meals happened.

Steamed broccoli with warm hummus/pasta sauce mix.


My lovely friend Emily sent me a package in the mail that included this delicious Indian Jaipur Vegetables meal.  I cooked up some cabbage slaw and steamed broccoli in a splash of broth and topped it all with this mix. Easiest meal ever, and so good! Who’s going to relocate a Trader Joe’s into Ontario for me?




Less Indian (and thus less exciting) veg bowls also happened.


Though the fact that this one was loaded with feta cheese bumps it up two notches.


That is all I’ve got for now so I’m off to prep for my Easter weekend celebrating aka retro night dancing. I may have a class at 9:30 tomorrow morning to make up for the missed day of classes due to Good Friday and I may have no choice but to attend that class because I have a large essay due but that’s not going to stop me from celebrating a long weekend Sunday tonight!

Happy Easter!


11 thoughts on “Peeps and Easter Treats

  1. Tell me about it – where is the time going?

    Haha your “Easter s’more” is the funniest and cutest thing I’ve seen all day!

    I applaude your ability to make that squash last through so many meals. I’m lucky if I don’t finish one squash in one meal!

  2. gah. bunnies are so damn adorable. i recently cracked and bought another box of chocolate vitas the other day. i love it when they are in my life! glad you had a good weeeeekend, lady! xoxoxo

  3. hi katie!! i’m alexa– new commenter and i have a new blog!! i love your “easter s’more” very creative!! question– how do your bnut squash fries.. i’m always dying to get mine that crispy! maybe i’m just inpatient! nice to “meet” you! :)

    • I actually don’t do much to them at all! I just cut them up, throw them on a pan and cook at 400-415 degrees for probably around 25-40 minutes, stirring at least once in between. The cooking time depends on how thick I cut them. To be honest they don’t actually come out very crispy though, they’re usually just pretty soft and burnt looking haha.

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